Merry Christ Mass! Germans add to our joyful day

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A new admirer of the Eternal Solutrean cause wrote me on Christmas Eve:

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Love your site. I have been an activist for over 30 years and now I am a successful businessman. Hope to hear from you soon and one day have the pleasure of meeting you. Have relocated from central PA to the hills of eastern Ohio, not too far away!

G. Remer

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I responded:

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Dear comrade Remer,

I was delighted to hear from you and Merry Christmas!

Ah, but Remer is a fine German name. I KNEW Otto Ernst Remer, a great warrior and leader, and one of my closest American friends, Roy Armstrong, knew him for decades. I met him at the 1987 conference of the Institute for Historical Review, and boy was he ever the Prussian officer, every inch of his six-foot-two frame, and his deep, crusty, stern and manly voice. won

As you may know, Remer stopped the July 20, 1944 plot to kill the German leader Adolf Hitler and overthrow the national socialist government — in a vain dream by certain conservative German aristocrats that the Jew-loving Roosevelt and Churchill would then become Germany’s allies against Stalin! (Allied actions in 1945, esp. those of the crypto-Jew Eisenhower, and the December 1945 murder of the anti-Soviet and anti-Jewish General George Patton, proved what a total illusion and an insane delusion this was.)


As a result of Remer’s action, Germany continued to be ruled by Adolf Hitler, and because of the Leader’s principles it did something extremely important at the end; it fought to the death, to the last bullet and the last drop of blood. And this immortal “last stand,” as the great military thinker von Clausewitz said, would ensure that the nation would rise again. A new generation would be inspired, not by surrender, but by DEFIANCE, just as the South to this day is inspired by Robert E. Lee, who fought gloriously for two more long years AFTER the disastrous defeat at Gettysburg. They gave their ALL.

I discussed this key concept of the NEED of a glorious last stand by the defeated — which that great Aryan, Otto Ernst Remer, made possible — in an article I wrote for the Washington DC magazine The Barnes Review: (By the way, this article was poorly edited and in a few places is not up to my usual standards of writing style.)

Here is my article on the great scientific inventions of the German Reich under Hitler, the man Remer saved: (See especially the Remer part in the middle of the article!)

By the way, I have revamped my website page on my important articles and threads:

…and I have added this key material there:



The Jew-murdered LIBERTY FORUM

My biggest thread was at Liberty Forum (2001-2008), one of the first true free-speech forums online where patriotic Americans could criticize Jewish power over our media and Wall Street without being “”banned.” Jewish cyberterrorists were so infuriated, apparently, at this thread that they deleted the entire forum in August 2008 to get at it, annihilating thereby hundreds of other threads in the process.

My thread, called “Apocalypse of the Psychopaths” at, started off with my major movie review of Mel Gibson’s film “Apocalypto” – about the psychopathic ruling class of the ancient Mayas. I also portrayed Mel and his politically very incorrect father Hudson,and the truth about the hyper-violent Mayans and Aztecs – whose descendants are now flooding into our America as illegal aliens.

The thread then took off, and soared to eighty-seven thousand views. I was exposing there the role of literal psychopaths in society, both the Jewish and non-Jewish villains among us, and the FACT of ritual murder of white children by certain Jewish sects. I was exposing the Jewish role in 9/11. I was exposing the Jewish role in communism’s mass murders. I was ripping the Jewish leaders to shreds as the psychopaths they were and they are — promoting porn, abortion, pedophilia, homosexuality, banning Christmas and prayer, and sucking the blood out of the American economy through their Goldman Sachs/Bernie Madoff/Lehman Brothers/Wall Street mega-crookery, while Main Street and real Americans go under.

Three times the Jew cyberterrorists crashed this seven-year-old forum that was used and enjoyed by tens of thousands of concerned American citizens and others worldwide, and I believe it was most likely over my gigantic “Apocalypse” thread. For three days in November 2007 hackers had crashed it when I began homing in on Jewish ritual blood-draining murder of our kidnapped white children, admitted in the book Blood Passsover by the Israeli professor Ariel Toaff, son of the same Grand Rabbi of Rome who met with Pope John Paul II when he visited his synagogue.

