Kabbalistic top Russian rabbi says Jews sent by ALIENS to betray the world; Hillary weirdness; Joseph Farrell, Oxford PhD, on Yahweh the alien

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Rabbi Michael Laitman of Moscow and Tel Aviv and Nobel Laureate (and fraud) Elie Wiesel

…..How I really see what is going on with our earth


In a nutshell, earth is a very desirable planet and various humans and other species have colonized it repeatedly. We ourselves all are “aliens” in this sense — that we descend from those who came here long ago from other planets that are human-inhabited. (Humans come from the galaxy, not monkeys, Darwin, except for Barack Obama, of course.)

“…Understanding of the universe someday will become widespread, and the majority of men will know that the stars are not sources of light but worlds, perhaps inhabited worlds like ours,…..” -Adolf Hitler, Table Talk at Fuehrer Headquarters 1941-44 by Luftwaffe Colonel Henry Picker, edited by Martin Bormann


And the non-human species do not consider earth to be “ours” in any sense whatsoever, nor themselves as trespassers, any more than the Russians in the Antarctic would consider themselves, the Americans or the Norwegians as either owning Antarctica or as being trespassers on it. It is being USED by all, and is not owned by anyone. That is how earth is seen. And we earth humans are seen as semi-civilized, semi-barbaric.

The Iliad openly states that Achilles was the grandson of Zeus; the Greek gods were not righteous, kind and loving beings, but technologically very advanced humans who had libidos, quarreled and fought, and could fly and fire “lighting bolts” at others. The Latin word for a god, “deus,” goes back to the Indo-European word “dyaus,” meaning “shining one,” and is related to our word for “day[time]”. Exonordics (as I say, HUMANS FROM HIGHER WORLDS) were very quietly behind the beginnings of the Third Reich in Munich, Germany AND SOME OF ITS ASTOUNDING WEAPONRY, but dared not openly intervene out of urgent self-interest.



This is the introductory page. For the full essay from the year 2013, which I keep updating, please go here: http://johndenugent.com/ufos-the-third-reich-after-1945-and-the-pleiadians/the-fourth-reich-and-nordic-aliens

…..Kabbalistic top rabbi Michael Laitman bluntly asserts Jews come from an alien race to conquer the earth and “earthlings.”

It seems clear to me as a trained one-time interrogator in the United States Marine Corps that his young Jewish audience in Israel, on Israeli Memorial Day in 2011 (May 9 that year), “Yom Hazikaron,”  was a bit surprised by what the rabbi said (though they did not laugh at or mock him, since rabbis are revered in Jewish culture as both holy men and as learned scholars).



I do think Rabbi Laitman was saying unauthorized things.

It is also clear to me by his body language that he was not kidding or joking.

Nor would any Jewish speaker make jokes on Memorial Day, where Israel honors its 23,000 dead (soldiers and “victims of terrorism”) since 1860.

The video begins at 15:20 because that is when the interesting topic of Jews being aliens is first broached.

(So many scoff at Jesus at John 8:44 — but here this Jew admits Jews come from another dimension.)


“You are from your father, THE DEVIL!”


 Off his Facebook page:

I landed back in Israel after a week packed with events that brought more of the good force to the world. Last weekend, some 1300 of my students from Russia and 34 other countries came together for a Kabbalah Convention in Moscow to apply the concepts of mutual guarantee in person. They were joined by tens of thousands of students online who actively participated in the event.

I’m always being asked what is connection? In this gathering, my students discovered and felt the answer to this question.

After the convention I gave two public lectures – one in a large Jewish cultural center in Moscow and the other at an elite club called “Snob”. Each was filled with hundreds of people who surprised me with their interest in the wisdom of Kabbalah. A moment before we boarded our plane, I managed to give a radio interview to Echo of Moscow, one of the most popular radio stations in Russia.


https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Echo_of_Moscow  This station, owned by the energy giant Gazprom, represents many points of view and has 2.7 million listeners daily, mostly well-educated and affluent people over 40. One third of them reside in the capital, Moscow.

