Mohawks ethnic-cleanse the whites out; classical music heals negrophilia

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I am getting great feedback on the blogs on French and German from around the world and a volunteer even offered to translate key things also into Croatian.

A comrade asked me why I do a blog, suggested I should just start my movement, and invited me to meet him at the upcoming American Renaissance conference.

I replied (abridged for general interest):

* * *

Dear comrade,

I appreciate your frank and well-intentioned advice.

The purpose of the blog is to develop a following. In this intent to gather a following I have clearly succeeded. I have an international following. The purpose of this following, in turn, is to join me actively as members of the Eternal Solutrean TRIBE, an international community not unlike the juze, Mormons, Amish or Sikhs, once my book comes out.

on my Yahoo home page today.... anyone want to throw up?

(See my post on the Sikhs here, A POWERFUL AND FEARED MINORITY — [read the whole brilliant post by the gifted Nelson1805 or scroll down 1/5th to the Sikhs] this double post is  based on research I requested of him, and it showcases key strategic ideas.)

My book, a DVD production which includes text, still photos, corroborating videos and my own video — having a  “fireside chat’ with the reader about the ‘scariness’ of what I am about to tell him — is what will formally launch the Eternal Solutrean movement.

When I stopped my blog in October, contributions fell to zero. Zero means my electricity, phone, water and Internet are switched off.

The blog also showcases in addition that I am fluent in German and French, not to mention my Spanish knowledge. (Despite what dumbed-down Americans think, Spanish is NOT the Mexican language, Aztec is, the lanugeoof the mass human-sacrificers. Spain is a superb EUROPEAN nation, with a wonderful culture, language and many heroic individuals and ju-fighters.)

Frankly, what our Cause needs to become a “move-ment” is fourfold: 1) a new vision for our race, which is now approaching MINORITY status and must be able to survive IF NEED BE as a MINORITY; 2) a convincing battle plan to implement the vision; 3) an organization that is efficient and well-led; and 4) a leader to execute the plan who is hors pair.

And all the persection I have undergone and recount in my blog adds to the sense that true and perceptive activists get of me — as as a person the juze seem to fear as much, or more, than any other WN activist anywhere in the white world.

You suggested I redesign my website to be multilingual. I have not used the software you suggest because I am unaware of it, and because my website designer, a white South Africa who worked almost for FREE, used WordPress himself, and was and is an expert on it. (He had a graphics and advertising background)  and he recommended it.

If you send me a contribution, I will hire a specialist to redo the website, particularly to create separate subsites for the other languages. Money talks, comrade, as you pointed out. Right now I can only cajole volunteers to work for free when they have time. Since you seem to know about marketing, I am sure you have become a business success and can afford to contribute.

I would enjoy meeting you, but I will never attend an AmRen conference because I am a biological antisemite — and the juze are the focus of my attack, then their genetic cousins, the arabs, part-semitic turks, armenians, chechens, georgians, etc.

* * *

Young Stalin by Simon Sebag

(I just read a nauseating quote in Simon Sebag Montefiore’s Young Stalin. The infamous Georgian neanderthal mass-murderer bared his full neaderthal-psychopathic soul:

“Gratitude is a disease of dogs!”

I think of this trait of CONTEMPT FOR GRATITUDE when I consider the juze taking over and killing off every people that ever welcomed them in, that had trusted their pleas that they were innocent refugees fleeing cruel persecution and just wanted to fit in, be good little citizens and benefit their new country.)

* * *

I totally reject the Taylor-Griffin-Vlaams Belang-Guillaume Faye-Gert Wilders compromising with the juze. They are a psychopathic, worldwide criminal folk waging successful genocide against us.

Hitler’s last words for the world were 1) keep the race pure and 2) wage uncompromising struggle against the International JEW. After that he went, pistol in hand, to his next life.



A ju-fighter just wrote me that somewhat suspiciously his brother has had a massive cerebral hemorrhage at 39, which is interrupting his battle at an absolutely critical moment. He pointed out that the Mossad is famous for poisoning people and making it look like a normal health crisis. I wrote him:

* * *

I am very sorry to hear about your dear brother Mike, whom you have mentioned in the past. I do indeed pray for him, and God will intervene if it suits His higher purpose. He is demonstrably a god of tough love. We must fight our own battles and he only HELPS us.

And your suspicions may be justified as to your brother’s health crisis and the timing of it in the middle of your own battle for survival. As the founder of Intel (computer chips), the Hungarian ju Andrew Grove, says:

“Only the paranoid survive.”

