BEST TRUMP VIDEO – EVER! & leftie Michael Moore eloquently reports Trump appeal is YUGE and he threatened Detroit carmakers if they build more cars in Mexico

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……Robert Morrow on Killary




…….Gifted, irritating leftie filmmaker Michael Moore praises & sympathizes with Trump voters: “On November 8 will be the biggest ‘F— You’ in human history

This is a Trump election map, which I got today by email as a Trump donor.

Blue states are solid for Killary, red for the Trumpster, and the others are tossups. It struck me that Trump now sees Georgia, Wisconsin and Michigan as winnable.


A comrade wrote me:

Michael Moore, explaining the Trump phenomenon, is not exactly on board the Trump Train, but once he realizes there is a yuuuuuge buffet in the dining car, he’ll be on board.  🙂


……Is (I am serious) Ice-Cold Hillary a human being?

……Trump needs help

He needs your donations, yard signs, volunteering to work on a phone bank, and on election day, drive people to the polls.

Here is his Gettysburg speech:


The huge problem for Trump is threefold:

1) three of his kids are married to jews, and the public is brainwashed about the jews, and the Holocaust myth, and is very against Hitler, racism, etc.

Jared Kushner, son of a Wall Street swindler who was sent to prison by New Jersey prosecutor Chris Christie, now NJ governor; Ivanka, née Trump, a convert to Judaism, and two of their three kids


2) he has conceded, untruthfully and by deliberately lying, to suck up to the blacks and the conspiracy-phobes, that Obama is a US citizen and our legal president, and thus Obama can declare martial law, suspend elections, lock up dissidents, and seize anything and everything, and Trump has said wrongly that this psychopathic man is our legal president — a catastrophic error.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County, Arizona, who spoke at the Republican convention  for Trump in 2016, has proved that Obama ‘s long-form Hawaiian birth certificate is a fraudulent document.  For this felony alone, the creation of a false official document, Obama should be sent to prison for five years. 


3) His running mate, Governor Mike Pence, who is known to have his own presidential ambitions, loathes Trump, he disagrees even publicly with him on almost everything,  he wants a war with Russia and calls it an enemy, like Hillary, and he would be a perfect puppet for the jews should Trump be elected and then assassinated.



I remember well how the Jews murdered Kennedy to get Johnson, and nearly murdered Reagan to get Bush I. (Margi actually heard the gunshots from her downtown Washington apartment.)

The Jewish War on the Kennedys

I am going to make my own move, because Trump is boxed in, and I will say he is essential despite all his many flaws and his justified fear of saying the whole truth.

I know more about Trump than you can imagine.

That is all I will say for now.




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  1. John:

    I agree that Trump is NOW saying the right things (not all of them, but I understand strategy.)

    I’m voting for Trump only as a protest. He failed to campaign properly in “swing states” that Hillary has gone into overdrive in. I’ve heard REPUBLICANS SAYING THIS SOME TIME BACK, E.G., WHAT IS HE DOING?

    I’m guessing RT has gamed this out because their coverage is shifting to neutral/pro-Hillary.

    Trump, with his Roy Cohn/Meyer Lansky background, at best can have white interests at heart only to the extent that complete destruction of whites would cause some major financial damage to him and his cronies. (And Jews don’t cotton up to someone like Trump unless he’s at least a “Mischling“.) Ditto for Netanyahu (Mielkowski) and co.

    Well, we should all vote for Trump and start planning for Hillary. And when Trump forms his “America First” party we should be assembling a “shadow government” for it — because it could well end up as the “born again” Christian movement after Robert Zimmerman (Dylan.)

    Really, between you and I, that is what needs to be done with this chimera. (Which will benefit the Bush-Clinton axis because the Democrats will always face a split white vote with the new “Bull Moose” party.) Use it as a telegraph wire. A meeting venue. And come up with your own program behind the scenes.

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