Jim Conley’s statement to Atlanta police re Mary Phagan murder; Georgia Guidestones

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…More evidence that Leo Max Frank, the head of B’nai B’rith in Atlanta, Georgia, raped and killed the 13-year-old Mary Phagan after she refused sex with her lecherous boss

Major new article and video on this coming out this week!

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This case is important for four reasons:

1) It is part of my vector of victory strategy to highlight Jews raping and murdering our women, and molesting , murdeirng and even sacrificing our children, encouraging pedophilia and now even drinking the blood of our children.  http://johndenugent.com/english/hellstorm-the-dresden-holocaust-the-vector-of-victory-is-opposing-the-rape-of-women-and-children/


2) It shows the Jews blatantly trying to get a murderer off solely because he was a high-ranking Jew. Any other ethnic group (especially if endowed with common sense) would have walked away from such a creep and said “let justice take its course.”

3) the Jews are now working on their FIFTH movie proclaiming Leo Frank was innocent and white Southerners were vicious antisemites — for release in the fall of this year!

4) Even MAJOR Jews (journalists and Harvard-educated historians) are now conceding Frank was guilty!So why are they still pushing the hasbara he was innocent? Because in a crime family such as Jewry is, it is not about right and wrong. You stick up for your gang members!


…..Black janitor Jim Conley’s Statement to Atlanta police of May 29, 1913


[JdN: slighted edited for spelling and punctuation errors and Southern black dialect]

Atlanta, Ga. May 29, 1913.

On Saturday April 26, 1913, when I come back to the pencil factory with Mr. Frank I waited for him downstairs like he told me, and when he whistled for me I went upstairs and he asked me if I wanted to make some money right quick and I told him “Yes”, sir”.

[Location today: Sam Nunn Federal Building in Atlanta, an appropriate place for where a white girl was murdered]


And he told me that he had picked up a girl back there and had let her fall and that her head hit against something, he didn’t know what it was, and for me to move her, and I hollered and told him the girl was dead.




And he told me to pick her up and bring her to the elevator, and I told him I didn’t have nothing to pick her up with and [he] told me to go and look by the cotton box there and get a piece of cloth, and I got a big wide piece of cloth and come back there to the men’s toilet where she was [JdN: Does this mean he raped and killed her in the men’s room?], and I tied her up, and I taken her and brought her up there to a little dressing room, carrying her on my right shoulder, and she got too heavy for me and she skipped off my shoulder and fell on the floor right there at the dressing room and I hollered for Mr. Frank to come there and help me, that she was too heavy for me, and Mr. Frank come down there and told me to “pick her up, damn fool,” and he run down there to me and he was excited.

And he picked her up by the feet, her head and feet were sticking out of the cloth and then we brought her onto the elevator. Mr Frank carrying her by the feet and me by the shoulders, and we brought her to the elevator. And then Mr. Frank says, “Wait, let me get the key,” and he went into the office and got the key and come back and unlocked the elevator door and started the elevator down.

Mr. Frank turned it on himself and we went on down to the basement and Mr. Frank helped me to take it off the elevator and he told me to take it back there to the sawdust pile, and I picked it up and put it on my shoulder again, and Mr. Frank, he went up the ladder and watched the trap door to see if anybody was coming, and I taken [took] her back there and taken the cloth from around her and taken her hat and shoe which I had picked up upstairs right where her body was lying, and brought them down and untied the cloth and brought them back and throwed them on the trash pile in front of the furnace, and Mr. Frank was standing at the trap door at the head of the ladder. He didn’t tell me where to put the things.


I layed her body down with her head towards the elevator, lying on her stomach and the left side of her face was on the ground and the right side of her face was up, and both arms were laying down with her body, by the side of her body.

Mr. Frank joined me back on the first floor. I stepped on the elevator and he stepped on the elevator. When it got to where he was, and he said “Gee, that was a tiresome job.” And I told him his job was not as tiresome as mine was, because I had to tote it all the way from where she was lying to the dressing room, and in the basement from the elevator to where I left her. Then Mr. Frank hops off the elevator before it gets even with the second floor and he makes a stumble and he hits the floor and catches with both hands [JdN: Frank was exceptionally nervous in general, and especially after the murder and for days later, which the police noticed. They also noted that Frank refused to look at the body of Mary Phagan at the morgue when confronted with it.]


