ENGLISH Letter to a northern-southern Aryan; color test; the Reich of God is within you

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Paul the Marine (and single?) with a Slavic friend and his daughter near Kiev, Ukraine

I received a letter from a fellow former Marine and white nationalist who had had some truly tragic disruptions of his childhood, involving the suicide of a key caregiver and battles in his home caused by “women’s lib.” I noted also that he was half-Mediterranean by one parent and half-Nordic by the other, part blue-collar and part-intellectual. Like me, he is also a great admirer of the Slavic people, the eastern half of our great race, and he, unlike me, has been to Ukraine. So there were many points in common and reasons why he wrote.

I replied (edited, of course, to preserve his privacy):

* * *

Dear Paul,

I feel honored that you would share with me these things.

On so many levels you show that you thus understand many of my themes, such as, for just one example, how Mediterraneans are more in touch with their emotions than Northern Europeans, who are in effect, because we are mutants produced by the Ice Age, ice-damaged. Yes, we are great at inventing stuff, structuring and organizing things — everything but our own family life. What a lonely race the Northern European is, never impulsive, even when he should be!

[I was just watching on the History Channel an excellent show on Victorian-era inventions, the myriads of miracles we Aryans came up with during that time. One of the most amusing and nifty was the bicycle-drive hot-water shower! 😉 Since the US gov’t always seems to send us Marines to the hottest, stickest, sweatiest combat zones (in WWII we were jungle-fighting the sweaty Japs while the Army guys fought the Germans in air-conditioned Europe ;-)) , you and I both know what a relief for a stinking fighting man a good degreasing, de-griming shower is —  ahhhh! Here is a Wikipedia article about the BBC series: http://docuwiki.net/index.php?title=What_the_Victorians_did_for_Us ……Too bad that this hook-beaked Hart-Davis, the narrator, is an obvious part-Jew.]

As I think you know, I have my own cross to bear.

I was molested as a kid — it was as devastating as the experience Tim Robbins undergoes in the Clint Eastwood film Mystic River — and yet the onetime catharsis of just ONE time calling a hotline for sexual abuse victims ended a lifetime of violent, screaming nightmares that literally demolished my bedroom — and also two marrriages and relations with my two beloved girls!
Two creeps playing authority figures, like most pedophiles, pose as police detectives and “arrest” the little blond boy for drawing on wet cement on a sidewalk.
When he returns to his family three days later he is not the same kid. But being a tough Irish-American boy he buries it deep down inside. Disastrously, he cannot even confide in his own wife — and this leads to the full catastrophe of the movie when suspicion falls on him in the wake of the murder of a teenage girl.
But being the northern European that I was, and a Norman on both sides, both Nugent and Angell, as well as English, Scottish, and northern German (my blond, blue-eyed Lutheran great-grandmother’s maiden name was, yes, BERLIN! ;-)), I kept telling myself I was okay until I began a slow meltdown in 2002. (In their forties men who were molested as kids often begin having more and more violent flashbacks.)
My then wife wrote my father and asked what on earth could have happened to me — that the man she had married was having lamp-and-table-overturning nightmares about something….. and then — how very typical — she got a letter from my father’s LAWYER (with a German name) saying that $5,000 had been set aside for therapy with the therapist of my choice, and that Mr. James Nugent did not wish to communicate any more about this topic.

It is all still a mystery to me, what happened, except I wonder if I was involved in some kind of government trauma program a la The Bourne Conspiracy to create a perfect operative/manchurian candidate, their golden boy, their Bill Clinton-Tony Blair type…..a program that with me seems to have failed 😉 ….. After I ran away from home at age ten, something stopped happening and I have many memories from that point on, not just scattered snatches of memories, or glimpses of things, from my childhood.

Tim Robbins’ character cannot bring himself, with his masculine pride, to tell his wife about his childhood abduction and days of being raped in their lair. When he only half-opens up, and cannot blurt out whatever he had started to (and wanted to) say, she just gets more confused, and wonders if HE might be the murderer the police were searching for.