“[It is] one of the most important voices in the country” — Berliner Zeitung, Germany [https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Echo_Moskwy]


Global Thinker | Dr. Michael Laitman

Michael Laitman is a global thinker dedicated to generating a transformational shift in society through a new global…


(0:05) Host (wearing headset, front row on left, and speaking in Hebrew, with simultaneous English interpretation)


“Hello, today we are on [Israeli] Memorial Day, honoring those who died for Israel. And we decided to dedicate it to the topic of the Israeli nation. You [listeners and attendees] can ask questions [of the guest speaker] on kav.tv.

[And now,] Rav [Rabbi] Laitman.”

[He then talks about Jews being like a squad of commandos ( a small number of warriors) on a mission to learn about and conquer a new place.]

03:41 “They are like those reincarnating souls who follow their instructions, cycle after cycle, and when they come to the right place, they need to set themselves up, and align themselves for the Last Battle.”

***** Reincarnation amongst Hasidic Jews

Many Orthodox Jews, especially Hasidim and Lubavitchers, believe in reincarnation, an idea “borrowed” from Aryans. The Orthodox Jews are about 10% of Jewry, but are the most fanatic and committed and therefore have huge power in the Jewish organizations, whereas many other Jews just worry about making money and daily life, and only go to synagogue on the “High Holy Days,” not unlike Christians who only go to church around Easter and Christmas, and to weddings, baptisms and funerals.

At my Reincarnation Evidence, essay, please scroll way, way down to this comment by a Jew (https://www.johndenugent.com/reincarnation-evidence/#comment-614975) where he writes:

“Reincarnation – the “revolving” of souls through a succession of lives, or “gilgulim” – is an integral part of Jewish belief.



5:53-6:53 “We have to succeed in the inner war….. If we win over ourselves, then the external enemy disappears. If not, then we must also fight the external enemy. … We are entering the time zone now [of the Final Battle].”

He then says that Jews are corrected more and more in each incarnation, and if they are corrected internally the external difficulties [in conquering the earth] will be shortened.

09:20 [A student asks] “You said that Israel is like a commando unit spent on a special mission.”  Laitman answered yes, inside a hostile country [ = the Gentile world].

11:18 Laitman makes a drawing, visible on a screen to his audience, showing Israel (the Jewish people) coming from an outside world into a hostile gentile world. [This does not refer merely, as one might expect, to the well-known historical fact of European and American Jews moving to Palestine. He will develop this idea further shortly.]


13:24 “He [Yahweh] gave them [Jews] the same [outer] form [to look human?] as that hostile land.”

JdN: Does he mean this?


15:33-53: “So from this entire planet we are the aliens.  We’re coming [= the ancestors of the Jews] from a different galaxy.

We receive this ray of light, this awakening, individually, and now we’re gathering as groups and starting to prep[are] ourselves to conquer Earth.

That’s the mission.

[Sees a quizzical expression on a student.]


“What, you don’t see it?”

[Student] “How do we conquer it?”

How do we conquer it? We’re also sent the method. We’re being shown everything, gradually; we’re being taught — or not taught — being trained, being activated, and then that emotion, in our mind, awakens us.

It’s new for us [right now] but in fact it is coming from our original planet. And thanks to that original, natural force that we have, we’ll take over those living on Earth.

[Sees again a quizzical expression in this student.]

Why are you looking at me like that? I am telling you that

16:42 “Having that energy from that planet, we will take over those living on this earth.”

At 20:42 he refers to “the people of earth” that the Jews must conquer and lead….

21:39 “Maybe we will throw something into [the goyim’s] water.”


23:05 “The hard drive with the data is being revealed in you.”

25:28 Jews at one time were almost dissolved into the “earthlings.”

25:34-48 “Jews aren’t from this world; they are from another planet. I agree with that.”

….Benevolent blond, superhuman aliens

Speculation — is “Hillary Clinton” a biorobot? Or was she “soul-scalped”? I never in 62 years saw a weirder, more unnatural personality

Hillary cackling; as with Napoleon, the lower face smiles but the eyes remain stony.


A friend sent me a very interesting article, knowing about my massive research into the theme that “we are not alone,” that we earthlings ourselves descend from waves of different colonists from various planets to this comparatively very nice planet, that aliens can be friendly, neutral or hostile, as here on earth, and that hostile aliens may be very involved behind the scenes in human history on earth, and in fact are using the Jews as their instruments, but are opposed by other aliens who are benevolent toward us and hostile for both idealistic and practical reasons to their takeover. Finally, some people walking around are not earth humans at all.

