Manchurian Candidate, the 2004 film, shockingly close to reality; Montana military movements and group-defamation prosecution

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….Headless prank, hysterical!


……Film “Manchurian Candidate” (the 2004 version) with Denzel Washington

I just watched it on Amazon Prime “streaming video.” (You have to sign up for a 30-day free trial, then it costs $2.99.)

I can say that this movie is absolutely accurate, as Jim Fetzer recently said on his show.

In the midst of the Gulf War, soldiers are kidnapped and brainwashed for sinister purposes.

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……John Niems “‘When in doubt they’ll take you out”


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We are at an absolutely critical juncture in the entire history of our race and of humanity.

Charleston is the opener of a race war, designed to end in martial law (Jade Helm is three weeks from now), the arrest of all activists and key bloggers, and the end of the white race in America.





Walmarts, these vast, windowless boxes, are already being surrounded by security fences with barbed wire, and rebuilt as prisons, with $400,000, blastproof doors so no one can blast their way in and rescue the inmates, who are people like YOU.

And once freedom in America is gone, the US servers that have hosted foreign WN websites will shut those sites down, so all those foreign WN websites hosted by American companies for our British,  Australian, Canadian and Continental European comrades will also disappear.

And then racial and jew truth will be gone forever.

US Air Force humvee with 50-caliber MG, part of a convoy heading into Billings, Montana, which has no military bases. (Malmstrom AFB is 200 miles away.)



Montana has a prosecutor who is railroading a kid for his Tweets, misusing an old defamation law to claim any criticizing of the Jews is felony defamation! Even the Washington Post and its Jewish writer on free-speech issues, Eugene Volokh, denounced this as unconstitutional!

…..Montana hate-speech law!!

The Montana statute in this case was enacted many decades ago, with no Jewish influence that I know of, and it wasn’t enacted as a hate-speech law, or as a law banning defamation of religious groups. This is prosecutorial overreading of a relatively narrow law,  not a deliberate legislative decision to enact a hate-speech law. The J-Team is sort of slipping this in there, to create a new precedent — not a NEW law, which would arouse attention, but expanding the power of an old law. The prosecutorial overreading is the fault of County Attorney Ed Corrigan, who by the name and appearance is not Jewish.


I must start my movement ASAP. I must finish my book. I need your support. Believe me, if I am on the A arrest list, if i am on the first wave of 3  a.m. SWAT team raids, you are on the B or C list — because they have your computer IP address, oh yes they do — and they will come eventually for you. It is not just the idealism; the life you are saving may be your own.

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