Mike Delaney on Mike Enoch, David Duke, Jews and the obtuse rejection of 9/11 truth

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I fully sympathize with and support Mike Delaney on 9/11 truth. He created this masterpiece years ago that proves 100% that Jews (both American and Israeli Khazars) planned and carried out the mass murders of September 11. (This also led to a police state via the Patriot Act and two catastrophic wars.)


Here are now two common-sense videos by Delaney on the importance of 9/11 truth and also Mike Enoch truth:



…..My own comment

Well, so Enoch, Anglin, Duke, Taylor, Weber, Black — all the kids at the self-appointed cool-kids table — say them Ayrabs done it.

I have said it before and will say it again: Duke is an MK-ULTRA.

He is the vector for all this poo-pooing of “conspiracy theories.” And denying conspiracies is the greatest conspiracy of all!

In 2006 David Duke visited me and Margi in Alexandria, Virginia, and spoke of the Arabs doing 9/11; we were absolutely stunned.

He absolutely believes in this insanity, because his handlers have so ordered.

Delaney actually starts talking in the second video about the importance of 9/11 truth at exactly 09:11 😉 Good timing !

LOL; Don and Derek Black, around 18:20, are not sure they ever heard the name “Mike Delaney”! What liars!

The feds got these two guys by the balls, or they are MK’s and mind-controlled — and simply unable to think logically at all about verboten topics.

Black himself has a listless, zombie voice just as Duke often does, with no inner glow or fire — trudging through the motions. Remember, BOTH (and their boy Holappa) spent many months or years in federal prisons. That is when MK happens — Holappa said to me and the world he was in isolation for 87 days straight — and the incarcerated WN activist may come out still a sincere WN in his heart (esp. after being around tons of subhuman negroes and hispanics 😉 ), but inside them “something has changed.”

There is NO reason to deny 9/11 truth, which is both obvious AND the ideal miracle weapon to shake up the FOX News patriotards.

The whole point of MK ULTRA is you are not a conscious traitor; you do not know you are one.

I did a major blog on my childhood and that of Kathleen Sullivan.. Reading her story has been excruciating, 400-plus pages, and believe me, it goes way, way, way beyond “mere” incest and rape. It is scientific application of indescribable horrors to create split personalities, of which the main and original personality is totally unaware.

UPDATED Dylann Storm Roof, MK-Ultra; Unshackled — A Survivor’s Story of Mind Control by Kathleen Sullivan

As Sullivan points out, ALL normal people split off sub-personalities, “alters,” to preserve their sanity and avoid suicide, or just going totally, stark-raving mad, when forced to watch, or participate in, extreme atrocities such as the torture and killing of babies, or being raped by animals, etc.

THIS is the great threat — high-profile WNs who do not know they are mind-controlled.


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