March of the Titans/Kemp; young self-worshiping “titans” who cannot listen, show respect and maintain boundaries; what religion is and is not

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…..“March of the Titans” by Arthur Kemp



….To a young comrade insulted and huffy that I did not take his calls 

Young comrade, you are bright, but like 80% of your generation, lack spiritual fundamentals such as respect. If we had a military draft again (even just Army or Navy training, forget the super-strict Marines) and a hierarchy, you would know what male authority figures are.
You would not interrupt me when speaking, you would not call repeatedly with your notions while knowing I have company (and it was important company) and, frankly, you would not ”motor mouth” as if you had drunk three energy drinks and then put me on speed-dial. ;-) 
I have been in this struggle, both learning and sacrificing hugely, since long before you were even born — and frankly, IMO, I deserve respect from a very young man like you.
Hierarchy is a fundamental of of our human species, and of reality. We are not equal. I am not equal at roofing to a roofer, nor is he to me as a writer. A kid is not equal to an old man in experience. Duhh! ;-) 
When I have company over, there is no pressing reason for you to repeatedly interrupt my evening. Do you grasp the difference, comrade, between what is ”important” and what is truly ”urgent”?
Now if martial law were declared, AND A SWAT TEAM WERE HEADING FOR MY HOUSE, YES, that would be urgent. *;) winking
Are you aware that the Joint Terrorism Task Force has been thrice to my house?
That they came with three squad cars and a Navy SEAL, seized my assistant in 2009, wrapped him in steel chains around his ankles, wrists and chest, put him for 87 days in solitary, then expelled him for ten years from the US?
That the White House called and threatened me and two key allies?
And yet you wonder if I can be trusted by you…. lol! 
You are the embodiment of why we need an Aryan religion, being bright and sincere but lacking all respect. Respect often means listening, and not talking.
And without respect, you will go around and around in a circle of your own thoughts. If there is anyone you can trust and who has proven his integrity, and whom the Jews very clearly fear and dread, I submit to you, comrade, that it is I.

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When I speak of religion, I mean in the classical and eternal sense:

Religion consists of (1) acknowledgment of a supernatural and higher reality, usually defined as a god or gods, (2) reverence for objects, places, and times considered sacred, that is, separated from ordinary objects, places, and times, (3) regularly repeated ritual activities, (4) conformance to stipulations revealed by the supernatural reality, (5) communication with the supernatural through prayer and other activity, (6) feeling awe, fear, mystery, etc., (7) integration of items 1–6 into a holistic, though not necessarily systematic, worldview, and (8) joining a group of like-minded people.
TRUMP. Donald Trump has IMO only given us a delay of execution, and in fact he could end up far, FAR worse than Hillary because whites loathed her — but more or less came to love and trust Trump. 
My greatest fear is that he sells us out, or but that Mike Pence (for many obvious reasons) and the Jews organize his assassination.

Trump clearly knows who I am for multiple reasons, such as my site being used very clearly and prominently by Putin appointee Kiselyov to warn him he risks assassination by the Jews.

I am going to warn the public that the Jews and Pence are out to eventually murder Trump (JUST as they got rid of Peter Stolypin in Russia, though only on the twelfth try. Stolypin was a very capable reformer who, as prime minister, was helping the working class….. and the jews wanted chaos and irate workers, people (or even rabble, and felons in prison) who would listen to bolshevism, not sensible reforms, education, opportunity, and keeping free enterprise.)  

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