Mel Gibson's new movie "Edge of Darkness"; 1/3rd of US military women raped by comrades

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I hear that Mel Gibson’s new movie “Edge of Darkness” is very good.

I like Mel because he is a great actor, a great director — and because he was RIGHT that Jews have an incredible amount of power over Hollywood, Congress and Wall Street.

Rahm Emanuel and David Axelrod guide Barack Obama, Ben Shalom Bernanke runs the Fed, and Joel Klein wrote a whole article in the LA Times truly gloating that the Jews run Hollywood! Who was in charge in Congress of the subprime mortage debacle? Barney Frank! Who invented subprimes? Roland Arnall!

What firm runs the world? Goldman Sachs….and Lloyd Blankfein.

Who says they are crooks? Matt Taibbi of Rolling Stone, a nice Jewish boy.

I do disapprove of Mel’s Irish-Australian wild side, between booze and women, but let’s all get off our hypocritical high horse. Anyone born since the 1960s has things to hide. Am I right about this or am I wrong?

Am I right about this or am I wrong?

If your stuff hasn’t come out yet it’s ONLY because you are not famous, and no reporter and no public cares — YET.

The Hollywood directors — what are THEY hiding?

And what do they say about Gentiles when THEY are drunk? 😉 or snorting their coke, since juze prefer coke to booze?

I love Mel and I plan on seeing his new movie today.

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I just did see it with Margi — and it was FANTASTIC.

I’ll add what Kevin MacDonald just wrote:

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Kevin MacDonald: Mel Gibson is back
Wednesday, January 27th, 2010

Kevin MacDonald: Mel Gibsons new movie, Edge of Darkness, has just been released, so hes making the media rounds. But of course, a lot of reporters want to remind people what the real story about Mel Gibson is his anti-Jewish comments while beingarrested for DUI in 2006. There was a great television moment during aninterview with Sam Rubin that goes approximately as follows:

Rubin: Some people are going to welcome you back and some people are going to say you should never come back.

Gibson leans forward aggressively, and with a big smile says, Why?

Rubin: Because of what happened before.

Gibson, feigning ignorance: Because what happened before?

Rubin: Because of the remarks that were attributed to you.

Gibson: Remarks that were attributed to me that I didnt necessarily mean [translation: “Maybe I meant what I said and maybe I didn’t”], but I gather you have a dog in this fight.

Rubin: What?

Gibson: Do you have a dog in this fight or are you being impartial?

Beautiful. Putting Rubin on the defensive and calling attention to his Jewish identity as much as saying, Of course your remarks are completely understandable because you have an ax to grind: Youre Jewish.

The best defense is a good offense. The LA Times described Rubin as looking uncomfortable and, really, who could blame him? Every moviegoer learned long ago that no one comes uncorked quite like Mel Gibson. I rather doubt that Gibson is going to have deal with his Jewish problem in future interviews.

After the interview, Rubin beats himself up for not being more aggressive and telling Gibson that as a Jew and a human being he was offended by Gibsons remarks. Rubin also says he doesnt really think Gibson has apologized enough, nor has Gibson ever said that what he said was false. (For example, Gibson is reported to have said, Fucking JewsJews are responsible for all the wars in the world. In an interview with Diane Sawyer he attributed his remarks to the situation in the Middle East and to the brutal sort of public beating he received from Jews in the wake of The Passion. To take the most obvious recent example, if you think that the Iraq war would have happened without Jewish influence you are either seriously deluded or simply not paying attention.)

Actually, I wish Rubin had gotten more aggressive instead of going into a state of shock. Gibson getting uncorked on Rubin would be a great pay-per-view event. My money would definitely be on Braveheart.

Obviously, Rubin was dumbfounded when Gibson didnt grovel. Theres a lesson for all of us in that.

Incidentally, as I noted previously, Edge of Night seems to be an entirely non-Jewish enterprise: The producer, director, the screenwriter, and the lead actors are all non-Jews. Its probably the only way Gibson could work in Hollywood as an actor apart from producing his own projects.

* * *
I’ll be talking about this movie on Tuesday with Clayton Douglas. Have you ever heard of a perfect thriller that at the same time was a truly religious, spiritual movie? This masterpiece was both. Mel is back.


[found on the fearless Norman-American Curt Maynard’s hard-hitting blog]

My comment on this is: Thank you, juze. First, your Hugh Hefner launches the Playboy philosophy to depict to men that all women are sluts and sex animals, and then your ju feminists preach to women hatred of men.

In the end we have the two sexes at nearly open war, and women at the front lines being raped by their own comrades!

