Lesbillary divulges top-secret nuclear launch time

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Now we all know it is four minutes from enemy missile launch alert to our missiles away. So were I Putie, and Killary had started WWII over Syria (or she just hates white men 🙂 ),  I would send a boomer (ICBM sub) to the Chesapeake Bay off the Virginia coast, and hit the White House in 70 seconds, wic wold give me three minutes to mix a vodka tonic.

Even way back in the days of the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis (which I remember because my dad, a Marine captain in the Reserve, was called up) Soviet ICBMs from way down in Cuba could hit Washington DC in five minutes!

They go into space and reach four miles a second up there — 15,000 miles an hour — where there is no air resistance , then come down onto a city.


17 -second video: watch Queen Bitch at the ninth second.


..And this thing wants to be commander in chief?

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I did! Though broke now, I sent him $35.

Hey, keyboard heroes! I just donated $35 to the Trumpster

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