Jim Stone: French regime killed even more kids to boost higher the Paris body count; Han Chinese lack of empathy; Natural News reports China and America already at real (low-level) war

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…..Yeah, yeah, yeah — Paris massacre ad nauseam


“Refugees” –young muslim males — and mostly not even FROM Syria


Since the Jewsmedia is hyping “the Paris shootings” day and night, it is clearly a NWO “op.”



French “président” Francois Hollande is a socialist Jew.

Ukraine peace negotiations in Minsk

Hookynose and his son Thomas


The previous president, Sarkozy, is a Jew too.


The media is deliberately traumatizing white sheeple worldwide with image after image of grief, sorrow and horror, exactly as after 9/11.


Purpose? As I stated here (http://www.johndenugent.com/english/why-paris-by-the-rebel-of-oz-did-ah-over-emphasize-race/) it is to justify a police state, with the military on the streets of Europe,



….and a NATO intervention in Syria in order to block Russia, which is basically colonizing Syria and preventing the impementation of “Greater Israel.”



This photo is indeed very significant! (found at the major Jim Stone article here http://300spartans.com.au/news/guest/850152-busted-totally-proven-beyond-all-doubt-the-french-government-staged-the-attacks  Clearly a long bloodstain from dragging many bodies! NOT victims falling where they were shot!


Jim Stone claims a Mexican girl escaped the Paris carnage and then was arrested by French cops/troops/somebody acting “official” — and then slaughtered by them, then presumably laid out on the floor of the nightclub “Bataclan.”

The report claims her boyfriend told her parents in Mexico that their was fine and had escaped unharmed.

Next thing, however, she was a corpse.

It would seem at this point that a certain number of young people WERE killed — but the body count was insufficient for the shock effect desired, and so  dozens more were rounded up and killed.


–public freak-out,

–triggering 1) approval of martial law and 2) NATO (US, GB, FR, Germany, etc) interfering in Syria “to get ISIS” but really to topple the anti-Israeli ruler Assad and thwart the Russians……….

If the Russians are stopped, then IS can resume flourishing and expanding,  and more Syrians will come to northern Europe as “refugees” — there to commit more terrorist atrocities and justify MORE martial law in EU countries!




…..Blast from the past


At the top is the 7-min. video where the quite attractive, blue-eyed blonde Eva Herman (fired as un-p.c. after 16 years as the top anchor of German RTV news) talks about the refugee mudlims arriving in Germany and then getting an Islamic hate briefing as jihadists — on their new SmartPhones — in a conference with their social worker — and with no police allowed to be present.

STUTTGART, GERMANY - MAY 05: Writer Eva Hermann is seen during a book presentation for her new book 'Das Ueberlebensprinzip ' at the Literaturhaus on May 5, 2008 in Stuttgart, Germany. (Photo by Thomas Niedermueller/Getty Images)

The phones are provided free by mega-billionaire Carlos Slim, a Mexican! (Hunh?) While every German citizen MUST produce a valid state ID and bank acct. in order to get an active cell phone acct — not these foreign mudlim males, age 18-35, from the Arab and African worlds! 

As soon as their hate briefing is over, they get violent and start shoving Germans around!

…..Non-Big Jew slammed for tweeting immigrant truth

Twitter trolls attack actor Rob Lowe for stating plain truth — French borders should have already been closed in order to PREVENT the ghastly Paris attacks:

Rob Lowe is facing a backlash over a reactionary tweet he sent out following the terrorist attacks in Paris on Friday night.
John D. Nugent
John D. Nugent Paid troll whores tweet even that his Tweet “vive la France” was insulting. ;-) It merely means “Long live France.” 

The NSA, the IDF and GCHQ employ hundreds of full-time, paid trolls to slander and revile anyone not p.c.!! (Yes, Lowe is a part-Jew but as we can see, not a Big Jew. He got hammered just like a goy for saying the obvious truth — open borders with muslim countries mean TERRORISM .)

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John D. Nugent
John D. Nugent I am “honored” to be called every name in the book online and that Google puts it right on page one. ;-) 
Cesare Tacitus

Cesare Tacitus When you can be viciously trolled for posting remarks as innocuous as these, it’s really no surprise most stars are liberal cucks.