* * *

1/3rd of Women in US Military Raped

Jan 26, 2010 at 1:27 am

According to NPR, In 2003, a survey of female veterans found that 30 percent said they were raped in the military. A 2004 study of veterans who were seeking help for post-traumatic stress disorder found that 71 percent of the women said they were sexually assaulted or raped while serving. And a 1995 study of female veterans of the Gulf and earlier wars, found that 90 percent had been sexually harassed.

The BBC recently reported on The Lonely Soldier: The Private War of Women Serving in Iraq by Helen Benedict. This book examines the extreme difficulties female soldiers have in serving abroad. Benedict interviewed several women in the military to get a deeper understanding of the issue, and some of their stories were real eye openers.

Army specialist Chantelle Henneberry spoke of some of her experiences in Iraq, Everybodys supposed to have a battle buddy in the army, and females are supposed to have one to go to the latrines with, or to the showers thats so you dont get raped by one of the men on your own side. But because I was the only female there, I didnt have a battle buddy. My battle buddy was my gun and my knife.

Another study concluded that 90% of all women serving are sexually harassed. Another one estimates that 90% of all the rapes do not get reported, despite supposedly easier ways to report the crime with confidentiality since 2005. Either way, this appears to be an epidemic that needs to be dealt with.

An online discussion from a former soldier whose identity is being protected had this to say, At least a rape ends. Its the day-to-day degradation that eats at you. None of my friends who were raped on active duty reported it. Or if we tried, we were told to shut up for morale. Working with your rapist on a daily basis isnt a lot of fun, believe me.

How the military is dealing with this appears to demonstrate a pattern of sweeping it under the rug. In 2008, 62% of those that were convicted of sexual assault or rape received very lenient punishments such as demotion, suspension, or a written reprimand.

This problem is not confined to the US military either. This abuse is rampant among private defense contractors overseas as well, as recently highlighted by the recent press about Jamie Leigh Jones. Ms. Jones was in Iraq in 2005 when seven Halliburton/KBR employees drugged and brutally gang-raped her. Her injuries were so extensive that she had lacerations to her vagina and anus, her breast implants were ruptured, and her pectoral muscles torn. The response of KBR was to lock her in a shipping container with only a bed, and to deny her food, water, and medical treatment. The rape kit that was taken after she regained consciousness was mysteriously lost.

This crime eventually led to an amendment being added to the defense appropriations bill by Sen. Al Franken (D-MN). This would require defense contractors to allow their employees access to US courts in cases of rape or sexual assault, regardless of where they are stationed. The 30 Republican senators voted against this amendment are currently being humiliated on the Republicans for Rape website and by John Stewart on the Daily Show.

The Daily Show With Jon Stewart Mon Thurs 11p / 10c

The culture of sexual violence against women that is allowed to exist in both the US military and private contractors needs to come to an end. When almost a third of all women serving are raped, and over two thirds sexually assaulted, this problem is rampant and systemic.


  1. Hail comrades,
    These rapes and abuses would not happen in a traditional Christian society, which is similar to the Muslim one, where women are separated from men or vice versa, and where crimes are severely punished including adultery. The separation of men and women was also advocated by the Fuhrer in Mein Kampf because we are genetically different and have different mentalities. Feminist movements are more interested in high jobs, alcohol and drug consumption, and free sex than in a healthy life, fidelity to a man, and fulfilling her physical and psychological role as mothers and wives.
    Incidentally, most if not all of the rapers and abusers were under the effect of alcohol or drugs, or were heavy users, something strongly prohibited in Muslim countries.

  2. Dear David,

    Good post, and it is true that ju-dominated societies corrupt young muslim men as well as our own whites. But there is a great deal of violent contempt for women in many Muslim societies, the committing of “honor murders” and a callous attitude toward rape. (In the Koran, a man cannot be convincted of rape unless multiple male eyewitnesses step forward and testify to it…. How likely is that ever, that multiple men witness a rape — who are not the rapist’s buddies?)

    I have also found that muslims, no matter how rich they may be, never ever support us white nationalists against our common enemy. They clearly hate whites as dhimmis (“monotheists but not muslims”) almost as much as juze, they dislike white nationalists in particular. They prove this by preferring to spend their vast oil wealth on French prostitutes in Paris, on gambling in Monte Carlo, on buying private jets and limousines and on buying ridiculously expensive American weapons. The last time I ever heard of any muslim spending even “chump change” on a WN writer was over thirty-five years ago!

    I view the issue today more than ever before as a genetic and ineradicable one — of the descendants of neanderthals, today’s semites, as hostile toward the descendants of cro-magnons, today’s Whites, and I have often written and spoken about this irreconcilable conflict. In my view, muslims will NEVER be our reliable allies, just as Mussolini was never a reliable ally of Hitler, and in fact destroyed him by attacking Britain in Egypt and also Greece — just as Hitler was about to attack the Soviet Union, thus bogging Germany down in the Balkans and in North Africa to save his sorry derrière.

