Miley Cyrus hits a new low; the history of Atlantis is being repeated

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And to think her father is a white Kentucky country boy named Billy Ray Cyrus… Another goy shiksa humiliates herself to please her khazar masters.

Published on May 13, 2015
Miley Cyrus performed the dirty version of Khia’s ‘My Neck, My Back’ at the Adult Swim party in Jew York on Wednesday night, 5/13/15.

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  • John D. Nugent She is singing (at 0:09 and 0:11) “Suck this pussy just like you should.”
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    All this is exactly like the readings of Edgar Cayce about the decline and fall of Atlantis 10,00 years ago….
  • Atlantis (which MANY ancient peoples report on in their stories) began like America, as a freedom-loving, virtuous young nation. But as it became rich and powerful, it was infiltrated and taken over by an evil group (Cayce calls them the “Sons of Baal”, which were 1) greedy for money, 2) raped the earth to get at its gold and other treasures by dangerous ultra-deep mining into earth’s crust, 3) worshipped Satan, 4) did human sacrifice and non-stop orgies, and 5) got the Atlantis government to aggressively send out troops to conquer many other countries.

Two ancient continents, Mu and Atlantis

  • atlantis-map
  • In the end, they had punctured the earth’s crust so much that the whole giant island in the Atlantic sank in one day and millions drowned.
    Athens and Egypt were also inundated by the tsunami that resulted and Athens went back to the Stone Age, all its intellectuals and cities wiped out. The Egyptian priests told Solon, the great lawgiver of Athens 10,000 years later, things about the early history of his own country he had not known.
    If you add now the fact of reincarnation to the mix, what we are seeing is an exact repeat of history — down the smallest detail.
    And it is very obvious who the ancient Sons of Baal have reincarnated as TODAY!
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  • John D. Nugent Of course the Khazars want a blonde girl for this video. This is a sign of “The End.”
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  • Baldr Freyja VanArsdall It’s all by design. Started her out on the Disney channel and brought her right to there. A few years back when the song “poker face” was released it seemed like people were lining up to dress their little girls in as little clothing as possible and dance to it. Really listen to the lyrics. Exhibit A :

    Mia Diaz -Pokerface-9 years old
    Mia Diaz performing PokerFace at Hollywood Vibe. 1st Place Overall. 9…
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John D. Nugent Michael Eisner, head of Disney, Khazar
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