John de Nugent on Renegade Radio/Aryan Talk with host Patrick Chouinard on the Solutreans

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For the first hour Patrick Chouinard (photo) speaks with me about the Solutrean history of America, strange sightings of UFOs, and what it all could mean, and other topics, such as the Kyle Hunt/Thomas Goodrich documentary film “Hellstorm” ( to which I contributed three voices.


This was part of a very slanted 2010 Discovery Channel video (attacking me for believing in the Solutreans in North America) which Patrick and I discussed:


Chouinard has his own two fine websites: and and is a writer for

Patrick Fox Chouinard is a regular contributor to Ancient American Magazine and author of the bestselling book Lost Race of Giants. He specializes in ancient Caucasian origins and lost civilizations, ancient giants, archaeology, religion, Bible Mysteries and military history.


(In the second hour of his show, Patrick gets a call from Francis from Stormfront as well as Fred, mainly on the subjects of the mass invasion, jewish control, and the obstacles to White unity.)



……Chouinard on Coast-to-Coast AM






  1. A comrade emailed me:

    I listened to your talk on Renegade radio. You come across well on radio because you enunciate your words very well and you have a good measure of “class,” in the positive sense.

    You have done a good job in bringing the Solutrean issue to people’s attention. I personally learned of it from your site.

    I have a problem with your statement on the show that a comet that impacted America was what probably killed the Solutreans. You stated that evidence for such a catastrophic comet impact is to be found in a layer of charred substance under the ground, which exists all across America.

    Here is a competing theory: The Solutreans lived in America for thousands of years without any enemies, and they turned into a super-peaceful people. While they still had their courage, they had lost their war-arts; teamwork in hunting and various material aspects of life was practiced by them, but not the teamwork involved in fighting an enemy. For this reason they were vulnerable to attacks of the Neanderthal Mongols who came down from the north. And these Neanderthals had genocidal instincts (which is typical of the Neanderthal) and the White Solutreans were murdered by them, to the point of their extinction.

    The reason I distrust this theory of the comet impact, along with the alleged evidence of a layer of charcoal under the ground all across America, is that the universities are totally under the control of the Jews – and the Jew is a LIAR!

    Have the universities published a single paper about chemtrails? There has only been one scientific paper published about chemtrails and that was by Herndon, a scientist who runs a private business providing medical supplies to India (I think). Herndon complained in his paper about chemtrails that the universities have been silent about this matter. The same can be said about 9/11. [Steven] Jones of BYU [Brigham Young University in Salt Lake City, Utah] wrote 3 scientific papers about 9/11, and he was fired (forced to retire) from his tenured professorship after the second of these.

    I could make similar statements with respect to the Holocaust. My point is that the universities have come to be completely under the control of the Jews, and the Jews don’t believe in TRUTH! Honestly, the Jews don’t believe in truth!

    Before I close, let me say that I don’t like Renegade very much. They fired Kaminski, but it goes beyond that.

    Liberty or Death!


    I replied:

    Thank you for your email. Actually, my military experience and that of other white Americans (such as my own father in WWII and in Korea) in wars with East Asians has been that Whites are superior to them in fighting ability, including the most relevant skill for Stone Age times, hand-to-hand combat, unless vastly outnumbered.

    My father, as a Marine Corps sergeant and then captain [photo], fought the Red Chinese, North Koreans, and the Japanese in lots of hand-to-hand combat in both the jungles and the trenches.

    A realistic scene from the 2010 HBO series “The Pacific” about the Marines in WWII fighting the Japanese, who were very brave. As Adolf Hitler said in Mein Kampf, the Aryan is superior in both idealism and innovation. He naturally thinks outside the box, and will sacrifice himself to save his comrades. From the seventh minute on, you see both qualities as a hopeless situation is turned around


    White Americans (Army soldiers and Marines) fought the communist Viet Cong and North Vietnamese in the jungles of Vietnam. including in the tunnels (the “tunnel rats”), and defeated them regularly.

    And there IS a lot of scientific evidence for a huge natural catastrophe ending major life forms around 10,900 BC.

    In my view, a catastrophic comet killed most Solutreans off, and warmed things up, ending the last Ice Age suddenly, and this let the Mongoloids, via Alaska, into a somewhat unpopulated land with just a relatively few white survivors.

    The Scientific American had this article in 2009:

    Did a Comet Hit Earth 12,000 Years Ago?
    Nanodiamonds found across North America suggest that major climate change could have been cosmically instigated
    By David Biello on January 2, 2009 15

    Credit: Courtesy of Doug Kennett
    Roughly 12,900 years ago, massive global cooling kicked in abruptly, along with the end of the line for some 35 different mammal species, including the mammoth, as well as the so-called Clovis culture of prehistoric North Americans.


