Mediterranean superiority over Nordic whites

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I wrote an Italian-American who like me is a former Marine:

* * *

Well, when you say “white people,” we must indeed understand that there are Nordic whites and Mediterranean whites, and among the Nordics we have Germanic, Keltic and Slavic.

Each group has its own characteristics.

For me it was NO ACCIDENT that it was southern Italians who revolted against the negro illegal-alien takeover of their town, which was Rosarno, close to Sicily.

Mediterraneans are simply SUPERIOR in their ability to react in a natural way to a threat. Nordics have to look before they leap ten times over. And then it’s too late.

Every jew is a goyologist and he understands what makes us tick, and how to paralyze each branch of our race.

I say this not (just) because you are part-Italian, but because I grew up with Mediterranean whites (French-Canadians and Italians) in Rhode Island — and the ability to fly off the handle can be GOOD for a community in a rough world. I always knew as a kid that you don’t cross an Italian unless you want trouble. We who are more Nordic must understand that excessive cerebration can be FATAL to our race — that not all Nordic traits are good in a given situation.

In fact , we see Hamlet, in Edward de Vere’s (“Shakespeare’s”) great play agonizing what to do instead of just going up to the usurper-fratricide “king”‘s bedroom with his sword and ending the atrocious family situation he finds himself in, which has also denied him as the oldest son the throne of Denmark. (He has learned from his royal murdered father’s angry dead spirit that his own brother, that is, Hamlet;s uncle, had poisoned him, the rightful king, so as to become king himself and then marry and have his own brother’s wife!)

Hamlet’s hesitation while he ponders the various pros and cons is the deep character trait that leads to a crime becoming a full disaster. He cannot act on his impulses, however healthy, as a Mediterranean would (or a black American or African, or a semitic Arab or jew, for that matter).

Mel Gibson was an excellent Hamlet in his film version of this staggeringly great play by Edward de Vere.

“So doth conscience make cowards of us all.” (Act III, in the famous soliloquy “to be or not to be”)

(Actually, conscience then also meant consciousness or thinking, as in thinking things over to excess.)

“Hamlet” is about a hesitating Nordic. That’s why Hamlet is set in Denmark.

An Italian would have acted. The Italians DID act at Rosarno.

Hitler letting the Brits go at Dunkirk is another example.

Next time, no more Mr. Nice Guy.

Here is Mel Gibson giving the most famous soliloquy in the theater:

see especially 3:23 to end

Here is a deep analysis of the art and content of this terribly real moment in hesitant Hamlet’s life, when he realizes that he cannot save his self-respect (or avert worse tragedies) unless he KILLS NOW:

Thus conscience does make cowards of us all;

And thus the native hue of resolution
Is sicklied o'er with the pale cast of thought,
And enterprises of great pith and moment

Enterprises (from the Old French entreprendre, “to undertake”) denotes undertakings. Pith derives from the Old English pitha (via Old German pith), which originally denoted the core of a fruitas in a peach’s pitand evolved into a figurative meaning of spinal cord or bone marrow; here pith demonstrates its evolved denotation of “strength or vigor.” Moment, while it might seem to indicate timeliness, actually denotes “consequence, importance” in this context.

With this regard their currents turn awry,
And lose the name of action.

The Nordic branch of the white race (Old Keltic, Old Germanic and the Old Slavic) is prudent, hesitant and always planning and organizing every detail in advance. This cluster of traits are why we survived the horrors of the last Ice Age from 30,000 BC to 10,000 BC. It is what made Germany, England, Scandinavia and the old America great. (I’ve done a post on a news item last year that in the year 1900 fully seventy percent of the US population likely had blue eyes.)

But this trait can be our undoing. We must FEEL and ACT in a NATURAL way again. Or excessive thought will make cowards of us all, and reserve us a fate worse than death.

For this reason I wrote the Discovery Channel people the following, about the powerful Saga song “Ode to a Dying People”, because the song is important, and because we must again FEEL our FEELINGS. Deeply, resolutely, and accept their righteousness. And from that inner emotion comes action.

I read once a writer saying that “feeling” and “emotion” have different nuances, because “emotion” contains in it the word “motion.”

* * *

Dear Rick and Mike at JWM Productions,

I’ve been thinking of the session shot for the Discovery Channel with Oliver Steeds last Friday, and I think that it was probably mutually beneficial, especially if I am making headlines by February. And I expect I will be, Deo volente.

However, I must appeal to you again on one point:

The SAGA song’s view of the white situation is absolutely central to the Eternal Solutreans — the sense that we whites are a dying race.

When the Baby Boomers die out, we will drop to 20% of the US population, and the same goes for Germany, England, Ireland, Sweden, France, Canada, Australia — across the board.

I wanted very much to play this song in our interview. And I kept pushing for that.

Would you use it if I contacted Saga for permission? (Btw, the song has been out there for ten years. It is an accepted WN classic.)

I do not wish to have to tell the public you unfortunately refused to let me play it — THIS SONG ABOUT WHO WE ARE — because someone higher up at DC wanted to twist who we are and portray me/us in an unreal stereotype as a master-race imperialist nazi gang — when my goal is for a threatened and miserable white minority to SURVIVE. We will be a MINORITY in America, not a “master race.” A MINORITY IN A HOSTILE, MULTIRACIAL COUNTRY WITH A COLLAPSING ECONOMY…..

