Lessons from a beach party

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…Last evening I was walking along our glorious Lake Superior


…..and ran into WN Mike Delaney’s lovely wife with their five gorgeous kids, playing happily in the clean water, making sand castles and frolicking….

…..and then came upon a full-scale beach party with bonfires and beer in the wake of a happy wedding….

….all Yoopers (= “UP” of Michigan people) , though some had had to move away, west of here, to Minnesota for work.


Finns, Swedes and Germans are the bulk of the population.houghton-mtu-winter-carnival-bare-chested-boys

The UP could easily become a separate white state — or even a new nation under God, and obeying the original US Constitution.



Ontonagon County is so very white because no migrants come in, it being so poor due to Wall Street greed and jew-federal decisions, shutting down the copper mines and the profitable paper mill, and nearly closing the shipyard; there are few jobs now but those you make for yourself.

Others are surviving on social security or a nest egg as retirees and white-flight types from Chicago, Milwaukee and Detroit. They do get it about the blacks, but not about the Jews who run them.

This cedar tree, knocked down by the recent tornado, drifted here from Minnesota; the beach party Yoopers made a fire of the roots.  (My tornado blog: https://www.johndenugent.com/english/back-in-whitelandia-upper-michigan/)


There is something so pagan and ancestral about a nighttime fire.

I was just hustling along the beach, my usual hard-charging Marine style,  when some guys and a gal asked me, real friendly, where I was going so fast, and “hey, you want a beer?” 😉

That’s how folks are here, so nice — next door they actually have the expression “Minnesota nice.”

Of course, racially I fit it, and with the blond and now also silver hair, and kindly way, I don’t set off any alarm bells. Were I black or Arab looking, or a white druggie, it would be quite different.



Anyway, I was reminded of something my grandmother said to me as a boy, “John, you have minister’s hands.”  That is such a female observation, and it is accurate.

Some folks asked me what I do and I said “a writer,” and then it was what I write about. Sometimes I say “about 9/11” or “about what I think is really going on in America,” but that can lead to a heavy conversation. 🙂 And these Yoopers were celebrating a wedding and happy times together.

So I said “I am writing about the hard proof we have a soul, we live forever, that every good deed we do is noticed, and that some of us seem to even have more than one life on earth.”

Within two minutes, individuals came up to me and were telling me their stories, knowing I would not laugh them off or be skeptical.

One told me he believed in reincarnation and had a terrible phobia, a fear about needles, but nothing in this life explained it.

One told of her husband’s little brother, who had died as a young child, coming visibly to visit her husband, and she too saw his ghost.

And people have a lot of pain, so much pain they cannot make sense of, tragedies that make them almost crazy and messed up, along the lines of “If there is a God, why did He let a priest molest me and my brother, who ended up hanging himself?”

One gal there, quite attractive, was molested as a little girl, and here she was, decades later, still not over it, and drinking way too much, fifty but had had several broken relationships and tragically never had kids — kids who would have been gorgeous, I bet —  and she was just miserable.

the kids she never had


…a tremendous blow when her brother, also raped, killed himself…



I think also of Erika Duke, whose father is a selfish monster. (I know them all.)



It is very important that I write my religious book because, as a German wrote me,

“John, even you cannot avert the tragedy that is coming. Too many are zombies. They don’t want the truth.

 photo fast-food-tats-fat-guy-bandanna.jpg

But you can help the best of our people to be strong and cope with the tragedies ahead, and ensure that the ten percent of Whites that will survive will be our people, and the best of the best.

They will become the nucleus of a national-socialist rebirth of our race from the smoldering ruins and death. The world was not worthy of Adolf Hitler and the happiness he brought.


And that is your mission now, to save and strengthen the remnant.”‘

Final scenes from the apocalyptic movie “The Road” from the great novel by the brilliant Irish-American novelist Cormac McCarthy from my native Rhode Island. (The little white boy actor, btw, Kodi Smit, is from South Africa.)




And this is why I am so defamed and why Facebook in Germany threatened to close a comrade’s account (mine was deleted months ago, despite 2400 friends) unless he deleted this one image (https://www.johndenugent.com/deutsch/german-facebook-dtld-erschreckt-sich-vor-symbolen-der-neuen-arier-religion-virtus/):



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  1. “They do get it about the blacks, but not about the Jews who run them” – That’s the problem with many White Nationalists — they somehow even sympathise with them. I am putting it on their strong Christian faith; they still cling to the “Chosen People” BS.

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