    I am thinking in particular of one egregious case, of which I have direct knowledge, of a muslim leader who totally reneged on his PROMISE to offer refuge to a heroic Holocaust revisionist who absolutely deserved it in every way and was personally known to them as well.

    There is also a political consideration. I disagree very strongly with Nick Griffin of the British National Party on using Churchill in his posters and on his pro-Israel talk (he does not mean it, of course), but his political reasoning is very sound in criticizing the Islamic immigration-invasion of Europe.

    Here in America we are faced MOSTLY with a Mexican and Chinese/Asiatic invasion, but in Europe and Australia the number-one crime issue is MUSLIMS. There is nothing like violent crime to change your life and your thinking, and either reduce you to a craven slave or make a man or an angry woman out of you.

    At the “No More Wars for Israel” conference in 2007, where I spoke and was very involved, a conflict broke out between Arabs and white nationalists who would not basically hide for them, and the Arabs literally walked out on us during the Sunday session. This action for me was merely confirmation of what I have observed for decades; the semites are not our friends and they are not our allies either. They hate us so much that it blinds them to the fact that we should at least be working together against our common juish enemy. But, in reality, as semites, whether ju or muslim, they view the white race as the enemy.

    And so I reiterate what I said in the interview with Clayton Douglas; the semites are descended from neanderthals — as two JUISH writers, Michael Bradley and Stan Gooch have explained — and they hate us because we Cro-Magnons drove their ancestors out of Europe between 30,000 BC and 20,000 BC. Their hatred of us is deeply programmed into their very genes, just as women are programmed to shriek when they see a mouse or a spider. ALL semites prove by their repeated actions that they are our ENEMY. I would in fact rather work with an African-American nationalist, or with a Japanese nationalist any day — a man with a sense of honor — than with a muslim who breaks his promises, who thinks that dhimmi (Christian) women can be raped with impunity, and that his money should be spent on white sex slaves in Paris — and not on helping us who are white nationalist activists, and daily risk our lives to fight the ju.

    I am thus a true and strong genetic antisemite.

    We are Cro-magnons and they are Neanderthals. It is that simple.

    Sometimes it is good to listen to the common people. One of my daughters dated a husky hockey player of Norwegian ancestry. One day he, she and I were dining and I broached the subject of the Middle East. Kurt erupted: “Those people have been fighting each other for thousands of years and they’ll be fighting each other for thousands of years more. I would just nuke the whole place, ALL of them, jews and arabs, into green glass — and let it glow in the dark.”

    Vox populi, vox Dei.

  3. Whatever we rationalize, one fact is true, to try to repeat David Duke’s statement. Russians were and are only nation who saved Europe from the Asiatic flood. Russans are the dam against the yellow deluge. Then why do Western European nations always back-stab the Russians whenever they got in the wars against Turks, Arabs, Chinese, Japanese, Afganistan…?

    We can rationalize forever but simply it is western hatred, jealousy, envy against ALL Slavs, especially Russians.

  4. Dear comrade,

    Yes, Russia has indeed shielded the entire West from the Asiatic hordes. Negative feelings toward Russians are fueled by Western Jews — and they harp on stereotypes of brutality, corruption and alcoholism. Before that (1917-1991) the western juze blamed the Russian people for bolshevism when it was really started by juze and Georgians and Russians were its victims!

    I do not sense hatred of Russians in western white countries as much as fear. Westerns are taught that Russians are barbaric, but also brave and tough, with solid equipment and excellent science.

    I think there is also a sense in the west that Russia has had many cruel and bad rulers. Ivan the Terrible is seen as an example, or of course Stalin.

  5. Only happens when JESUITS have destroyed The Reformation . No Christian Society tolerates USURY or IDOLATRY .
    Arabs were used by the pope !
    Rome created Islam !
    Why ? To destroy non catholic christians in middle east .
    Now Damned Jesuits rule America !
    The pope’s banker is Rothschild !

  6. a great movie and an expose on the corruption and will continue to exist when cash is the incentive in any culture, be it free or otherwise.

    keep up the good work John de Nugent,

  7. John,

    Like your blog about edge of darkness. (5 months later) I just have seen the film and can see why the media won’t let go of Gibson, raking him over the coals because he doesn’t want his girlfriend going out looking like a whore. The picture is a film critical of America’s corporate establishment (read:business Jews) and the corrupt politicians who serve them. Moreover, the film shows something that is very dangerous to the power establishment: A man without anything to lose, no fear of losing house or job.

    I hope Mel produces independent films now that the Mammonite Jews at the talent agency have dropped him.Maybe he’ll make a film taking apart that Jewish supremacist state that is terrorizing Arab Muslims and Christians.



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