UFOs, the Third Reich after 1945, and the Pleiadians

(The most controversial article of all my articles)

Google Earth picture of the huge, under-sea, egg-shaped object off the Malibu, California coast




THIS was the article:


It basically says that aliens have the tech to grow human beings without a soul in a test tube (a large one) and then upload the memories of an actual human being into the brain of this human-thing.


Now, my observations on Hillary Clinton….

The first thing is that she is a total psychopath, with no feeling whatsoever for humans, and even abuses her own bodyguards, which is a sign how out of touch she is.


And her tolerance for her husband’s endless philandering does not fit her feminist image at all.



A comrade from New York City just also told me that he knows someone who knows Chelsea Clinton, who, this person said, is as cold, contemptuous of others, and arrogant as is her mother.


Second is that Hillary is staggeringly cold, odd and unnatural. Never before have I seen a nominee of a major political party for president who was less of a people person, less likable (the understatement of the year!) and had less political skills. Most politicians, by definition and out of necessity, are smooth, likable and charming!

I was trained as an interrogator in the Marines and after my Jewish commanding officer got rid of me, I continued on my own studying body language. and I stand by what I say. Her body language, voice, and expressions are so unnatural. Unnatural for humans, and thus not connecting. She seems, à la David Icke, sort of  a failed reptilian project.



I forced myself to watch this beast in 2008 when Barbara Walters interviewed her, and she was running in competition with Barack Obama for the Democratic nomination for president. Every word was overtly scripted; she never once “let her hair down” or showed any human side at all, which is what she should have done.

As I have reported, her death was announced on the ABC-TV affiliate in New York City by the anchor, Joe Torres, who has been with the station for twenty years, on 9/11/16, the very day of her weird staggering-into-the-van incident.

What is going on here? I have no idea, but Hillary is unlike any other politician I have ever seen.

…..”Soul scalping”

There are also those who say that some of those who, in occult ceremonies (Satanic, Freemasonic, etc.) formally give their soul to Lucifer/Baphomet/theDevil, find that this demonic entity then takes them up on it and literally takes their soul (abandoned by all angels, who are disgusted, and thus utterly unprotected at that point) and puts it in a kind of box, and then the demon enters her body and takes it over.



Masonic Temple in Philadelphia


Washington DC street layout





Note the flag with downward stars….



….UFOs, the Third Reich after 1945, and the Pleiadians




….Who the heck was (or is) “YAHWEH”?

Was he — get ready for this one — a malevolent alien? Genes, Giants, Monsters & Manis a fascinating book by Oxford graduate Joseph P. Farrell (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joseph_P._Farrell) that says YES. (He avoids making any antisemitic remarks or drawing any anti-Jewish conclusions, btw. The man wants to keep being published. 😉 )

Joseph P. Farrell is a recognized scholar whose credentials include a Doctor of Philosophy degree from the University of Oxford. His literary contribution covers such fields as National Socialist Germany, sacred literature, physics, finances, the Giza pyramids, and music theory.

If one rejects the possibility of other life forms existing in the universe, the book may make no sense to you, but if one belongs to the 80% who do believe that“we are not alone,” then this book is highly stimulating

I was sent this book of Farrell’s (http://www.amazon.com/Genes-Giants-Monsters-Men-Surviving/dp/1936239086) and read it cover-to-cover. In a nutshell, it says, GULP ;-), that 1) aliens have been battling a long time, just as humans do, 2) some have been doing weird genetic engineering involving both humans and animals, and that 3) a stupendous war happened amongst various aliens, earth was a battlefield in that war (all of this sounds like Scientology, but I think Scientology has ripped off some true things here and there), and the planet went backward from being extremely high-tech to a Stone-Age level, with 95% of the planet dying off, and earth is just now getting back to its original technological level. By the way, the chapter on REAL giants is very, very spooky.

The famous Ishtar Gate from Babylon, now found in Berlin. I have seen this when I was in the then East Germany in 1975. One of the animals depicted — the second from the bottom — is a hybrid of several species. How was genetic engineering going on 4,000 years ago? Was a tiny scientific elite left over after a cosmic war?

