Michael Hoffman — off bashing Hitler again

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… A supporter wrote me

Dear Sir,
              Michael Hoffman has written a critical account of the Night of the Long Knives in his Revisionist History newsletter - http://revisionistreview.blogspot.com/2015/09/evidence-of-hitlers-gangsterism-is.html    He is also sceptical of Suvorov’s account of the reason for Operation Barbarossa.  He is asking any supporters of NS, WN and revisionism to submit a rebuttal.  See also http://revisionistreview.blogspot.com/2015/09/revisionism-as-socratic-method-or.html
              If you write an effective reply this might be a chance to reach new supporters.
I replied:
Dear comrade,
Thanks for this info.  I just wrote Mr. Hoffman as follows:

Dear Mr. Hoffman,

I have mentioned you and your work positively in 61 blogs since January 2010, and promoted some of your books:



And I retract none of that praise and appreciation.

It is a sign of my respect for you and the esteem that you have earned that I now honestly, openly attack your position on Hitler, which I find wrong, wrongly motivated, and dangerous.


I honestly believe that attacks on Hitler (as well as blind Hitler worship) are extremely harmful to our common anti-Talmudic cause.

And I am not the kind of troll to slink around like David Duke, Don Black, Mark Weber, and Jared Taylor — who criticize someone behind their back, via snide emails, private messages on Facebook or phone calls.

No, I tell you directly that I have just condemned today on my newest blog your anti-Hitler attitude. [This one: http://www.johndenugent.com/english/michael-hoffman-off-bashing-hitler-again/]

Destroying our heroes is what the Jews do. So it is against the grain of your many achievements in the fight against Jewry.

We need heroes — and no, our heroes do not need to be perfect. Only God is that, as you, as a Christian, should know. By the measure with which ye judge shall ye BE judged.  (Jesus, Matthew 7:2)

This was your precious Gregor Strasser:

Stephen Foster – Beautiful Dreamer

mosier-deathrideStalin would have gone with his raping, torturing, murdering Red Army all the way to London, Dublin and Lisbon, had Germany been led by a Chancellor Strasser.

Then he would have turned all of subjugated WESTERN Europe also into a munitions plant — and THEN, with 600 million white slaves as soldiers and factory drones under him, conquered North America and killed you, Mr. Hoffman, in your nearly all-white Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.

(As a “non-racialist,” why did you move to a lily-white area? Why did Michael Collins Piper, a fellow non-racialist antizionist, also move there?

Was it only because of Mark Glenn, or was it that you non-racialists loathe the effects of “diversity,” hypocritically, as much as we honest racialists do?) 


There would BE no Christianity left to bash Hitler, Mr. Hoffman, had Gregor Strasser [photo] come to power. Stalinworld would have been just corpses and tears and Idealistic Gregor would have been liquidated in the Lubyanka after a show trial.


I am sorry to be so harsh, but I think you are committing a serious spiritual sin.

John de Nugent

Comrade, this Hoffman Hitler-bashing is simply nauseating, wicked and false! Aaarrrgh.
Hoffman has done excellent work (of which I have been very aware for three decades) — but his Catholic Christianity (a sign he is a young soul) and antiracialism blind him to Hitler, who was 1) a Jesus admirer but not a “Christian” in the Hoffman sense (http://www.johndenugent.com/hitler-believed-in-jesus-not-judeo-christianity/), and 2) a man who grasped the reality and importance of genetics/race/breed in all living things. 
I suppose that for Hoffman a Jack Russell terrier and a basset hound behave exactly the same — they’re all dogs, after all! Both will hump your leg! Both will steal a steak off the kitchen table! So they are the same!  *;) winking


And Swedes, Zulus and Chinese are exactly the same too,, except for “skin color”!
Hoffman simply denies race, and emphasizes he is no national socialist, so he has an axe to grind with Hitler and thus seeks to discredit him by hook or by crook!
Just this one sentence: by Hoffman says it all:
Talmudism Hates Four People who Walked the Earth 
More than anyone who ever lived 
Who are they and why are they hated?
Most Hated: 1. Jesus Christ. 2. His Blessed Mother, Mary. 3. Titus, the Roman General. 4. Isabella, the Roman Catholic Queen of Spain
Ummmm, Michael, gee….on your “MOST HATED” list can you maybe squeeze in… whoozits, um, oh yeah, now I remember… 

Adolf Hitler? 

