John de Nugent on John Friend’s Realist Report – the most Jew-hated, hacked and dangerous interview I ever did; Jew Neil Barofsky admits Fed is keeping the Great Recession going

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This was a two-hour show that went really well and it has gotten great feedback.




……On Skype right after the show ended:

From Washington DC: Very good show.
From Greece. I heard much of your show. Very good.
From Germany: Excellent show.
From Slovakia: Great show, John!

…..John Friend is a San Diego, California activist and father

He has had a great radio show for over four years and has a great personality. He has also been fired several times for his pro-white beliefs and activism.

John, who is also a writer for American Free Press (, is shown with my good and brilliant friend Pete Papaherakles, “Pete the Greek,” who for years also was an American Free Press writer, and was the closest friend of the late, great author Victor Thorn (, whose recent sudden death shocked the anti-NWO world.


Issue 1/2 AFP 2011 Main Body


It covered my bio, how I became a white nationalist, the cowardly white majority, the Solutreans,  extraterrestrial life interfering with earth, the Jews, etc. It is striking how often Skype interrupted the interview, as so often with me, and so we switched around the 24th minute to phone.

At the 34th minute the Jews began interfering with the phone took, so we went back to Skype…..  then back t phone at around 0:45:00…

We went on to how the Founding Fathers were “racists” and both California and federal laws establishing early on that America was to be and remain a white country.

Then.. the extreme danger of atheism, causing materialism, cowardice, immorality, no fear of doing wrong, selfishness and being heedless about the future for our country after we are gone.

I go into NDE’s (Near Death Experiences), the “tunnel of light,” and reincarnation.

ESA astronaut Tim Peake took this image from the International Space Station during his six-month Principia mission. He commented: "The ISS just passed straight through a thick green fog of auroraâ¦eerie but very beautiful."Professional photographer Max Alexander has known Tim Peake from before his launch into space and gave Tim photography tips during his mission. Max comments: "The International Space Station is flying right through the aurora in this eerie image - which also gives the viewer the feeling of flying through these curtains of space weather. Photographing the aurora on the surface of the Earth is difficult; much harder still from space due to the speed the ISS is travelling. Tim has very quickly mastered low light photography to capture this."

I go over some of the infinite instances of harassment by the Jew enemy against me as an activist.

I talk about founding a heroic new Aryan religion, social nationism, love of our people and race,  and creating white safety zones around the world.

Why the Third Reich scared the Jews — when we had the power in a major country, the world all too briefly became really wonderful.

My political platform for American white safety zones.

How Americans are too keltic and freedom-loving (with so many Irish, Scots, Welsh, etc.) to adopt the specifically German style of national socialism.

The erosion of morality and decency since the 1950s, when I was born.

John Friend talks about the huge communist infiltration of America under Franklin Roosevelt.


How Goldman Sachs triggered the Great Depression of 1929-41 and the Great Recession we are in now that began in 2008 — to foreclose on America and take properties. I then refer to this key video of mine.

*** Why depressions and recessions happen and last; what Hitler did for workers

John de Nugent explains before a backdrop of a decrepit steel mill in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area:

–how Hitler helped the white working class
–his own working-class jobs
–how Jews caused the Great Depression to continue for 11 years and why
–reason why the the Great Recession of 2007 continues to this day, with testimony before Congress (the House Banking Committee) by the Jew Neil Barofsky, head of the bank bailout (TARP program) to US Representative Dennis Cucinich of Cleveland, Ohio.

neil-barofsky-good-jew-bailout-tarp says the Fed is bribing the banks to lend the bailout money right back to the Fed and not lend it to the people.


Reason? So the Great Recession can continue — and Jews can foreclose on more and more homes, farms, businesses, cars, etc, for 10 cents on the dollar.

(The visual sharpness of this video is low; the jews hacked my computer, and this is the only footage left, a copy of a copy.)



The amazing redesign of the back of the US one-dollar bill and the Great Seal of the United States in 1935 under Roosevelt


Friend asks me my experiences as a WN since 1978

WHITE NATIONIST Biography of John de Nugent



And I discuss my relationship with Stormfront and the deletion of the biggest thread by one author in SF history, mine, and my view of Don Black (and far too many other “leaders”) as a psychopathic bully:



…….See also my blog here

Superb NDE (Near-Death) film “Miracles from Heaven,” based on 100% true miracle in Boston at a Harvard-affiliated hospital






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