Liz Crokin interviewed by Tara McCarthy on her firing, the Seth Rich murder, Pizzagate, and Trump’s crackdown on molesters

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Powerful interview. IMO, the Seth Rich murderer was deliberately sloppy to send a message to whistle blowers:

“We pedophiles had him murdered. We want you to clearly understand it was not a robbery, so in this ‘street robbery’ his wallet was not stolen.”

Seth Rich 1989 – 2016

I would only (strongly) disagree with “most kids who were abused go on to abuse.” I think it is about 10%.

I was abused myself and I HATE pedophiles with a rage you cannot imagine.

Most, however, do indeed become emotional wrecks, as Liz Crokin says, and I, for one, had nightmares until I was 49 and got counseling.

I can only say as a former Marine that IMO many (25% or more?) joined the Corps because they were abused — and wanted to get in touch with genuine masculinity and be able to protect themselves.

Sure, they “want to join the best,” but I submit there are deep-seated reasons besides that.

A US Marine in Vietnam

Looking over my old Parris Island bootcamp graduation book and the hollow look in the eyes of so many of my fellow recruits, I think the Marine Corps was a way to escape more than just unemployment. They also want to have the personal ability to defend themselves and other innocent people against evil — and they know that there are people out there who can only be called truly evil.

They know that someone must exterminate those who need to be killed, such as those who rape and murder kids. I would honestly say, having been in both the Army (regular guys) and the Marines, that I joined the Marines so I could kill people who seriously need killing.



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  1. I’m sure you’ve heard about the leftist Trump-hater nutcase gunman who targeted and shot Republicans on a baseball field in DC, with Republican Congressman Steve Scalise being the most seriously wounded:

    From the above article:
    “Nobody really knew anything about him.” Uh-huh. That’s pretty convenient, eh?

    First of all, it’s very suspicious that this deranged leftist Trump-hater gunman, James T. Hodgkinson from Belleville, IL, even knew about the Republican congressmen’s baseball practice session on a baseball field in DC. Given security precautions for all top U.S. government officials, I doubt that this event was announced anywhere. So how in the hell did this gunman even know about it??? Did {{{someone}}} tell him about it, and encourage him to target this event?

    Also, of all the Republican Congressmen on that baseball field practicing, only Steve Scalise was seriously wounded, as if he was specifically targeted by the gunman. Could this be why?:

    Or is this the real reason why Steve Scalise was targeted?:

    Either way, it’s bad. Of course, the deranged leftist gunman is now dead, so we’ll never know if someone helped him to commit this act of terrorism. Note – this story has already almost completely disappeared from all {{{mainstream news websites}}}, including,, and Again, pretty convenient. If it had been a WN who shot some Democratic congressman, we’d hear the {{{MSM}}} howling about nothing else for 6 months or more.

  2. I just learned that June 14th, the day this shooting of Congressman Steve Scalise happened, was Donald Trump’s birthday!

    Here is the video of a bystander who filmed the shooting. You can’t see much, but you can hear the ricochets zipping past him at many points in the video, so it wasn’t some type of hoax shooting like Sandy Hook. The gunman really was firing live rounds – you can hear the ricochets. And keep in mind that this before-work baseball practice was at 6:30 AM, and Steve Scalise’s security detail was providing security for it. How could the gunman possibly have known about this surely unannounced 6:30 AM baseball practice session?:

    June 14th was Donald Trump’s birthday – something I only learned from a YouTube comment. I haven’t seen this mentioned anywhere in the {{{media}}} in connection with this shooting on June 14th:

    So this may have been a “Sicilian message” to Donald Trump, which may explain why he seemed pretty shaken up in this video after the shooting:

    Again, I believe this is probably all about Pizzagate / Pedogate / Podesta-gate, as this video says:

    I hope Steve Scalise has good security in that hospital, otherwise they may try to finish him off there. The head doctor who talked to Trump about Scalise’s condition as Trump was leaving the hospital was a yarmulke-wearing Jew, which is not a good sign:

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