His childhood friend (played by Kevin Bacon) is now a police detective and begins asking questions. Since I lived in a blue-collar Boston-area neighborhood (Winthrop), and grew up in the very similar and nearby state of Rhode Island I can say the film is very grittily realistic about working-class white life in the Northeast. A lot of Boston Irish and Italians join the Marines, whether to prove their toughness or to bury something under bravado, or both, and even for patriotism ;-).

But the main thing is that just this one time that I “got things out” and talked about them ended decades of nightmares. I have not had even ONE nightmare since 2002. And that was BEFORE therapy, which was designed to restore whoever I was before WHATEVER happened.
It is still all blocked out; it is in a black box that no bomb can blast open. My first therapist, a court-appointed expert on abuse cases in Massachusetts who testified in high-profile cases,  and who told me that her 33rd-degree Mason stepfather had molested HER, said it was the worst case of abuse she had ever seen because neither she nor I could not even get close to what happened with any of several approaches, including a guided hypnosis and writing with the wrong hand to create a child’s diary. When you write with the wrong hand your script is very childish and awkward, and somehow it triggers — accessing the non-dominant half of your brain — childhood things to come back. But each time I hit a wall. And thus I understand as well or better than anyone else alive about the concept of the horror filter. (Another person is Ingrid Zundel, who went through the Russian Army overrunning her camp of German civilian refugees…. Interestingly, she then became a therapist in California as well as a powerful writer. She has born her cross of suffering — I have not even  begun to tell her story — with great intelligence and dignity.)
One of the most interesting techniques for childhood memory recall was to visualize playing as an “adult John” with my smaller self, that little blond boy John, and having real fun, throwing a frisbee, being tossed up in the air, tickling him, tumbling, rogh-housing, laughing and wrestling. It was I, the adult now, showing love to me then, the scarred kid, told he was a NOTHING, and all by detailed visualization — a controlled, planned, pleasurable day dream.
It was learning to give and accept love, and understand for the first time what emotional safety felt like. And thus I began to be — to feel and act — less like a combat soldier or marine with PTSD who had come back from Vietnam, Iraq or Afghanistan (or a Frenchman from Algeria, or a German from the eastern front, or an Australian from Gallipoli), a man turned into a container of rage, horror and grief.)

What we Northern Europeans need to understand is that burying our feelings is KILLING us.

We are thus burying our very instinct to survive!
And the ju, a race of goy-studying psychiatrists, has figured out the Achilles heel of each branch of our race. To over-generalize, because it all overlaps, with the Slav and Kelt it is alcohol, with the Teuton guilt and responsability, with the Mediterranean white it is corruption and the infusions of semitic and even negroidal blood from when the Roman Empire, the race-mixing monster that it was, shlepped slaves in from all over. The whole Roman economy ran on slaves and war!  (If Americans only knew how the USA is the reincarnated Roman Empire in every sense…..but this time with the juze in control, not Caligula or Nero, two Aryan psychopaths.)
Through eugenics our Solutrean tribe we will breed out the psychopathic, and semitic, mongolid and negroidal genes in all our white nations.
I hope you do take this fascinating color test that I promoted in my blogpost here: http://johndenugent.com/jdn/2010/02/10/stan-ridgway-song-camouflage-the-marine-angel-airport-scanner-nude-passenger-photos-passed-around/

* * * [excerpt]

…. you might read this article –  http://www.usatoday.com/money/companies/management/2010-02-08-ceocolors08_ST_N.htm?se=yahoorefer — and take the color test (on a link halfway down). It seems amazingly accurate. I’ve taken it and several friends have as well whom I know well enough to say it revealed their genuine strengths and aptitudes with uncanny accuracy. Just go to the bottom of that page with Grand Canyon University and

Just click at the bottom that you are not interested in Grand Canyon University and soon your test results will appear.

Gnothi séauton, said the oracle at Delphi to Socrates, “know thyself”!

* * *

For me , the test’s result was that my first calling was to be a creator, and my second to be a human relations manager or therapist. In this phase of our existence, all I see is pain and grief in white people, and despair. Truly, we need healing, and not just talk about politics, race and history. We are a race of broken hearts and broken men, merely existing in misery.

So that is my calling in this life, to create a healing tribe that gains health — and then POWER. And the ability to evolve like the Sikhs….from purely peaceful to whatever it takes.

