Moon-o-theism — Islam is “submission” to the semitic MOON GOD of WAR; Muhammad was raised from ages 6-8 by his 3/4 Jewish grandfather

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The Kübler-Ross model of trauma describes the emotional pathway for any European with an interest in protecting the continent his forebears created from the perfidy of national leaders whose actions will breed him and his children out of existence.

First there was denial: surely Angela Merkel couldn’t be so stupid as to sink the European ship?

Next came anger as news of the organized attacks by so-called asylum-seekers on European white women seeped through the checkpoints embedded in the mainstream media machine.

Then came the stage known as bargaining as people thought they would settle for some restrictions on numbers so long as the tidal wave was stopped.

Finally comes acceptance that we, the white race, are going to die out as miserable slaves — or be directly raped and killed.


Because Islam in a man is like rabies in a dog.


Medieval villagers deal with a rabid dog



From Moon-o-theism ( or

Menorah is three crescents on a tree


Logo of the Mossad (screenshot right off the Mossad website Jan. 2016)



(and symbolize astrologically the sun and six planets: Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn)

Islam also is symbolized by the crescent – – the moon shapred as sharp horns — or as a finial, the moon on a tree


Crescent finial (alem) on the roof of a minaret (watchtower) of a mosque in Constanta, Romania




Muhammad was raised from ages 6-8 by his 3/4 Jewish grandfather




Notably, the fourth Muslim Caliph Ali (lived 602–661 AD) was at least one eighth Jewish. Ali was Muhammad’s cousin and adoptive son and Abd Al Muttalib (three-quarters Jewish) was the grandfather of both Muhammad and Ali. Ali’s father was Abu Talib (died 540 AD) (one-quarter Jewish) and Abu Talib was the brother of Muhammad’s father Abd Allah (one-quarter Jewish). Ali married Fatima, who was one-sixteenth Jewish on account of her being Muhammad’s daughter.


Abd Allah married Amina (died 576 AD), an Arabess. Amina then gave birth to Muhammad (born 570 AD; died 632 AD). This means Muhammad was one-eighth Jewish, unless of course Muhammad has still more Jewish ancestors unknown to early Islamic genealogists. Muhammad’s father, Abd Allah, died the year Muhammad was born. Abd Allah died in the care of his partly Jewish uncles and cousins at Yathrib. Muhammad’s mother Amina, died when Muhammad was six years old.

Muhammad was raised from age six to age eight by his three-quarters Jewish grandfather, Abd Al Muttalib. When Abd Al Muttalib died, Muhammad’s uncle Abu Talib [JdN: again, ¼ Jewish] raised Muhammad from age eight to the age of maturity.


Male moon-gods in the Mideast often are pictured with scimitars due to the scimitar-shape of the crescent moon. Thus moon-gods were natural warrior gods. This fact seems to have been recognized by Gilgamesh. Gilgamesh seems to credit Sin for his ability to take an ax and a sword to kill and scatter a pride of lions on the prowl at night.53

A crescent-shaped muslim sword, a scimitar


Among the many ways to know that Allah was a war-god in pre-Islamic times is the fact that when the Makkans were about to have a civil war, war oaths were taken inside the Mosque next to the Kaaba. The oath takers then dipped their hands in scent and “rubbed their hands on the Kaaba strengthening the solemnity of the oath.”54

Moreover, the one who controlled access to the Kaaba and Mosque also was the caretaker for the standards of war, as Ibn Ishaq wrote: …access to the Kaaba, the standard of war, and the assembly house should belong to the ‘Abdu’l-Dar as before.55

The Kaaba was known as the House of Allah, so these war activities connected with the Kaaba suggest that Allah was the war-god. Similarly, the martial side of Mosques was seen in medieval Spain where the army standards were kept in the Cordoba Mosque until the troops went out to battle.56

The Islamic traditions and the continual warlike history of Islam show that Allah was a pre-Islamic war god. The Koran has many instructions about treaties (K 002:177; 004:090, 092; 008:056, 058; 008:072; 009:001, 003-004; 009:007-008, 012).

The 164 War verses in the Koran are a dead giveaway that Allah is a war-god. Allah repeatedly said that he “loves” his followers who “fight,” for instance: Surely, Allah loves those who fight in His way in [battle] ranks as if they were a firm and compact wall (Shakir K 061:004; also see K 003:146; 005:054; 049:009; 061:004).