Don’t let anything deter you — and if the Mossad are behind this you must continue the primary mission. In the Marines they drummed into us this:

1) the first priority is to accomplish the mission; 2) the second priority is the welfare of your men.

The j-team wishes to kill off an entire race of innnocent Mikes like your brother, and they have proved it over and over. They have a gulag ready in every major white country now.

On the other hand, I just read a report by Rasmussen Polls:

Result, quote:

“75% of Americans are angry at current federal policies.”


Good for the Mohawks up in Canada (Quebec province]. They are applying their law: ONLY Mohawks on Mohawk land. Whites, get OUT! This is an important legal principle: endangered ethnic groups can maintain their BLOOD purity.

I will be sure to use this example in the future, and thanks to our brave comrade for many decades, publisher Tony Hancock in England, for sending this news item along…..

* * *

Non-natives being evicted

Given 10 days to leave Kahnawake; Mohawks concerned about ‘protecting identity’: ‘This is part of revitalizing the community’

FEBRUARY 3, 2010

Saying there are too many non-natives living in Kahnawake, the local band council has issued eviction notices to 25 residents, giving them 10 days to leave the Indian reserve on Montreal’s South Shore.

[JdN: Wikipedia’s article is here:]

About 25 non-natives – mostly white people involved in relationships with Mohawks – are being asked to leave the reserve because Mohawk law does not allow them to live there, said Joe Delaronde, press attaché for the Mohawk Council of Kahnawake.

“They are people with no native ancestry at all,” Delaronde said in an interview yesterday.

According to Mohawk law, non-aboriginals have no residency rights. About 7,500 Mohawks live on the reserve.

Band council chiefs began hand-delivering the strongly worded letter on Monday and continued yesterday.

“There have been numerous complaints regarding individuals contravening Mohawk law by residing in the Mohawk territory of Kahnawake without a right to do so. You were identified in these complaints,” the letter says.

The eviction letter tells non-natives they have 10 days to leave the reserve.

“We trust that you understand the seriousness of this letter and that you will govern yourselves accordingly.”

If the non-natives can’t move by the deadline, they must contact the band council to make other arrangements, Delaronde said.

“We are not heartless,” he added. “We know that not everyone has a brother or a parent in Châteauguay they can stay with.”

In a press release on the band council’s website, Grand Chief Michael Delisle said: “Every single Kahnawake Mohawk knows the law. It is unfortunate that some people have chosen to disregard the community’s wishes.”

[JdN: I love it. Now we Eternal Solutreans must raise the issue of OUR ‘COMMUNITY WISHES.”]

In 1981, the community announced a moratorium on mixed marriages, which meant that non-natives who married Mohawks after that year would no longer have the right to live on the reserve. Any non-native who had married a Mohawk before the moratorium is still permitted to live on the reserve.

In the 1980s, some Mohawks contested the policy before the human rights tribunal, but lost. The courts have ruled that Mohawks can make any membership policy they deem necessary for their survival as a people.

* * *

Mohawks can make any membership policy they deem necessary for their survival as a people.

* * *

“We’re very concerned about protecting our identity because at a certain point, the Canadian government will look at us and say: ‘You are not even Indians,’ ” Delaronde said.

“We are very proud of our heritage and protective about it. We don’t have a whole hell of a lot of it left. This is part of revitalizing the community.”

The band council decided to act after receiving complaints from Indians who feel that too many non-natives are living on the reserve.

“We are responding to what the community wants,” Delaronde said.

Although Mohawk law says that non-natives can’t live on the reserve, they are allowed to visit and stay overnight, he explained.

“Sleeping over or staying for a week is a whole different situation,” he said.

Delaronde said he hopes the non-natives accept the wishes of the community and leave peacefully.

If they refuse to move, their names will be “published locally,” he said.

“I know that’s not a nice thing, but if people refuse, names will be published and then it becomes a peer pressure thing.”

* * *

MY COMMENT:  Whites are demonstrably dying out too. When the Baby boomers die off, the white population of the Junited Snakes will plummet to 25%, from now 60%, and they will be living in a sea of hostile blacks, mexicans, chinese and juze.

Under the federal Endangered Species Act of 1974, we are already an endangered species.

Here are two comments by readers of the Montreal Gazette underneath this article:

* * *

Leto Atreides II
February 07, 2010 – 9:00 PM

In the interests of equality and fairness, it should now be recognized that Whites may evict non-Whites from our lands without fears of being accused of ‘racism’.