He is demonized, Mr. Lover of Accuracy and Truth, demonstrably a million times more on TV, movies and in books than Queen Isabella or Titus! (for the masses, Titus who?)
Vampires for Hitler! video game
In fact, one witty comrade just said (http://www.europeanknightsproject.com/schizophrenic-humorist-attacks-donald-trump/) the Jews portray him as “Skeletor Hitler”! (In case you never had kids, Skeletor has been a major tv cartoon villain for decades who fights, cackling and conspiring, against “He-Man” — ironically, a blond bodybuilder — and Freedom.)
And Strasser was not a charismatic figure or gifted organizer! Just look at the photo Hoffman himself uses of the man. … a sincere but very common-looking man with minimal achievements, and thus one of a thousand like him.
To change the world requires more than sincerity and some good ideas!
I am amazed at those who have zero common sense.
But now let me be brutally frank:
1) The Nazi label is also something I suspect he fears. He is just an “antizionist” — so no antifa comes knocking on his door!
I did not fear the NS label!! Nor do I today!
In 1979, on the campus of my own university, and directly in front of my professors’s windows and with fellow students looking on!
Georgetown Hoya Feb 15 1979 Nazi
JdN white civilizations Winterfest Dec 2010
2) People will never, ever, ever admit, comrade, that jealousy (rightly listed as a mortal sin in Catholicism) is what drives them to first hate someone, and then cobble together some “reasons” to justify their hate.
It is the secret person of the heart that God sees, and the jealousy within.
Long after Michael Hoffman is forgotten – he is one of literally thousands who have written well about the Jewish problem and with almost zero effect on the real world —  Adolf Hitler, the common man who changed the world, and led a mighty nation,will be a beaming symbol of heroism, idealism and achievement for all mankind.
And he will literally return!
It must eat Hoffman alive that not he, but Hitler, is revered and loved 70 years after he died, fighting like a Spartan to the last.
But no midget who has not achieved one-thousandth what he did has the right to spew contempt on such a heroic and selfless giant!
“Michael Hoffman revisionist”  — 92 thousand hits on Google
“Adolf Hitler” —                                98 million


From R. in Germany

Otto Strasser became an agent of the Czech regime in 1938 after fleeing Austria (which had joined Germany) and allowed himself to be used for slanderous attacks. He was therefore a traitor to Germany, despite some of his good ideas. He left Europe after the Munich Conference put Czechoslovakia too in the German sphere of influence.

I replied:

Thanks for that additional info. Anybody who would help the Czechs — after what they had already done to the Sudeten Germans and would yet do in 1945, is truly beneath contempt.

From A. in Australia
I strongly agree with JdN. As a human being, not a god, or some kind of Jesus, Dalai Lama or Catholic Pope, Hitler was neither perfect nor infallible. However, the longer I study the man and the history of WWII, without dogmatism or prejudice, the less I can avoid the impression that Hitler must be the most lied-about politician in modern history, if not history as a whole. Jew know why. And – going by both his words and actions – he deeply cared about his people and did great things for them.

…..VIP PEDOPHILES — KILL THEM ALL! (Humor & also deadly serious) — and why we need Hitler back!



…..ADOLF HITLER – in feeling his continuing presence “MY HEART WILL GO ON”



Every night in my dreams
I see you, I feel you,
That is how I know you go on.

Far across the distance,
And spaces between us,
You have come to show you go on.