They assaulted and shut down for one solid week in late December 2007 right after my detailed analysis of why the truth about Jewish blood-draining child murders would prove a catastrophe to world Jewry. (I pointed out, among other things, that even hardened felons in prison loathe child murderers and molesters. When they are imprisoned, child killers as well as molesters often have to be put in isolation from the other prisoners.)

(Toaff has proved with massive, footnoted evidence that certain Jews of eastern European origin WERE abducting white children, and then torture-murdering them while they drained out their blood. The dried blood powder was then baked into matzoh for the Jewish passover. Here is the website where you yourself can read this Jewish professor’s study:

Professor Ariel Toaff of Bar-Ilan University, Israel, whom Wikipedia admitted was the world’s most distinguished authority on medieval Italian Jewry, was forced by unknown threats to partially recant his 130-page book, which contains numerous footnotes and precise citations in Italian and Latin of the testimonies and trials of Jews arrested for Christian child murder. Jews said those tribesmen who confessed to murdering Christian children had lied only because of torture…..but who TORTURED Toaff in 2005 while a tenured professor in Israel into writing this book CLAIMING Jews committed ritual murder? Toaff is one of the relative handful of Jews who turn openly against the dark side of their tribal religion, Talmudic Judaism, which Jesus Christ condemned harshly as demonic in all four Gospels, and esp. in John 8:44. Talmudic Judaism is TRUE “Nazism” — as that word is MISUSED by Hollywood and the news media — brutal, violent, racist, torturing, aggressive and crushing all freedom of speech to criticize it.

And since August 2008 has been completely shut down. It was the end of a real online community where many of us had made friends.

Thank you, Jews, for murdering that wonderful free speech website, LIBERTY FORUM.ORG. Thank you for showing your true colors once again – as liberticides. You fear the truth, because as Christ said, the truth will set us free.

Other Thread Links:

STORMFRONT.ORG (This is the largest White Nationalist forum — and yet strangely — one day after my associate Henrik Holappa was arrested by Homeland Security on a frivolous immigration-violation charge — I was viciously defamed here, despite three marriages, many girlfriends, and two children, as a homosexual, and when I protested in the most vigorous terms I was “banned” as a poster, although my popular thread there had reached 100,000 views!); my strivings were also discussed here, in the STORMFRONT.ORG video thread “John de Nugent for President”); you will note here (and on my other threads listed below) that many photos have been “Deleted by Photobucket”; the Jew Levinsohn, who controls it, deleted my paid account containing 2,400 photos without any warning — to retaliate against my criticism of Jewish domination over our white, Christian, freedom-loving America; see my Wikipedia biography about this flagrant atrocity against an American’s freedom of speech by a foreign Jew)

ENATIONALIST.COM (Neo-National Socialism; many Europeans post here)

VNNFORUM.COM (a mostly youngish crowd of white nationists — last page is first one written)

THEPHORA.NET (many intellectuals, artists, poets)

VIVAMALTA.ORG (from tiny English-speaking Malta in the Mediterranean, a former British colony)


The liar Roosevelt claimed we had to kill our white brothers over in Germany to protect the "Four Freedoms" -- freedom of speech and of religion, and freedom from want and from fear. But once Hitler was gone, the pyramidal New World Order secret government began restricting freedom of speech and religion by "political correctness," FORCED integration (Harry Truman started with the armed forces) and pushing America onto the road of one-way "free-trade" policies that have sent our factories and good-wage jobs to a hostile China and allowed negroes and Mexicans to take over our streets, causing fear in every white American household. Now an illegal negro alien -- with communist friends -- from Kenya in Africa sits in the White House and claims to be Commander-in-Chief! THIS is not the America that our GIs in World War Two were taught they were fighting for! They were BETRAYED! The entire federal government has become FEDZILLA -- the Enemy of the Constitution, God, Guns, the Family and Freedom!