And he went on around to the sink to wash his hands, and I went and cut off the motor, and I stood and waited for Mr. Frank to come from around there washing his hands, and then we went on into the office.

And Mr. Frank, he couldn’t hardly keep still, he was all the time moving about from one office to the other, then he come back into the stenographer’s office and come back and he told me “Here come Emma Clark and Corinthia Hall,” I understood him to say, and he come back and told me to come here and he opened the wardrobe and told me to get in there, and I was so slow about going he told me to hurry up, damn it, and Mr. Frank, whoever that was come in the office, they didn’t stay so very long, till Mr. Frank was gone about 7 or 8 minutes, and I was still in the wardrobe and he never had come to let me out.

And Mr. Frank come back and I said, “Goodness alive, you kept me in there a mighty long time” and he said “Yes, I see I did, you are sweating,” and then me and Mr. Frank sat down in a chair. Mr. Frank then took out a cigarette and he gave me the box and asked me did I want to smoke and I told him “yes, sir,” and I taken the box and taken out a cigarette and he handed me a box of matches and I handed him the matches back, and I handed him the cigarette box and he told me that was all right, I could keep that. And I told him he had some money in it and he told me that was all right, I could keep that.

And Mr. Frank then asked me to write a few lines on that paper, a white scratch pad he had there, and he told me what to put on there, and I asked him what he was going to do with it and he told me to just go ahead and write, and then after I got through writing Mr. Frank looked at it and said it was all right.

JdN: This was the note that Frank had the janitor Conley write, ludicrously pretending to be Mary Phagan writing a note in mid-rape, accusing the innocent night watchman, Newt Lee, of “playing with” her when she went to the ladies’ room to “make water.”


And Mr. Frank looked up at the top of the house and said,

“Why should I hang? I have wealthy people in Brooklyn.”

And I asked him “what about me?,” and he told me that was all right about me, for me to keep my mouth shut and he would make everything all right, and then I asked him where was the money he said he was going to give me, and Mr. Frank said, “Here, here is two hundred dollars” [about $4,000 today]


..and he handed me a big roll of greenback money.

And I didn’t count it; I stood there a little while looking at it in my hand, and I told Mr. Frank not to take another dollar for that watch man I owed, and he said he wouldn’t, and the rest is just like I have told it before.

The reason I have not told this before is I thought Mr. Frank would get out and help me out, but it seems that he is not going to get out and [so] I have decided to tell the whole truth about this matter.
(Signed.) James Conley.
Sworn to and subscribed before me, this day of May, 1913.

Notary Public, Fulton County, Georgia.
N. A. Lanford,
Pat Campbell,
H. Scott,
Reported. Atlanta 5/31/13


Greater Atlanta and the Fulton County line. Maretta, located to the northwest, is where Mary was raised on a farm, where she is now buried in the cemetery, and where Leo Frank, her killer was lynched. (Btw, Atlanta is one of the few major American cities, such as Orlando or Las Vegas, NOT to lie on any body of water — such as a river, lake or ocean. (The Chattahoochee is a small river on the western boundary and does not flow through downtown at all. Atlanta was founded merely at the end of a railroad line when the company laying the track ran out of money. 😉  I (JdN) lived in Norcross, Georgia in 1990-91.) 





The infamous and occult Georgia Guidestones, which preach world government, one language, and the genocide of 90% of earth’s population (in the very first commandment) are located (as its website says) “are out in the middle of nowhere on a farm near Georgia State Highway 77, 7.2 miles North of Elberton Georgia, 1.3 miles South of Hart-Elbert County Line, 7.8 miles South of Hartwell, Georgia.”




Reduce the gentile population by 90% down to 500 million….



Working out, living right, and more determined than ever. — in Ontonagon, Michigan. (Photo by Mike Delaney of TruTube.tv and 911MissingLinks.com)



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