Near, far, wherever you are,
I believe that the heart does go on.
Once more you open the door,
And you’re here in my heart
And my heart will go on and on.

Love can touch us one time
And last for a lifetime,
And never let go till we’re gone.

Love was when I loved you,
One true time I hold to,
In my life we’ll always go on.

Near, far, wherever you are,
I believe that the heart does go on.
Once more, you open the door
And you’re here in my heart
And my heart will go on and on.

You’re here; there’s nothing I fear,
And I know that my heart will go on.
We’ll stay forever this way.
You are safe in my heart
And my heart will go on and on.

And, ohhhhh..


TRIUMPH OF THE WILL ~ I recall an amusing incident that occurred in Liverpool in the early 1960s. The Tatler, an independent city centre cinema, showed movies shunned by the chains. On this occasion it was running Leni Reifenstahl’s “Triumph of the Will.” This is the epic video of the 1935 NSDAP Party Day Rally at Nuremberg. The cinema was packed.
The movie-documentary was partly spoiled by the narrator vocally placing his sarcastic comments on the footage. At one point, as far as the eye can see and the ear can hear, the ecstatic enthusiastic welcoming of the Fuhrer. The English voice-over sneers, “Look, slaves controlled by their fuehrer.” Unable to contain himself, my friend Billy Clarkson, a Liverpool cab driver stood up on his seat and beating his chest called out. “Then I want to be a slave too.”

The audience gave Billy a standing ovation. A lovely moment fondly recalled 50 years later. ~ Mike Walsh.

Mike Walsh's photo.

…..JUST A FUN VIDEO: GERMAN GIRLS after the staggering military victories of 1939-40

[Link: http://trutube.tv/video/13350/Grateful-German-Girls-Kiss-Their-Soldiers-In-1940]


…..(John de Nugent speaking in accent-free, perfect German with large English subtitles) Damals und jetzt — Hitler and I


Comment in German: “Lieber John, ich habe gerade dein Video gesehen und bin tief berührt, von deinen Worten DANKE dafür, mit Tränen in den Augen sehr bewegend …. alles Liebe, R.”

Ich antwortete: “Liebe Kameradin, vielen Dank für diese höchst erfreuliche Mitteilung! John”

“Sehr gerne, lieber John. Meine Worte kommen aus dem Herzen. Nie zuvor habe ich eine ergreifendere Ansprache gehört.”

“Es hat begonnen! Auf zur großen Schlacht gegen die Krieger von El(Engel)-Schaddei(Schatten)! Sammelt euch, sucht Verbündete und stürzt dieses System! Heil Hitler! VERBREITET DIESES VIDEO, TEILT ES UND HELFT MIT! NATIONAL SOZIALISMUS JETZT!!! FÃœR ALLE VÖLKER DIESER WELT!!!”

Wow! Das war eine echte Rede, eine echtePräsidentenrede! Und mir gefiel sehr, wie Sie über die Dritte Welt gesprochen haben!”


Translation: “Dear John – I just saw your video and I am deeply touched by your words THANK YOU for it, very moving, tears in my eyes …. all the best, R.”

“Dear comrade, many thanks for this delightful response.”

“Very happy to say this, dear John. My words come from the heart. Never before have I heard a more touching speech.”

“It has begun! The great battle against the warriors of El (angels) Schaddai (Shadow)! Gather, seek allies and crush the system! Heil Hitler! SPREAD THIS VIDEO, SHARING IT AND GIVE HELP! NATIONAL SOCIALISM NOW — FOR ALL PEOPLES OF THIS WORLD!”!

“Wow! That was a real speech, a real presidential speech! And I really liked how you talked about the third world!”

in French: (in French) “Wow ! Un vrai discours, un vrai discours de président! Et j’ai bien aimè comment vous avez parlé du tiers monde!”

…..Website vistors worldwide

9/30 @ 10:15 : Menlo Park, California, US
9/30 @ 10:13 : Haarlem, NL
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