Here is the horrifying truth about the weird image that Roosevelt put on the back of the US one-dollar bill:


In 1935 [under President Rosenfeld, to use his Dutch-Jewish ancestor’s name], the design of the one-dollar bill was changed again. On the obverse, the blue numeral 1 was changed to gray and made smaller, the gray ONE to the left was removed, the treasury seal was made smaller and superimposed by WASHINGTON D.C., and a stylized ONE DOLLAR was added over the treasury seal. The reverse was also changed to its current design, except for the absence of IN GOD WE TRUST. [JdN: that was added in 1957.]

While the vast majority of rank-and-file Masons (and of Mormons, and Christian Zionists) are decent, good Americans, they are being deceived by the mis-leaders who have infiltrated their faiths. (See my article on psychopaths in power: Masonry has been captured by the Jews and is a transmission belt to transmit their agenda to unknowing Gentiles. Even nine of our Founding Fathers were sincere Masons, who believed Masonry stood for freedom and a rational approach to religion and society. In fact, it is a gigantic and lethal con game that takes advantage of white people’s naive faith in the goodness of others.

In many European languages the word ‘blue-eyed’ has the secondary meaning of NAIVE. This is the number-one flaw of the white race — where we all have blue-eyed genes in our family tree, whatever our own personal eye color. In the Ice Age, the first Solutrean whites survived by trusting their neighbors, but this trust must no longer be projected by wishful thinking onto those who have proved themselves by their hostile actions to be enemies of our freedoms and our interests.

No more Mr. Nice Guy. It is time for Whites to do as all other groups do and look out for our own SELF-INTERESTS.

We need a White Entertainment Network, a WHITE History Month, a white civil rights movement, and White Safety and Heritage Zones where the US Constitution and white local control are again in effect over our lives, as our Founding Fathers intended.

Our Revolutionary ancestors did not cast off the centralized rule from London by the king of England (in seven years of bitter war) so their descendants would live under a centralized federal dictatorship ruled by the black racist emperor Barack Hussein Obama and his royal princess Michelle (with her over TWENTY tax-payer supported personal assistants). Obama is a non-US citizen — born in Kenya and raised in Muslim Indonesia!

America for Americans.

Civil rights for Whites.



I would love to hear from you, white brother Remer, and I assure you that Ohio will be playing a HUGE role in my plans for the Eternal Solutreans. As a German/Scotch-Irish/Slavic state and overwhelmingly WHITE and ARMED, it has great potential, and like Pennsylvania, it is within striking distance (figuratively, of course…) of Washington DC and the major media there, and especially of Detroit and Chicago and the great American Midwest.

Should you be able to also make a donation to my cause, I would be most grateful. many of my staunch supporters are now themselves out of work, having given all they could, and I must have money soon to begin mass production of my DVD-Book (with text, videos, music and photos) called Solutrea, Arise.

My phone number is (724) 524-1002. The main number (724) 353-0154 is disconnected until I pay a $97 phone bill to Consolidated Communications.

But this is part of the struggle. In Mein Kampf, Hitler talks about how the early NSDAP had to find the money to buy its first typewriter! Some things start small and then, the time being ripe, begin to mushroom.

And the poverty affecting my contributors and thus me as well is also affecting the white masses and waking them up to the fact that Obongo is bailing out the Jews of WALL Street and not the Whites of Main Street.

Merry Christmas again, and I do hope to hear from you!

John de Nugent


from my article here:

America’s Greatest Cartoonist Was a German

“SANTA CLAUS” was indisputably Thomas Nast’s greatest German-American contribution. The immigrant from the Rhineland, perhaps Germany’s most humor-loving region, has thereby brought fun and excitement to generations of American children and to all the men who have agreed to play Santa for them, especially after the 1920s when he gained the classic red suit.