Leading Islamist Sheikh Yousef Al-Qaradhawi said: When the Muslims, the Arabs and the Palestinians enter a war, they do it to worship Allah. They enter it as Muslims. 57

Usama bin Laden said in a video making the rounds of Canadian Muslims in 2006: “Therefore each individual from amongst the Muslims should come forth to kill the Jews and Americans, for killing them is foremost of obligations and the greatest form of worship.”58

The chest-thumping Allah was so interested in war all the time that his followers complained about it, saying “Our Lord! Why hast Thou ordained fighting for us?” (K 004:077; also see K 002:216; 009:086; 033:010-012; 047:020). The fact that Islam is a Jihad fighting machine explains why the punishment for apostasy is death. Apostasy is akin to deserting the army during a battle. Another way to know that Allah was a war god is the fact that Harb means “war” and is related to the Arabic root meaning “fight” (hrb), “spear” (Harba) and Mihrab. The Mihrab altar is always on the Kiblah line at a Mosque and points to the Kaaba at Makka.

So every Muslim at a Mosque prays through a war-oriented Mihrab altar to the war-god and moon-god Allah. Also, an Umayyad-era coin dated 695-698 AD has a Mihrab and spear.59


Pictures of mihrabs, or prayer niches. All worshipers face here to pray to Allah in Mekka. It is “the most sacred part of the mosque.”



A mihrab inside the Hagia Sophia church in Constantinople which the Turks conquered from the Christians and muslimized




The Ayatollah Khomeini spoke on the purpose of Mihrabs in a 1981 speech celebrating Muhammad’s birthday:

Mihrab means the place of war, the place of fighting. Out of the Mihrabs wars should proceed. Just as all the wars of Islam used to proceeded out of the Mihrabs. The prophet has [had a] sword to kill people. Our [Holy] Imams were quite military men. All of them were warriors. They used to wield swords; they used to kill people.

We need a Khalif who would chop hands, cut throats, and stone people.

In the same way that the messenger of God used to chop hands, cut throats, and stone people. In the same way that he massacred the Jews of Bani Qurayza because they were a bunch of discontent people. If the Prophet used to order to burn a house or exterminate a tribe that was justice.60

Yet another way to know that Allah was a war god is by looking at the many Mosques built like impregnable fortresses. The four Minarets remind one of watchtowers. The four tall, thick stone or brick walls surrounding many Mosques are so tall that anyone standing outside the compound can only see the dome of the Mosque. In these high-walled Mosques, clerics write Fatwas [JdN: death sentences: “go out and kill this person”] making the blood of heretics and apostates licit, and plan the violent Islamization of the inhabitants outside the windowless walls.

The Blue Mosque of Sultan Ahmet, Istanbul (Constantinople) uniquely has six minarets



There is where Imams incite ranks of Muslims with fiery sermons and imprecatory prayers. There is where Muslims are primed to form vigilante mobs whenever they hear of an infraction of Sharia law, such as a Koran being desecrated. These heavily-built Mosques remind one of the Ribat castles that Jihadist volunteers used to man on the frontiers of Islam, and from whence Jihad campaigns were organized and commenced. This association comes to mind especially when one reads say, how Muslims are constantly killing Christians and burning churches in Nigeria. Thirty Nigerian churches were burned in the 2006 Cartoon riots alone!61

While the churches burn, Muslim clerics may be sitting comfortable in their unassailable and nearly unburnable brick fortresses, such as the main Mosque in Abuja, the capital of Nigeria. Perhaps they even climb the Minarets to view the smoke rising from dozens of churches off in the distance.

Abuja National Mosque, Nigeria


Note the crescent finial


That Islam is a war-god religion can be seen from the fact that some consider the sixth pillar of Islam to be Jihad, and a corollary is that the entire world is split between the Dar Al-Islam (Territory of Islam) and the Dar Al-Harb (Territory of War).

Notice the Harb root which common between Dar Al-Harb and Mihrab, discussed just above. 59 Mihrab coins are discussed and illustrated in the Venus Altar chapter. 60

¶ The reason that the Mihrab is named after a spear is that the outdoor version of a Mihrab is a spear stuck in the ground—what the traditions call a Sutra. Muhammad’s use of a Sutra is discussed elsewhere in this book. One cannot pass off the Mihrab-equals-“spear” equation as a meaningless quirk of etymology when one considers the fact that for most of Islam’s history, the Imam held a sword during sermons which he gave in the Minbar pulpit that usually stood a few feet to the right of the Mihrab.

Riccoldo da Montecroce wrote in 1300 AD: …when they [Muslims] come together to be taught the Koran by their religious leaders, the one in charge draws a sword, holding it in his hand while teaching or placing it in full view in order to terrorize the hearers.62

In 1917 John Buchan wrote in Chapter One of his novel Greenmantle: Islam is a fighting creed and the Mullah still stands in the pulpit with the Koran in one hand and a drawn sword in the other.