I see us as much more like the American Indians after the Battle of Little Big Horn than any Hollywood master race of nazi conquerors.

Look at how the “master race” — which some at DC may wish to label us as — is now thriving in 21st century America!

Here we see a gigantic scientific examination involving 77,000 subjects, taking the same standardized test ever since 1938, and what it is revealing is a quintupling of several major forms of serious mental illness among Americans — compared even to the terrible era of THE GREAT DEPRESSION!

I’m putting this up on my blog today.

I am sure SAGA would let your song be played for a reasonable fee or none at all, to get exposure. We’re not talking Whitney Houston here, or Janet Jackson, or Barbra Streisand, who would want tens of thousands or more.

Your choice, but I go on record as saying THIS is who we are.



Ode To A Dying People

by Saga

Eyes shining bright with unspilt tears,
Thinking about all these wasted years.
When everything worth living for is gone,
And brother, I find it hard to keep fighting on.

Falling down towards the abyss, the abyss,
The Reaper embraces me with his kiss;
It makes me want to refuse to care, refuse to care,
To watch this all unfold too much to bear.

If this is the way it ends –
If this is the way my race ends . . .
If this is the way it ends I cant bear to witness

If this is the way it ends –
If this is the way my race ends . . .
If this is the way it ends I cant bear to witness

Disease encroaching on all that I hold dear,
Somehow I got to get my soul out of here.
Heart of agony, faint burning hope,
Im finding it hard to try to cope . . .

Because liars own the world with a conquering poise, with a conquering poise,
A wasteland of meaningless noise;
We dont stand a chance with a dormant pride, with a dormant pride,
The heroes of our race have already died . . .

If this is the way it ends –
If this is the way my race ends . . .
If this is the way it ends I cant bear to witness

If this is the way it ends –
If this is the way my race ends . . .
If this is the way it ends Oh, I cant bear to witness

To imagine it has all come down to this,
Apathy and suicidal bliss . . .
Its all over except for the cryin,
With a whimper instead of the roar of a lion . . .

Arno Breker, "Die Partei" (the NSDAP)

The greatest race to ever walk the earth, walk the earth,
Dying a slow death with insane mirth,
The tomb has been prepared, our race betrayed, our race betrayed,
White man, fight the flight to-wards the grave ….

If this is the way it ends –
If this is the way my race ends….
If this is the way it ends I cant bear to witness

If this is the way it ends –
If this is the way my race ends….
If this is the way it ends Oh, I cant bear to witness!

If this is the way it ends
If this is the way my race ends . . .
If this is the way it ends I cant bear to witness

If this is the way it ends –
If this is the way my race ends….

If this is the way it ends Oh, I cant bear to witness!


Dont let it end this way,

Dont let it end this way,

Dont let it end this way, I cant bear to witness ….

Dont let it end this way,

Dont let it end this way,

Dont let it end this way, I cant bear to witness ….


  1. Passing on a comment from Lewis from Louisiana:

    * * *

    Those in other parts of Europe have had substantial and continuous contact with Third World lifeforms, while for the most part up until recently, Third World lifeforms were only known to Nordics through solicitations for help for them through their churches and PC media.

    This makes quite a difference.

    Years back, just after WWII when Congressional defense committees had a lot of Southerners on them, when asked why they were so eager to pull the occupation troops out of Japan, one of them replied, we understand them because we had lived under occupation (Reconstruction).

    * * *

    A comrade named Jerry wrote me:

    * * *

    Nonsense. The Italians have the immeasurable benefit of not having been re-educated. That´s all. They reacted as ANY normal human being would. I wish them God-speed and go to it. Throw them out, riot, destroy their `homes´, violate every human right imposed on us by the f— jew. DO IT! The northern Europeans are NOT normal; they have collectively been de-balled.

    * * *

    I replied:

    * * *

    Oh, but the Italians HAVE been re-educated. Italy and Spain have the lowest birthrates in Europe (Latino countries!!), a huge socialist and communist influence and millions of black, Chinese and Albanian muslim immigrants, plus hate-speech laws. (You can “deny the Holocaust,” however.)

    It is not as bad as France, Germany or England, but still bad.

    But for me is it s the racial difference. And remember, these were southern Italians racially.

    I grew up as a WASP with these Italians. Mediterraneans act on their feelings, instincts and inpulses, and this can be a good characteristic.

  2. I don’t think the Nordics are superior to Mediterraneans and vice versa. We are all white and the unfortunate fact is that we are all dying out. If we want to survive then we must work together in purifying our continent and stop this nonsense of who’s superior. I don’t hate any other race but I believe in biological and cultural diversity and these massive waves of immigrants from Africa, the Middle East, China and the Philippines are ruining our diversity. Unfortunately the only country in Europe with balls is Switzerland. There needs to be more countries than just Switzerland if we want to protect our land.

    If we want to survive for the sake of our heritage we have to pressure our governments that have been infiltrated by the Zionist Jews. So then our people can thrive again in their own homelands and once again there can be economic prosperity in countries that have lost their prosperity due to immigration.


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