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Erika McCall

Erika McCall It is time for the boogeyman to step forward.

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Paul DiBenedetto
Paul DiBenedetto He is more than just a handsome face.


…..An observer of the Chinese wrote me

The article at http://www.counter-currents.com/2015/11/some-recent-genetic-studies-hitler/ claimed there is an “empathy” gene in Han Chinese (China is a multi-ethnic multi-racial society, but “Han” are the typical Chinese racial type). My BS-o-meter reached the upper limit. Chinese lack any empathy, at all.
This is typical ‘nese behavior (or lack thereof):
Silly Europeans are truly clueless about Chinese. They don’t have the vaguest notion of what Han Chinese are, and are not.
Meanwhile, Chinese are slowly taking over the world. Chinese seem to have a eugenics program, btw.

Han Chinese are mono-emotional. “Greed”, is an emotion that Han Chinese have, for lack of a better word. They don’t have any other emotions.


They think about money, work, study so they can make money in high-paying work, and smoke cigarettes. They think cruelty to animals is funny, but that’s pretty much the extent of their sense of humor. This, admittedly, is kind of funny, don’t you think so?
Chinese have no quilt about their unvarnished and unapologetic racist attitudes. They do consider white people to be the superior race, though. Warren Buffet is a hero among school children and a “dreamy” object of fantasy and romantic sensation by young women. Warren Buffet is “sexy”, because he has money, lots of it. And ONLY because he has money, and lots of it.
Having lots of money, is the ONLY things that’s “sexy” to Chinese. Romance doesn’t exist in the Chinese culture or mentality. Chinese lack idealism altogether, which is why they cannot fight wars. They can, however, buy land and property.
Pure materialism, modulated by the single emotion of unmitigated greed, IS “Chinese culture”, at least in Mainland China. The “yellow peril” is a very real phenomenon, it’s 100+ years’ late in coming. But, it’s here…

….Natural News says the shooting war is quiet but on

Mike Delaney sent me this:



When instructed from the ground, the targeting satellite commands its partner to drop one of its darts. The guided rods enter the atmosphere, protected by a thermal coating, traveling at 36,000 feet per second–comparable to the speed of a meteor. The result: complete devastation of the target, even if it’s buried deep underground.



I replied:

Thanx. VERY interesting Natural News items on China and the covert war!!!
As for an attack on U.S. military satellites



Satellites are fragile things. Destroying them does not take much in terms of actual mass; it only takes targeting capabilities to direct small mass objects into the orbital trajectory of the satellite itself.

This is surprisingly easy to accomplish by any nation that possesses orbital launch capabilities. Communications satellites move in predictable orbits with only minor deviations. Intersecting those orbits with small pellets of tungsten moving at ridiculously high velocities is ridiculously easy for any advanced nation to achieve. Because impact energy equals one-half the mass times velocity squared, even very small pellets of mass can shred satellites upon impact. (A simple BB from a BB gun can destroy a billion-dollar satellite if their two paths intersect at sufficient relative velocity.)

Why tungsten? It’s cheap and has very high density per volume, with isotopes achieving atomic masses of 182, 184 and 186

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/050863_cyber_warfare_China_destruction_of_America.html#ixzz3rWNmooyd

Same would be true of chemtrail planes….

So in effect the US and China could already be what is called skirmishing – bothj dpoing some killihng of each other and some mere intimidation tactics.

…such as this night launch overt southern California of a US Trident missile (warhead not activated) heading westward.: http://www.latimes.com/local/lanow/la-me-ln-second-missile-launch-pentagon-20151109-story.html



…..Purpose: Perpetual war for perpetual peace — Keep the goyim busy hating China, Russia and Islam instead of the JEWS.


And who pushed free trade with China anyway, which has enriched China and financed their military buildup?

…the bastard Jew Henry Kissinger, foreign minister under Nixon!

Kissinger, Providence mayor Buddy Cianci and my father (http://www.johndenugent.com/english/the-day-blacks-robbed-my-dying-father-84-a-marine-combat-vet-michael-walsh-on-white-treason/)






Please do not tell me you cannot send five dollars! 😉


Daniel James Ringe, promise-breaker

by JOHN DE NUGENT on 11/10/2015[EDIT]

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