Male ROTC cadets forced to wear red high-heeled shoes; Marines urged by Obama Pentagon to lower physical standards for female officers in combat

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…..It will not end until we make it end.

The Men's Rights Initiative's photo.

Temple University ROTC cadets were sexually harassed and ordered to feminize themselves by strutting across campus in red pumps and dishonoring their uniforms. Cadets who failed to participate in this feminist political excercise were threatened with disciplinary actions.…/301448-controversy-after-rotc-ca…/

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  • Deborah Combs they’re not in uniform
  • Steve Boer lulz …
  • Kerry Frank Way to degrade yourselves even more, boys.
  • John D. Nugent I would categorically refuse such an idiotic order. You can see what pathetic zombies people are. Then they read how the Germans under Hitler were oh-so-contemptible for “just obeying orders.” Look at them now!
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  • Jens Ulrich Stahlschmidt Next they will order public gay anal sex in order to test obedience, obviously stuff for real tough guys…
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  • John D. Nugent The enemy takes sadistic delight 1) in forcing us to humiliate ourselves for his secret entertainment and in the fact that 2) HE is 1/4 of 1% of the world population and yet, through our own cowardice, selfishness and stupidity, he rules us all, the other 99.75%.
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  • John D. Nugent As Fredrick Toeben says, Don’t blame just the Jews, blame the gentiles who get rich doing their bidding.
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  • Jens Ulrich Stahlschmidt For those who don’t know Fredrick Töben:

    Fredrick Töben about, life, views,.. DO I OBEY THE LAW…
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  • Brian Avran when will our military just stop following orders?
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  • John D. Nugent Many are very unhappy right now, but the problem is that Obama has been purging generals and admirals who disagree with him for two years now.
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  • Brian Avran all these purged officers…. perhaps time they join the oathkeepers
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  • John D. Nugent Most men are AFRAID to die, and afraid their wife would get angry and stop giving them pussy. And afraid a newspaper will call them a Nazi. Most military men are brave only in a group.
  • Brian Avran pussies with guns
  • Brian Avran “The best arms are dead and useless material as long as the spirit is missing which is ready, willing, and determined to use them…..Even if you put ten guns into the hands of a coward, yet he will be unable to fire one single shot in the event of an attack. They are therefore of less value to him than a knotty stick to a courageous man.”
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  • John D. Nugent But since the majority has always been cowardly, stupid and selfish, it takes an ideology, movement, government or religion to get them to fight. The proof of what I say is right now all around us.
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  • Charles Beckman The liberal agenda continues in full force. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 was a death knell for America, as it opened wide the door for socio-political disaster. Religion as such can be defined many ways, and I’m not a fan of it being used in political contexts. BELIEF, however, whether in oneself or a structure of principles and/or ideologies, is a very strong unifying entity when applied with character and the ensuing strength gained from it.~
  • Brian Avran hard to say where the death knell was. there were so many. The defeat of the Reich was surely the greatest disaster to human history. Just when humanity was waking up to a modern global era, The Evil Ones had to step in and wreck everything. Imagine a NS world today – Prosperity for all, no wars, no pollution, eradication of disease, advanced technology, true history, good relations with off-world beings…… but no, we threw it all away to save a few precious jews….
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  • John D. Nugent to Charles Beckman: Unfortunately, “belief” alone means NOTHING. It takes regimenting structures to get action out of anything but a tiny, noble handful. I have seen many a young man join the Marines “to get discipline.” They knew before enlisting that their lives were messed up, they were going nowhere except in circles, and felt shame at being a loser. But they realized that they needed STRUCTURE. They recognized after many failed attempts at self-reform that they needed someone to MAKE them do the right thing.
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    • Charles Beckman All I am saying John is that religion as commonly defined is most likely only a palliative treatment, not a curative one. All “human religions”, for the most part, have failed miserably in their attempts to provide the structure to humankind that you speak of. I absolutely agree with structure. No doubt. Unifying belief can be very successful in accomplishing much, the concept of religion however is not one that does anything for my own educated sensibilities, and of course, with all due respect to you and your vast experience in socio-political circles.~
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    • John D. Nugent To Charles Beckman; A fundamental of reincarnation is that most folks need many lives to slowly evolve upward. No religion and no philosophy or book has ever or will ever cure anyone of selfishness, stupidity and cowardice. “They gotta want it.”
    • John D. Nugent But in the meantime the J-Team IS structuring us to obey, work for them, then die.
    • John D. Nugent In Mein Kampf, Hitler constantly used the word “fanaticism” in a positive way, which puzzled and off-put me at first.
      But now I see how, faced with the Zionist juggernaut, and its “full-spectrum dominance,” fanaticism is absolutely necessary.
    • John D. Nugent Now within a religion, there may also be a genuinely spiritual path, involving meditation, contemplation and various exercises to strengthen the autonomous soul and clear thinking. But for the masses, such things are way too hard, and b-o-o-o-o-o-r-i-n-g. 😉
      In Vedanta, there is the path for the masses, called bhakti, which is devotion to a god (Jesus, Mary, Buddha, Odin, Zeus, Ahura Mazda, etc.)
      And then there is jnana, “knowledge,” for the elite. (No, not book knowledge, but knowledge of the soul, meaning, illusion, and reality.)
      • If we really care about people then, as with teenagers, we accept they are what they are, we love them as they are, and help them without any illusions that mere appeals to reason or duty will work.