Nast’s caricature of Santa Claus depicts “St. Nick” much as described in Clement Moore’s “A Night Before Christmas.” He sports a Dutchman’s pipe and breeches, and displays attributes of a legendary Teutonic elf. Nast also first depicted the Republican Party using an elephant — and the Democratic Party using a donkey!


We all like German Santa’s on-time toy delivery. We approve of the hard-working elf crews. Herr Claus seems like a strict but good-natured German boss to us; one
imagines elves getting permission for a roaring party once all deliveries have been properly completed.

And this is just how Germans and Dutch are, very willing to play once the job is behind them. The previous Saint Nicholas was historically accurate but un-jolly: an anorexic bishop with a staff and triangular hat or miter.

But in the German parts of Pennsylvania (not in Dutch New Amsterdam, now New York City) St. Nicholas traditionally engaged in serious present-giving on December 7 of each year, in Christmas season. The British custom by contrast, in England as well as the American colonies, had been a feast without major gifts, often featuring turkey and a flaming plum pudding decorated with holly sprigs.

These feasts were often held by St. George’s Societies. Since George was the patron saint of England (hence the popularity of the name with kings), after the American Revolution began there arose a desire for a non-British and more American Christmas. It was time to observe all the fun the German and Dutch immigrants were having. (The Dutch—related to the German word for German, Deutsch—are a kindred people who were part of Germany for thousands of years until a dominant France caused Holland to split off in 1648.)

In 1809 Washington Irving of New York state described, in his Knickerbocker Tales, “St. Nick” who was a kind of heavy-set, jolly Dutchman with a long pipe. This led in 1823 to another poem, brilliantly composed by Clement Moore (or by a Henry Livingston), creating a visual picture of “a jolly old elf.” Interestingly, “The Night Before Christmas” had reindeer named Donner and Blitzen (German and Dutch for Thunder and Lightning).

The stage was now set for “Santa Claus” actually to be named as such, on the basis of the Dutch Sinter Klaas, and then drawn as such by a genius of illustration

and commentary, Thomas Nast. ❖

Nast satirizes NYC’s Boss Tweed. New York elections were notoriously corrupt and Tweed’s control of the ballot box allowed him to win a Senate seat in New York. He was eventually arrested and jailed, with the help of a nasty Nast drawing. Thomas Nast was a proud German immigrant who like many other Germans enhanced honesty, skill, technical innovation and the value of hard work wherever they settled in America.

The Christmas tree comes from Germany, (perhaps from the western area called Alsace, where Johan Guttenberg invented the printing press, now part of eastern France). A real German tannenbaum [fir tree] has true lit candles on it, often red, and for safety they are lit only at the very last minute (with a water bucket hidden discreetly nearby). While all but one are in the kitchen, suddenly one parent or older teenager elsewhere suddenly rings a chime, then an adult exults: “The Christ Child [Christkindl] has come!” Then all rush over to the special December Christmas room, where in pitch dark the Christmas tree is glowing dramatically with beaming, splendiferous candles.

Christmas trees became very popular around the English-speaking world after Queen Victoria married her beloved German, Prince Albert, and he began the tannenbaum custom at Windsor Palace. She never remarried after his death (1861-1901) and always wore black.

She wrote of him:

“[Albert] is extremely handsome; his hair is about the same colour as mine; his eyes are large and blue, and he has a beautiful nose and a very sweet mouth with fine teeth; but the charm of his countenance is his expression, which is most delightful.”

File:Prince Albert-1842.jpg

Prince Albert (1819-1861) was from Coburg, Bavaria (which btw, one hundred years later was the first city outside Munich where Hitler had a huge political breakthrough; he and one thousand stormtroopers confronted a giant communist mob and a ban by the city, and Hitler threatened to commandeer a train at pistol point if the red train union went on strike when it was time to leave).

Albert and his future bride were both born in 1819 and delivered by the same midwife. In their blissful marriage, which ended at his untimely death at age 42, the German prince and the English queen had nine children.

Queen Victoria and Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha in an 1854 photograph. Let us restore the white family, and all our sacred traditions! Merry Christmas!


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