I’m going to make this email my blogpost today, and without violating your confiding in me sketch some of the things you have overcome.

Somehow, you may be called to be my Rudolf Hess, but you are not going to fly to any enemy England. We have no illusions about any fair play from the juze and the white psychopaths who work with, for and under the cruelest of our enemies. Idealists without illusions is what Solutreans are.



[translation — being edited — of part of today’s blog in German — to Count Lamersdorff and comrade Klaus Weichaus of the Reich Movement]

* * *

My email exchange with a leader of the Reichsbewegung:

* * *

I am very impressed by your email below – it is spiritual, and wise, but skeptical at the same time …. and I found it so insightful I was not sure whether to laugh or cry.

After your remark below, what is the Reich Movement planning for the near future?

Horst Mahler I know (I interviewed him in 2006 in Mannheim, him and Sylvia Stolz, and one can only love them both, of course. I spoke with him three days before his arrest. [Mahler, age 70, got THIRTEEN YEARS IN PRISON.] I also started reading the briliant Komm heim [= “Come home”] book/pdf which Kevin [] sent me.

Soon my own book will come out and then I will start my movement of the Eternal Solutreans. And nothing is more important than adding to our people, that is, to THE WHITES WHO ARE NOT DOOMED, a real, dynamizing religion, and the absolute understanding of the reality of karma and dharma, which means duty, work, love, sacrifice and energy, not escapism or resignation.

The defeat which we experienced yesterday at the National Grief March in Dresden [leftists totally blocked our thousands of militants from marching to commemorate the 300,000+ murdered Germans of Dresden in teh 1945 terror bombing, and the police did almost nothing], shows that the movement, whether in Germany, France, USA or Australia, needs an entirely new element. We need a further development of NS, we need what a computer scientist would call NS 2.0.


* * *

[Here follows his email, to which I referred above.]

* * *

1. Germany is in mortal danger of being captured by special interests

2. Fear not your enemies, for, at worst,  they can only kill you.  Fear not your friends, because they can only betray you.

But fear the indifferent. They kill by their silent consent in the rule of betrayal and murder in the world.

A German comrade on a Baltic cruise, "preaching and talking of the holy German Reich"....

On a Baltic cruise, preaching and speaking of teh sacred German Empire …. proselytizing on the yacht of an entrepreneur, before fellow entrepreneurs.

The below is from a longtime friend. (The title is from me, but the text afterward  is unchanged):
* * *
To those living in denial in our time. Too esoteric, however they are called….

Reiki and visiting India to visit, etc.

I have a beautiful story.

The gods were sitting together and took counsel how they could hide the biggest secrets from people so they could not cause mischief with them.

The first said that we should put them on the highest mountain. Opposition from the others: people are now into rock climbing; they will find out.

The second  said: Send  the secrets to the deepest seafloor. Again opposition: because people are already good at diving.

Then said the third: The matter is quite simple. The biggest secrets should be put right into the people themselves, because the idea that they already have it all…. right inside themselves …. will never occur to them.

* * *

[Here follow observations about true meditation, which in the ancient Aryan practice in India has meant for three thousand years to clear your mind, wipe it free of ALL thoughts, images, feelings, mental clutter and chatter. Don’t even concentrate, just have NO thoughts. It is amazing to see what debris wells up and how the mind, the LOWER mind, wants to chit-chat about something, ANYTHING,  and really INSIST ON MOTOR-MOUTH TALKING — instead of being for once just plain empty, clear, calm, open, obedient and LISTENING to your intuition and to the gods, good spirits/angels or to the Great Spirit, God Himself. The rest of his remarks have been summarized and translated loosely by me.]

Those who block out all negative news delight me as being particularly stupid. Maybe they are like these gawkers at the surfing competition.

Mavericks Surf Competition 2010

I stand on the beach and hear a rumble, then I think, maybe a huge wave will come and then I’m going to run inland as fast as I can. But the blocker-out-of-the-negative says there appears to be an unpleasant sound, but it is not what we want to hear, so we decide to pretend as if there were no roaring and no huge wave coming, however cold or dangerous it could be.

