Mail no longer being stolen; Vincent Reynouard goes underground after draconian two-year sentence for Holocaust truth

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…..Mail theft stops

A comrade, to test the mail, send me this cash successfully AFTER he made a video of himself, of the envelope, and of him dropping it in the USPS mailbox. 😉


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…..a hunted man

My friend Vincent Reynouard of France, a revisionist writer, publisher and videographer on the Holocaust, the Third Reich and the supposed SS massacre at Oradour (France) in 1944, has now fled underground after zombie cops showed up at his door in the wake of his getting a two-year sentence (twice what the prosecuor requested!) for “denying” the Holycost.

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We have PP in the US and in Germany; write and ask me how!


If in Europe, you can send a certain comrade in Germany cash and HE will send me a PP. Write for details!


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