…..Marines urged by Obama Pentagon to lower physical fitness so women can pass combat officer training


Mission Accomplished? U.S. Marine Corps Might Lower Combat Standards For Women

Getty – Scott Olson

The first three women to successfully complete the Marine’s Combat Endurance Test (CET) have been asked to leave the rigorous, infantry officers training course for failing to meet the physical standards required.

The Christian Science Monitor has details on the three, trailblazing women:

They were physically disqualified from the training last week for falling behind in hikes while carrying loads of upwards of 100 pounds, says Maj. George Flynn, director of the Infantry Officers Course (IOC) at Quantico, Va.

Earlier this month, the women had successfully completed the Combat Endurance Test, the first hurdle Marines must pass to become infantry officers – the quintessential front-line combat job. That accomplishment qualified them for the remainder of infantry officer training, the IOC.

The Monitor points out that it wasn’t just these three women who failed, but three men also dropped out at the same stage.

But, according to an analysis done by the Washington Free Beacon, there are interest groups in D.C. that are trying to get the Marine Corps to change the standards in the training course to help pave the way for women to fill combat roles:

Much of the pressure for integrating women into combat arms comes from DC-based pressure groups like the radical feminist Service Women’s Action Network and from activists like (Ret. Army Col. Ellen) Haring. Grassroots support for such a move is more limited.

Among female Marine officers, including those who support the introduction of women into combat arms, and those who are personally ambitious to try the infantry for themselves, I have never heard anyone assert that they would like standards lowered for them, so that they can pass the course. Why would they? It would entirely undercut the value of their achievement, and diminish the overall fighting capacity of the Marine Corps. These officers are Marines first and individuals second. They want to succeed on fair terms.

Since former Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta lifted the ban on women in combat roles, the U.S. military branches have been scrambling to meet a January 2016 deadline that requires them to have incorporated women or come back with a reason – backed by research – why they were unable to accomplish that mission.

According to a report from the Center For Military Readiness titled “Where is the Case for Co-Ed Ground Combat?” the Marines are having a difficult time incorporating women in combat roles, while still keeping the same standards they have vowed to maintain for both sexes.

“Researchers are finding this difficult (actually, impossible) to do, owing to naturally-occurring physical differences that make men significantly stronger,” the report states. “Androgenic hormones that are not going to change account for greater muscle power and aerobic capacity for endurance.”

It’s clear that integrating men and women in combat roles will bring on a host of challenges, but should the physical standards set forth for the men charged with the difficult and vital job of fighting our nation’s battles in the toughest combat conditions be lowered to accommodate the goal of gender equality?

That seems to be the debate the Marine Corps is faced with right now, as the pressure from the Pentagon intensifies.

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