If you ever saw the History Channel series “Ancient Astronauts,” this will all make sense. Erich von Däniken has been preaching these things for decades. Farrell’s work is based on that of two German scientists, Koldewey and Delitzsch. He also claims that President John Kennedy ordered the CIA to release its files on aliens (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1378284/Secret-memo-shows-JFK-demanded-UFO-files-10-days-assassination.html), whom JFK labeled as “Unknowns” — with a capital “U” — to NASA, and then have NASA communicate honestly with the Soviets about aliens…. maybe another reason John Kennedy was murdered. (Kennedy claimed his concern was that the Soviets might perceive a UFO as a US secret-weapon attack.)

President Kennedy and German rocket scientist and NASA official Wernher von Braun

Below, you can hear Farrell being interviewed by George Noori on his unusual “Coast to Coast” radio show. I do NOT agree with all his findings, but I DO agree that various aliens may have interfered with human DNA. In particular, as I have blogged before, I think both Jews and Nordic Aryans have connections to other species. As for the Jews, an utterly unique people who look like Arabs or Armenians but are far more dynamic — though in an evil way — they seem clearly related partially to the New Hampshire abduction people (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Betty_and_Barney_Hill_abduction; scroll down to “Betty’s Dream, where they are described as “nearly human with black hair, long noses, lips and ears, but had a grayish pallor and bluish lips” ).

And as for Nordic Aryans, the Aldebaran system may come into play (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nordic_aliens— “American social worker John Carpenter said that the typical Nordic [alien], as described by those he interviewed, “is paternal, watchful, smiling, affectionate, youthful, [and] all-knowing.”[1] Stephanie Kelley-Romano says that the Nordics “are often associated with spiritual growth and love and act as protectors for the experiencers.”).

It is really sort-of mind-blowing until you get used to it.

What Farrell says in the radio interview below is that the “evil aliens” are basically demons, and the Nordic aliens are basically what we would call angels.




I think will leave it at that for the purposes of this blog. 😉

http://www.coasttocoastam.com/guest/farrell-joseph-p/7058  (I hope this is the right link; it was a 2012 show between Noory and Farrell;  the Youtube of this was taken down.)

Final note: a Jew from Australia keeps sending me his love. 😉 Here is a sample:

* * *

Author : Adolf Hitler (IP: , CPE-120-145-2-254.lnse2.wel.bigpond.net.au)
E-mail : Addi@aol.com
URL : http://www.adi@shithole.com
Whois : http://whois.arin.net/rest/ip/
Watch out you cock sucking Nazi the next tap on your fucking Nazi Schwein shoulder could be from your friendly Mossad agent.



……Aussie urges Americans to draw a red line in the sands on gun  ownership

An Australian supporter wrote me:

Re: The right for you as a US citizen to bear arms

Your founding fathers were right about the importance, fundamental right and need to bear arms. 

It is different in Australia owing to our geography, constitution and time of settlement. It will be interesting to see whether the next US President attempts to disarm American citizens. If so and I were you, that would be the trigger required for civil war, a hot war and to march on Washington DC.

An open declaration of war against the American people in other words — whereas now it is a cold, non-shooting war, covertly by stealth and deception. One way or another if we don’t end up forcing their hand the Lord shall.

I replied:

I agree that guns are the red line.

At a local bar here in Ontonagon, called “Stubbs”



The problem is that, the Jewfeds comprehending that Americans will not give their guns up, they tried via Sandy Hook and many other incidents to suggest that anyone under stress (jobless, separated, divorced, combat vet with PTSD, “conspiracy nut” etc.) should not be allowed to have a gun, and implying one must pass a federal psychological test to be “granted the right” to own a gun.


Another thing is deliberately causing shortages of ammunition, and taking steps that double or triple the cost of ammo and guns.

I have zero doubt that Hillary Clinton would want to enact both a gun ban and a ban on whatever the jews define as “hate speech.”  The Democrats are a racial- and sexual- minority party and almost openly anti-white.

So yes, it is time that WE take the initiative to end this tyranny.


…..On the elaborate Sandy Hook fraud and gun grab scheme

….You can help me start this NEW religion to stop the Jews’ and Muslims’ fanatic religion!




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