Mark Weber, Holocaust traitor — and the defamation of John de Nugent

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I wrote an online activist:

I was the one person Mike Piper was most in contact with just before his death. I know far more about the final week and his internal workings than probably anyone else. I tried repeatedly to save him from himself and his despair. Mike was a fierce enemy of Mark Weber and the destruction of the vibrant old IHR by Weber.

What is sad to me and this is a good time to raise it, is that you seem to continue to believe character defamations against me by the Duke-Black-Holappa machine, this erstwhile juggernaut, all of which arose when and because I denounced Weber as a traitor in January-February 2009 after his ludicrous assertion (contradicted by his own earlier finding) that ‘Joseph Goebbels in his diary had admitted the Holocaust.’
Then three things were all ordained:
1) the federal arrest of Henrik Holappa in March 2009 (on bogus charges of visa violation),
2) his subsequent breaking and turning in 87 days in solitary in federal jail, and
3) the poison attack thread by Don Black against me, blaming ME for the feds arresting Holappa,  
Weber and Don Black were close friends, as Elena Haskins told me and Margi! And the third friend was Jared Taylor, she said. 
[From my radio page: Radio – John de Nugent]

Henrik Holappa Arrested Part 2

MARCH 12, 2009  11:11 AM  My guest today was Elena Haskins of and to discuss respect for women, Henrik Holappa’s heroic stance in Finland and America against gang rape, and the outrage of this political refugee & arrest for his opinions in the land of the free and home of the brave. We also discussed William the Conqueror and the Normans, white-hyper-individualism, Dr. William Pierce and publisher Willis Carto. [dead link; eNationalist was crushed by the Stormfront machine]

John de Nugent discusses the arrest of Henrik Holappa

MARCH 12, 2009  7:20 AM  My guests were Michael from California, Margaret Huffstickler and Major Bill Fox USMC from Pennsylvania to discuss the outrageous arrest by US Homeland Security of Finnish political asylum seeker Henrik Holappa.

 An Afrikaner-American girl, Major Bill Fox and Margi drove four hours one-way to visited Holappa in federal prison. I wrote him three detailed, five-page letters a week of private and world news to keep his spirits up.


Both Michael and Bill dealt with the political ramifications of a federal government arresting freedom-seeking, law-abiding white men while allowing illegal aliens in to commit crimes of anti-white violence. Margaret spoke of the horror of gang rape in Finland that Henrik Holappa was protesting against when he had to flee his country & government, and its emasculating effect on white men,  who are told by political correctness laws they must not speak out or act to defend their womenfolk from violent immigrants.

I offered my own salute to the character and values of Henrik Holappa [LOL!], who was a cherished guest in our home for eight months until his terrifying, leg-chaining arrest by Homeland In-security on Monday, 3/9/09 on a country road near Pittsburgh.
(Jared Taylor is married to the Scottish Jewess, Evelyn Rich, whom, yes, I met and instantly saw was Jewish… by
1) her overtly Jewish name,
2) black, frizzy hair and furthermore,
She looked (remembering back around 25 years) a bit like this photo I found on Google Images
3) she was an open leftist, getting her PhD (or master’s) at the time by writing a paper on and against White Nationalists.) 
Here the cowardly Taylor is picked up by leftists and carried out of his own meeting in Canada!
I publish my real name, address, phone number and a pic of my house in every other blog!

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You want a piece of me? Maybe I want one of you!



They all were co-conspirators in the organized, cooordinated smear takedown of me that began on all cylinders in March 2009, and the closure by Don Black of the biggest thread in Stormfront history, mine! 264,000 visitors!  

Every attack by Holappa on me — and then later on the character of Margaret Huffstickler, which was even more mind-boggling  — came from Don Black and David Duke (all disproved in a fiery confrontation between me and Holappa on a thread on Occidental Dissent in 2013. 
Holappa said Margi was “thrown out of Spain by comrades there” whereas she was treated as a guest of honor, stayed for two months in Pedro Varela’s oceanside guest house, sang in Spanish at a Madrid “Conferencia de la Dissidencia,” lectured about the Gestapo in Spanish to Varela’s group, and historian and friend Joaquin Bochaca reproached her in 2013 for NOT coming to see him when she was in Germany! 
Margi took this picture of Bochaca and his dog Palut herself! “Thrown out of Spain”? She was reproached for not coming again!
I scanned into the thread the letter from Bochaca. (Now I regret that the whole thread was taken down by Brad Griffin, the publisher.)
Holappa’s girlfriend, P.J., (whom I got for him, a Californian divorcée WN living in Sweden), admitted to Margaret that Duke had falsely accused us of embezzling funds for the Holappa legal defense, and thus incited Holappa against us — the couple who out of pure compassion had hosted this ungrateful boy, facing three indictments in Finland for hate speech, etc.,  for eight months in our house, feeding and clothing him, and paid $2,000 for his political asylum lawyer, Valerie May of Pittsburgh! (Valerie L. May | May Law Group, L.L.C. |) 

Are you aware that Holappa’s own group, Kansallinen Vastarinta, voted him out as leader? 
Do you wonder why the Finnish government dropped all three threatened indictments against him? Because he agreed to attack ME! The British government did not drop charges against Whittle and Shephard.when they were arrested and returned to Britain, the Jewnited Kingdoms threw the book at them — two years or more in Her Majesty’s Prison!
Whittle and Shepard spent many months in a California jail — and Mark Weber never visited them once, though he worked just down the road.
Whittle Sheppard
In fact, though poor, I sent them each in California a $50 money order. (I can have Shepard corroborate this to you.)

The German government did not drop charges against German comrade Gerd Ittner. He was extradited by Portugal and got three years, and now they are keeping him in prison AFTER his sentence expired and hitting him with new charges! Saying he wrote a private letter denying the Holocaust!

All these comrades and more were extradited to their native country and got the full hammer!
But Holappa arrived back in his native Finland — a scot-free man!
Why were all three indictments against him dropped??
Because he sold his soul and agreed to attack me, his friend in need, his mentor and benefactor!

He agreed to “cooperate”!

Going back to Mark Weber, I was blasting Weber more frequently than anyone else in January-March 2009 and back then I had 5,000 readers a day!  
I have known Weber personally (since 1984, when he lived in Wash. DC and stayed at Miss Pauline Mackie’s house), and Don Black, and Jared Taylor the Jewess’ husband, and David Duke, and his ex-girlfriend D.R., and Mike Piper and the whole group.
I think it is time to hear both sides of the story, and you can ask Margi about any of this.
I was taken down because the Jews like Mark Weber, who discredits Holocaust truth,  and I wanted to replace this traitor and do-little as the head of the IHR.
John de Nugent

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