February 07, 2010 – 7:26 PM

The Mohawks don’t have much left considering that this was all THEIR land. What they choose to do on their land is their business and no one else’s.

[JdN: So if white Solutreans are the true Native North Americans, then “what we do on our land is our business and no one else’s…..]

Politically Correct
February 07, 2010 – 1:08 PM

Here’s an idea…. instead of using the term eviction notices perhaps the Band Council should have issued deportation orders.  Then it would be considered legal and not considered racism.


A chance to BE WHITE: Classical Music

[From Stormfront]
As a student at a major university in the SEC, I see firsthand the kind of culture that students are surrounded by. Liberal ideas are crammed down our throats in the classroom and “tolerant” ideologies are spouted by not just minorities, but our own race. This is nothing new to you. The entire student body is practically forced to worship the negroid football team who prey on white girls. These girls, ignorant, beautiful, race traitors throw themselves at the blacks in an attempt to be with the “stars,” the “popular” idols of the university. All these girls care about is status and being with a black athlete is apparently a “privilege.” This is a phenomenon that is being WIDESPREAD. White girls flock to the negroid athletes because the school worships the football team.

Why are girls rushing to blacks?

It is because youth today are OBSESSED with glorifying negroid culture such as their MUSIC. Starting at a young age in middle schools, whites everywhere listen to the negroid music. This does not change in college. In nearly every bar, rap, hip hop trash is played at obscene decibel levels. I have been in vehicles with beautiful white women who are rapping along to some black rapper who objectifies women as objects. I cant tell you how disgusted I feel at these white girls who are embracing black culture so openly because it is “cool.”

We need to throw away negro music. Rap, hip-hop is destroying our youth and elevates negro culture while promoting miscegenation. Granted, the radio “top 40” lists are so completely controlled in the agenda to destroy whites.

We have to act right here, right now to PROHIBIT black music from our ears as much as humanly possible while replacing that garbage with pro white music.

It is essential to our survival as a race that we do this.

I want to challenge everyone to listen to more classical music. It is the best music ever made by the most talented musicians ever to the walk the earth. The more you listen to it, the more you understand that such beauty, such majesty, can only be the work of white FOR WHITES. The masters, Mozart, Bach, Beethoven, Tchaikovsky, Wagner, Vivaldi (to name but a few). These men were on a level of godlike inspiration that no other race has ever produced an equal.

This music is so timeless, breathtaking, and spiritual, that it will live on forever as the theme, the anthem, of the white race. Only if we fail to insure the survival of our white race will the beauty of classical music disappear from the universe.

We need to make “being white” not only popular and cool again, but we need to make “being white” POWERFUL again.

Listening to the classics FORCES you to be white. It promotes cultivation, wisdom, civilization, honor, nobility, tranquility, refinement, manners, pride, struggle, peace, and glory. No other music can do this. When you listen to the classics, you are taking part in a honorable and noble tradition of being white.

So that is my challenge to you: celebrate the power of your race and listen to more classical music. There are not many activities that can be take part to to be “pro-white.” But this is not only one of them, but in in my honest and humble opinion, this is one of the best. Do not doubt the power of music how it effects people. Remember the Third Reich and Richard Wagner. This is OUR MUSIC and we can build an empire with it.

Herbert von Karajan, Hitler’s Conductor, 1908-1989, will live on forever in our hearts. Here he conducts Beethoven’s 7th Symphony:

==========MY COMMENT

When raising my two children,

(my two girls with Ingrid’s Basque husband left and my father [their grandfather], right, a Battle of  Iwo Jima veteran)

I was worried whom they would date and whom they would marry in this liberal environment, especially when they were no longer under my roof.

Friedrich Schiller

And I remembered the great Friedrich Schiller’s Ueber die ästhetische Erziehung der Menschheit [ = “On the Esthetic Education of Mankind”].

Schiller, a great friend of Goethe (flourished 1790-1805 era), yet another great redheaded Kelto-Germanic genius like Thomas Jefferson, was convinced that the contemplation of great art and music would ennoble our souls.

My goal in raising my children was to place before them constantly images and impressions of beauty and nobility so that in their later choice of husbands and the way they led their lives, they would stay at least via their unconscious and childhood impressions on the higher path, no matter how politically brainwashed they might become if I lost my influence over them due to divorce — which did happen in 1989.

I am happy to say that Schiller was RIGHT. Teach your kids deep in their unconscious childlike minds an early love of beauty and of heroes, and of virtue and honor, and they will not stray too far away, or if they do, they will come back.

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