Cologne, Germany mosque where the New Years Eve rapists, gropers and cellphone thieves worship the moon god when not getting drunk; always imagery of spears, swords and blades



Zwemer wrote in 1946 that Imam’s held swords during sermons everywhere: It is not generally known that in every Mosque, according to orthodox tradition, from West Africa to Western China, a sword or staff is kept near or in Minbar, and it is required that the Khatib hold it when preaching the Friday sermon. In some cases it is made of wood—but the symbol is always present.63

Another way to know that Islam is a war-god religion is the fact that riots tend to occur right after Friday Prayers everywhere in Islamdom, especially in Israel. Goel reports on the experience of India in this matter: In the history of Islam in India, Friday ‘sermons result in working up the feelings of the Namazis [observant Muslims], and saber-rattling and street riots generally take place on Friday after the afternoon prayers.’64 The reason Friday Prayers get Muslims all riled up is the Imam reads and preaches out of the Koran with its 164 War verses at Friday Prayers. ….

Incidentally, Muhammad burned down the houses of those who failed to show up for Friday prayers.65 Not only does the Koran make Islam warlike but so does Sharia law, as Goel wrote:

It [Islam] looks too much like a military machine to pass as a peaceful society. The rules laid down by the Shariat [Sharia law] read like a manual compiled for use in military barracks—waking up every morning to the call of a bugle, rolling up the bed…One is amazed as well as amused when this mechanical conformity to a set pattern of external exercises is presented by the spokesmen of Islam as the very essence of universal spirituality and morality.66

Count Keyserling wrote about how Islam is a big war machine and how Allah is a “warlord”: This militarization of everyday Muslim life was noticed with keen interest by Count Keyserling (1880-1946 CE) during his travels in Islamic countries. He summed up his overall impression in his The Travel Diary of a Philosopher.

‘Islam is a religion of absolute surrender and submissiveness to a God—but to a God of a certain character—a warlord who is entitled to do with us as he will and who bids us stand ever in line of battle against the foe…The ritual of this belief embodies the idea of discipline. When the true believers every day at fixed hours perform their prayers in serried [squeezed in] ranks in the Mosque, all going through the same gestures at the same moment, this is not, as in Hinduism, done as a method of self-realization, but in the spirit in which the Prussian soldier defiled [i.e. lined up in formation] before his Kaiser.

This military basis of Islam explains all the essential virtues of the Mussulman. It also explains his fundamental defects—his unprogressiveness, his incapacity to adapt himself, his lack of invention. The soldier has simply to obey orders. All the rest is the affair of Allah.“ 67



  1. “Muhammad was raised from ages 6-8 by his 3/4 Jewish grandfather”

    Here you have it, doubters. Islam is NOT a religion of peace nor is it really at odds with judaism.

    Islam is Brother of Judaism, and while sometimes they may have “family feuds”, from a higher point of view, they cooperate.

    And many times you can´t tell the difference between them.

    The instigators, inviters, AND LOCAL LEADERS IN THE AFFECTED COUNTRIES of the invasions, are jews. Jews in the country of origin invite, recruit and send them, and jews in the receiving countries welcome them, feed them, house them, arm them,see to it that nothing gets reported in the invaded countries media, and opress and persecute citizens who denounce this situation.

    The Arch-muslims in Saudi Arabia, the house of saud, are reportedly…jews!!

    Both are brothers (even biblically) and both are SERPENT SEED.

  2. And both agree on this point: to destroy christians!!

    Both judaism and islam have, someti9mes very similar, crap in their customs and “holy books”.

    The crap of the jews is relatively fairly fairly known, at least in certain circles, but who has heard about muslim child marriages, muslim female genital mutilation, and other “pearls of wisdom and holiness”?

    Muslim also have the teaching of the “holy lie”, so they can be every bit as deceitful as jews who are encouraged by their talmud to lie to gentiles and to harm them.

    No need to say where both of them belong…

  3. So, let me get this straight, it has been Islam attacking and bombing countries in the west, the last twenty years? Do I have that right? It’s been Islam exploiting western lands for profit. Do I have that right?

    Christianity has always been a peaceful religion!. Do I have that right?

    Bin Laden dies in 2001, who cares what Rita Katz claims he said in 2006! 🙂

    I do know one fact, the Muslims I meet at the Dunk and Donuts where I go are very friendly. They seem like people too, simply deluded like everyone else in this Jew World Order

    Do you remember reading about all the evil German stories leading up to WW I or WW II?

    It takes hate propaganda to make a war and it takes men of great conscience to lead other men away from that war psyche mentality

    My problems with whites goes something like this. They have self identified Jewish colonialism as white colonialism where they have deemed it in their interests to do so and excuse all the exploitation, killings and genocide that enforced that part of the JWO

    Now the Jew has used the white self identification with it as a tool to hate whites with by all those subjugated earlier. Whites have accepted the Jewish battleground as is.

    Whites then demonize Muslims colonializing Europe for the Jew with only hand weapons and what is lost in the whole frickin mess is we are all looking for Jew crumbs fighting over the biggest ones and that table looks highly breakable but no one is concerned with breaking the Jew table. They just want the crumbs

    Bottom line, we can take it to a higher level!

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