    Saber-tooth tiger

    Various theories have been proposed for the die-off, ranging from abrupt climate change to overhunting once humans were let loose on the wilds of North America. But now nanodiamonds found in the sediments from this time period point to an alternative: a massive explosion or explosions by a fragmentary comet, similar to but even larger than the Tunguska event of 1908 in Siberia.

    Sediments from six sites across North America—Murray Springs, Ariz.; Bull Creek, Okla.; Gainey, Mich.; Topper, S.C.; Lake Hind, Manitoba; and Chobot, Alberta—yielded such teensy diamonds, which only occur in sediment exposed to extreme temperatures and pressures, such as those from an explosion or impact, according to new research published today in Science.

    [JdN: The scientifical periodicals Science and Nature (and, for medicine, the New England Journal of Medicine and the JAMA, the Journal of the American Medical Association) are the most prestigious scientific publicatisnon earth. To be published in them can “make” your career.]

    The discovery lends support to a theory first advanced last year [; abstract of this is reproduced below] in that some type of cosmic impact or impacts—a fragmented comet bursting in the atmosphere or raining down on the oceans—set off the more than 1,300-year cooling period in the Northern Hemisphere known as the Younger Dryas for the abundance of an alpine flower’s pollen found during the interval.

    The cooling period interrupted an extended warming out of an ice age predicted by slight changes in Earth’s orbit (known as Milankovitch cycles) that continues today. And it remains an unexplained anomaly in the climate record.

    But a series of cometary fragments exploding over North America might explain a layer of soil immediately prior to the cooling containing unusually high levels of iridium—an element more common in cosmic wanderers like meteoroids than in Earth’s crust. Paired with the fact that this layer occurs directly before the extinction of at least 35 genera of large mammals, including mammoths, it is strong circumstantial evidence for a cosmic event.

    “Very strong impact indicators are found in the sediments directly above, and often shrouding in the case of Murray Springs, the remains of these animals and the people who were hunting them,” says archaeologist and study co-author Doug Kennett of the University of Oregon in Eugene, the son in the father–son team helping to advance the new impact theory. “Is it a comet? Is it a carbonaceous chondrite? Was it fragmented? Was it focused? Based on the distribution of the diamonds, it was certainly large scale.”

    Preliminary searches further afield—Europe, Asia and South America—have turned up similar minerals and elements in sediments of the same age, Kennett says, and his own work on California’s Channel Islands tells a tale of a massive burn-off, followed by erosion and a total change in the flora of the region.

    A layer of charred vegetation is found alongside river banks all over the lower two thirds of the continental United States.

    “It’s consistent with a fragmentary body breaking up with air shocks and possible surface impacts in various parts of North America. It could be above the ice sheet or offshore in the ocean,” he says, explaining why no impact crater(s) has been found to date. “Immediate effects on the ground include high temperatures and pressures triggering major transformations of the vegetation, knocking trees over but also burning.”

    And that would make the climate shift of the Younger Dryas a closer cousin to the massive asteroid impact that wiped out the dinosaurs 65 million years ago. “This is an event that happened on one day,” Kennett notes. “We’re going to need high-resolution climate records, archaeological records, paleontological records to try to explore the effects.”


    David Biello

    David Biello is a contributing editor at Scientific American. He has been reporting on the environment and energy since 1999.


    NAS article:

    Evidence for an extraterrestrial impact 12,900 years ago that contributed to the megafaunal extinctions and the Younger Dryas cooling

    R. B. Firestonea,b, A. Westc, J. P. Kennettd, L. Beckere, T. E. Bunchf, Z. S. Revayg, P. H. Schultzh, T. Belgyag, D. J. Kennetti, J. M. Erlandsoni, O. J. Dickensonj, A. C. Goodyeark, R. S. Harrish, G. A. Howardl, J. B. Kloostermanm, P. Lechlern, P. A. Mayewskio, J. Montgomeryj, R. Poredap, T. Darrahp, S. S. Que Heeq, A. R. Smitha, A. Stichr, W. Toppings, J. H. Wittkef and W. S. Wolbachr
    Author Affiliations

    aLawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Berkeley, CA 94720;
    cGeoScience Consulting, Dewey, AZ 86327;
    dDepartment of Earth Sciences and
    eInstitute of Crustal Studies, University of California, Santa Barbara, CA 93106;
    fNorthern Arizona University, Flagstaff, AZ 86011;
    gInstitute for Isotope and Surface Chemistry, H-1525, Budapest, Hungary;
    hDepartment of Geological Sciences, Brown University, Providence, RI 02912;
    iDepartment of Anthropology and Museum of Natural and Cultural History, University of Oregon, Eugene, OR 97403;
    jEastern New Mexico University, Portales, NM 88130;
    kSouth Carolina Institute of Archaeology and Anthropology, University of South Carolina, Columbia, SC 29208;
    lRestoration Systems, LLC, Raleigh, NC 27604;
    mRozenstraat 85, 1018 NN, Amsterdam, The Netherlands;
    nBureau of Mines and Geology, University of Nevada, Reno, NV 89557;
    oClimate Change Institute, University of Maine, Orono, ME 04469;
    pUniversity of Rochester, Rochester, NY 14627;
    qDepartment of Environmental Health Sciences, University of California, Los Angeles, CA 90095;
    sP.O. Box 141, Irons, MI 49644; and
    rDepartment of Chemistry, DePaul University, Chicago, IL 60614
    Communicated by Steven M. Stanley, University of Hawaii at Manoa, Honolulu, HI, July 26, 2007 (received for review March 13, 2007)


    A carbon-rich black layer, dating to ≈12.9 ka [kilo annums, that is thousands of years ago], has been previously identified at ≈50 Clovis-age sites across North America and appears contemporaneous with the abrupt onset of Younger Dryas (YD) cooling.
    The in situ bones of extinct Pleistocene megafauna, along with Clovis tool assemblages, occur below this black layer but not within or above it.
    Causes for the extinctions, YD cooling, and termination of Clovis culture have long been controversial. In this paper, we provide evidence for an extraterrestrial (ET) impact event at ≅12.9 ka, which we hypothesize caused abrupt environmental changes that contributed to YD cooling, major ecological reorganization, broad-scale extinctions, and rapid human behavioral shifts at the end of the Clovis Period. .
    Clovis-age sites in North American are overlain by a thin, discrete layer with varying peak abundances of (i) magnetic grains with iridium, (ii) magnetic microspherules, (iii) charcoal, (iv) soot, (v) carbon spherules, (vi) glass-like carbon containing nanodiamonds, and (vii) fullerenes with ET helium, all of which are evidence for an ET impact and associated biomass burning at ≈12.9 ka.
    This layer also extends throughout at least 15 Carolina Bays, which are unique, elliptical depressions, oriented to the northwest across the Atlantic Coastal Plain.
    We propose that one or more large, low-density ET objects exploded over northern North America, partially destabilizing the Laurentide Ice Sheet and triggering YD cooling. The shock wave, thermal pulse, and event-related environmental effects (e.g., extensive biomass burning and food limitations) contributed to end-Pleistocene megafaunal extinctions and adaptive shifts among PaleoAmericans in North America.

    [tags:] comet iridium micrometeorites nanodiamonds spherules

    bTo whom correspondence should be addressed.
    Author contributions: R.B.F., A.W., J.P.K., L.B., and W.T. designed research; R.B.F., A.W., J.P.K., L.B., T.E.B., Z.S.R., P.H.S., D.J.K., J.M.E., O.J.D., A.C.G., R.S.H., G.A.H., J.B.K., P.L., P.A.M., J.M., R.P., T.D., S.S.Q.H., A.R.S., A.S., W.T., J.H.W., and W.S.W. performed research; R.B.F., A.W., J.P.K., L.B., T.E.B., Z.S.R., T.B., D.J.K., O.J.D., A.C.G., G.A.H., J.B.K., P.L., J.M., R.P., S.S.Q.H., W.T., J.H.W., and W.S.W. contributed new reagents/analytic tools; R.B.F., A.W., J.P.K., L.B., T.E.B., Z.S.R., P.H.S., D.J.K., J.M.E., R.S.H., G.A.H., P.A.M., R.P., T.D., S.S.Q.H., A.R.S., A.S., W.T., J.H.W., and W.S.W. analyzed data; and R.B.F., A.W., J.P.K., and P.H.S. wrote the paper.

    The authors declare no conflict of interest.

    This article contains supporting information online at

    t Miura, Y., 37th Annual Lunar and Planetary Science Conference, March 13–17, 2006, League City, TX, Vol. 2441, pp. 1–2 (abstr.).

    u Rösler, W., Hoffmann, V., Raeymaekers, B., Yang, Z. Q., Schryvers, D., Tarcea, N. (2006) First International Conference on Impact Cratering in the Solar System, May 7–12, 2006, Noordwijk, The Netherlands, abstr. 295464.

    Younger Dryas;
    YD boundary;
    Freely available online through the PNAS open access option.

    © 2007 by The National Academy of Sciences of the USA
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  2. The evidence for a comet looks good. Even so, my distrust of universities has become extreme. They think a lie is okay if it serves a purpose.

  3. Good radio interview. But the Solutrean culture is so important, that I think you should not pass up any opportunity to present some basic facts to go along with your presentations. For new-bies listening to your talk, there were no “hooks” to bring them into an inquiry of the subject. Such basic facts as the relationship of flint tools with European designs versus the Amer-indian designs. Or the flint blade that could only have been brought from Europe, etc.

