Mass murderer of Americans, liar, traitor, Logan Act violator and WMD smuggler Zalman Shapiro, is dead

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Just a kindly old great-grandpa?

What a tissue of half-lies and outright lies is this obituary:–scientist-and-supporter-of-Israel–passes-away-at-96

Here is the truth:

Speaking about the Israeli-caused cancer epidemic in greater Apollo, Pennsylvania in 2012 — in Parks Township, Armstrong County, Pennsylvania.

To this day, 19-year-old teens in Apollo, Pennsylvania are getting testicular cancer, and 24-year-old mothers of two are getting thyroid cancer.

A neighbor of mine in Apollo lost all three of her sisters to cancer in their forties.

Zalman Shapiro murdered them — so Israel could get The Bomb.

And the Jews murdered John Kennedy because he found out!

Half-Jew Lyndon Johnson was the ringleader!

The Jewish War on the Kennedys

Lyndon Johnson was our first Jewish president

LBJ biographer Doris Kearns slept with him; crypto-Jew LBJ slept with his own grandmother

ENGLISH TWO radio shows with me on Johnson killing Kennedy; LBJ’s Jewish mother and “Operation Cyanide” — why the 1967 Israeli attack on the USS Liberty really happened; White genocide in South African hospitals

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To a skeptic; Swedish Weekly — Leftists get a taste at home of their own medicine; how I could have used NUMEC to awaken America

There was a race for mayor of Apollo, and I could have used this race in this little town of 1600 to wake all Americans up. It was a 98% white town, racked with cancer and also unemployment, and was very anti-black and anti-Obama.

But WNs sent nothing despite a hundred appeals I made — for a winnable race for mayor where, for once, the Jewish Question, not just white anger over blacks, muslims, gays, mexicans etc., could have been pried wide open.

….Jews murdering thousands of white Americans and then our president, John Kennedy…

In 2014 I realized that whites, including white nationalists, are hopeless without a new religion that transforms them inside, gets them off their ass and gets their wallet open. You cannot do anything without SOME funds!

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