Klansman barges in and owns the Kennel Club!

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”Aren’t you in the wrong meetings?” ”No, because you folks want the purity of the breed too.”





LOL! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rA2JuxRdlmA

They’re devoted to keeping pure bloodlines, labeling “mixed breeds” as inferior, and creating a dominant “master race” that meets their prejudiced ideas of “perfection.” The only things that the American Kennel Club is missing are the pointy white hats. 🙂

I wrote the comrade who sent this:

Thanx! Humor is a real tonic. I finished reading Nigel Hamilton’s JFK – Reckless Youth, and  over and over John Fitzgerald Kennedy overcame HUGE levels of base envy (over being born rich and looking like a Greek god), suspicion (esp. of him as a Catholic, which was a very big roadblock 60 years ago)  and resentment of his fame and power and how? Largely by his perpetual, sparkling sense of humor.

Now it was always said, for example, that his billionaire father Joe ”bought elections” for him.

So JFK got up in November 1960 (it was a very, very close race between him and Richard Nixon) and told this story to gales of laughter:

 I just got a telegram from my father. 

”Jack, I’m willing to buy the election — but I have no intention of paying for a landslide!”



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