Then they are completely buried beneath it. Such people are not viable as life forms — because they cannot deal with negativity. But we are in the Eighth Sphere where polarity exists and we must be able to handle it. With so much  negativity it is good to be able to de-emotionalize, so you can cope better with it and it cannot overwhelm or kill you.

By this I do not mean to have NO feelings, but rule your emotions and do not let them rule YOU. We often hear nowadays in German the foreign word “information.” Well, just remember that these overwhelming factoids are meant to get you like a soldier to stand IN FORMATION.

I wanted to show a military formation, but why not show a nice one? 😉 Ukrainian female soldiers.....

People are very easy to program.

The bottom line is this: I am here, so I have to deal with my daily tasks and worldy concerns. I can ask myself at each bump in the road why I have this challenge before me, what I should be learning here, and what is the solution, and then I can work through it to have a useful learning experience. In the end I will be an experienced soul and climb toward perfection, and eventually leave this rather low-frequency planet. 😉

In the Bible, there are some good-seeming statements, and so are many of those attributed to Jesus. I believe that so much has been added, changed, omitted — and perhaps even Jesus was an invention. The statements and writings are there to control people. Of course, such writings cannot consist only of forgeries and threats; they have to offer some good and nice-sounding statements. The good-looking statements I can use; they do bring knowledge — the rest I ignore.

“Understanding has always been a matter of the very few,” said Friedrich Schiller, and so disinformation is successful. Also, people like to be mentally comfortable, and when they should be checking the veracity of statements, they skip it in favor of a beer or watching [“American Idol” or “Britain’s Got Talent” in German] “Germany Seeks a Superstar,“ etc. This goes on until the final test, and where demands are high almost everyone fails — a completely normal process.


[Weichhaus again]

At this point, here is my opinion after my nearly 20 years of ever-more-painfully-achieved experience: without these so-called “spiritual” people, the hesitators, vacillators, the pseudo-wise, and the uncritically mild, uncritically loving, always gently smiling, holier-than-thou, India and Bhagwan fans, always hovering spiritually inches above the ground — the crooks, politicians, media vassals, science liars and corporate flunkeys would have had it much, much, much harder.

Our Reich Liberation Movement would be much, much larger and there would already be many, many many more of us. The trouble is that these self-appointed role models too often have endless amounts of time available and have absolutely no sense of time. For they live in and for eternity.

In a few months we will be able to harvest the fruits of our years of work; the seeds will ripen that we have planted in recent years. Then the wheat will separate from the chaff on its own. Until then, we should be watchful and give the pseudo-wise absolutely no more forum.

Hail to the Liberation Movement!

* * *

He wrote to me then:

* * *
Dear Comrade John de Nugent,
Thanks for your reply. I know H.M. [Horst Mahler] and his dear friend Sylvia Stolz very well also. For a long time we were close companions, but not always Comrades in Mind.
The “Liberation Movement” for the German Reich has existed for about 20 years and is based on the assumption that the German Reich still legally exists.

Orientation statement:

It has been upheld (by decision of the [German] Federal Constitutional Court, Aug. 17, 1956, 1 BvB 2/51, BverfGE 5, 85 [126]) that the German Reich has continued after the collapse of 1945 and has never gone away or fallen, neither through capitulation nor through the exertion of foreign state authority in Germany by the Allies, nor in the later course of time; it still is an entity with legal capacity, even though it is not fully operable as a government due to a lack of organization. The Federal Republic of Germany is not the successor of the German Reich.

I live in Windhoek, Namibia, and call this movement in English the “Liberation Movement” for the still-existing  and still Allied-occupied German Reich.

Minister without portfolio, Acting for the German Reich

* * *

My response:

* * *

Dear comrade,

Thank you! I am well acquainted with the concept and strategy of the Reich Movement. I knew Manfred Roeder – a brave although rough personality – and I knows of his contacts with the last Reich leader in 1945, Admiral Karl Doenitz.

Just quickly:

1) I am translating your email about spirituality without escapism for my English, French and German blog and also inclusding in it the video that just came out today — about a “”rumbling giant wave”!

I would be grateful if you would pass on, at least every now and then, my emails to those you find worthy.

The Reich idea must be pan-Aryan! We all, all Aryans, need a state that secures our rights and future!


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