    Your talk assumed that the listeners already knew something about the subject. So, it didn’t reach out to newbies. Thus,you missed a “teaching moment.”

    Also, I would avoid-like-the-plague the “flying saucer subject” since that puts everything you say into the tinfoil-hat-crowd and not something for serious students of history and pre-history. Who cares about flying saucers when we have much more important problems here on Jewified planet Earth with Jewish Monsters roaming about without nooses around their necks. I am all for a Judenfrei Welt. Please don’t assume that your audience already knows what you are talking about. Lecture to the choir but also to the lowest common denominator and gather in all the votes.

    • Comrade, Patrick Chouinard’s listeners are very well aware of the Solutrean hypothesis. My interview was thus really not designed as an outreach to the newbies.

      You are, sorry, dead-wrong that belief in UFOs is limited to the tinfoil-hat people. That was indeed true in the 1960s, when the government was actively discrediting UFO truthers as nuts.

      However, polls show that 50% of Americans now believe the government is lying about UFOs and that we are indeed not alone. The History Channel has run aliens material for ten years straight now.

      Also, millions of Americans and others have seen UFOs. I am one of them, and so were presidents Carter and Reagan.

      This is my essay on UFOs, and, “Banjo Billy,” I have a bachelor of science degree from Georgetown and graduated from there with high honors. I also served in Marine Corps intelligence, and had three meritorious promotions in one year.

      I suggest you read it, and not toss off free advice that is off-base, unsolicited, and in the end may tend merely to boost your ego, whether you realize it or not, as some sort of “critic”.

      Everything I write about comes from my own experience, that of trusted and reliable individuals whom I know, or facts taken from reputable sources and then analyzed.

      This just came in, btw, and the Express is not a “tin-foil” newspaper at all:

  4. Mr. de Nugent, please be generous. Just because I use the nick of “Banjo_Billy” does not mean that I am uneducated. I was a professional chemist at one time. I understand all kinds of science quite well. If you read my history books, you will find scientific proofs for many puzzles that have stumped even the best of researchers up until now.

    And anyone can be a critic, even a moron has an opinion. So, please don’t take offense. In a universe that contains all possibilities, one of the possibilities that everyone seems to overlook is that we are, indeed, alone. The assumption that there are otherworldly aliens is jumped upon, but the one possibility that there is no one here other than ourselves, is never considered.

    We have bigger problems on this planet than worrying about flying saucers and space aliens — real, definable, dangerous problems that require solutions. All of the “sightings,” including that black cube in the sky, are nothing to get excited about. They have no effect upon Reality. They have a very great effect upon “imagination,” but not upon Reality. And it is through “imagination” as one of the Jewish methods for controlling Mankind either through wars, or plagues, or great disasters or even alleged invasions from outer space, these require careful awareness and analysis. I have proven in my books that the Jews are frauds — almost nothing that they wrote in the OT is true. Science proves this. The Jews have always been liars and deceivers, hypocrites and murderers. And they control the very Media through which Mankind perceives the universe.

    An organized criminal people like the Jews, who base their entire so-called “culture” on lies, deceits, frauds and swindles; a people who can devise and execute World Wars through their Media control and the blackmail of politicians; a people who can install Jewish Presidents such as FDR to betray and lie to the entire country; a people who can murder presidents such as Lincoln and Kennedy; a people who can devise swindles such as Communism or the 9/11 Twin Towers “attack” — and get away with it! — such a demonic people are certainly not above devising a phony “attack from outer space” or some other hoax in order to herd the People into pre-designed and fatal paths.

    With their control of Media and their expertise in producing a variety of monster movies, disaster movies, plagues that wipe out Mankind and flying saucers attacking the earth movies, these Jew-devils certainly have the capability of hoaxing anything, including men from mars here to steal your car keys.

    The Jews are very much more dangerous than aliens from outer space. That is my suggestion regarding where you put your energies — either phantoms floating in outer space or the real devil Jews here on earth. It’s just a suggestion. I wish you well no matter what your choice.

    • Thank you for your gracious reply, but it is discouraging that even a chemist, familiar with the scientific method, refuses to simply LOOK at the massive and factual evidence I proffered after four years of study and analysis.

      There is no people like the Jews, you will concede. I claim and IMO prove by facts that the Jews are the way they are and have been for thousands of years of consistent guidance because they are being handled.

      Why not just plunk down and just read my essay 😉 , and thus go beyond the same-old same-old of “race ‘n the Jews” that is so very true (I have been active and persecuted in our truth struggle myself since 1978 but IMO has proven to be woefully insufficient?

      You might also read this book by Oxford PhD Joseph Farrell. It is about

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