JewTube-deleted video on migrants; update on Germany; THE ONLY PROBLEM NOW IS LOW-T

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This is the explosive migrant video that JewTube keeps taking it down.



The coal-black negro gloating with gangsta-rapper gestures, yelling “Whatsup!” and then “Money! Money! Money!” at around 0:51-4 is the best. Just show that to ANY white man or woman…. who can barely make ends meet.

…first reaction, from Britain

That is an exceptional video, John. I’ve seen it a few times, but it NEVER gets old. I sent it to my mum and she literally PANICKED. The “Money man” (now, I did not say “monkey man” ;-) worried her the most.
I read a report today in German from a small town near Munich. The Bavarians cannot leave their homes day or night except in groups of white men guarding their women, and everyone — including do-gooder lefties, whom our side sarcastically call the “Gutmenschen” (the “good people”) — is discussing all day long only one thing — migrant violence, rapes, their massive, open and public shoplifting, their defecating and urinating in the parks, groping of German women and girls, etc..
Everyone across the board is going prepper — buying canned food, bottled water, etc. — who has a penny to spare, and not all have even that.
Hordes of muslims (blacks and  Arabs) and living in German tents and in parks, sh—-g on the grass and in the sand boxes, drinking beer in the playgrounds and then smashing the bottles on the asphalt.
Germans are pointing out that soon it starts getting cold at night — soon — the mudlims (my new word) will demand to be put into buildings, which means throwing Germans out.
German tv (mainsteam) had a report on a settlement for homeless Germans that is 40 years old: the unemployed, unemployable, the retarded, sick, mentally ill, etc.).
The homeless Germans were driven out and the entire area sealed off with fencing. Forty brand-new units for refugees are being built where they had lived, and the homeless Germans are now stuck in a literally dangerous, out-of-code building.
The fear of the police arresting them for racism is still so palpable that the homeless only say on-camera that “because of some people” the government has “taken our homes where we had lived for decades.”

…..The crisis is here and will explode completely this fall


Please donate so I can DO something at this period of golden opportunity, of forcible awakening of the white masses, for our WN cause!



…..Comrade asks about vegetarianism; answer: for men and warriors, HELL NO!

[8:51:08 AM] JH: John, what did your guru say about eating meat ?
[8:52:57 AM] John de Nugent: The guru at the Himalayan Institute when I was there, 22 years ago, ordained no meat would be served. It was all tofu, fruit and veggies.


[8:53:36 AM] JH: Is it wrong to eat meat? I started again and I feel much stronger and more intelligent whenever I do, although i loathe the death process.

Vegetarians have a higher incidence of mental illness and somatoform disorders, etc. etc. etc.
[8:54:33 AM] John de Nugent: I am now very concerned because of the issue of low-T, low testosterone and vegetarianism, tofu, beer and other things that reduce testosterone.
[8:54:39 AM] JH: Exactly.
[8:54:41 AM] John de Nugent: Men must be warriors
[8:54:43 AM] JH: I was wasting away without meat, John!
[8:54:48 AM] John de Nugent: Right.
[8:55:07 AM] JH: The ex-vegans call it “wilted lettuce syndrome” 😉
[8:55:14 AM] John de Nugent: I noticed that the women at the Himalayan Insititute throve on vegetarianism, but the men lost muscle mass everywhere, even in their faces. (The face has 200 muscles, which is why we can make so many expressions. 😉 ) The men, on veggies and tofu, looked like they had AIDS.
[8:55:44 AM] John de Nugent: As for animals, they do not deserve special pity; they devour each other every day. 😉 …though they should be humanely treated and humanely slaughtered.
[8:56:09 AM] JH: Vegans dont seem super-healthy mentally to me. They glitch out a lot — especially if youve ever listened to Gabriel Cousins.
[8:56:38 AM] John de Nugent: The German Wehrmacht won smashing victories in 1939-41 by giving huge rations of MEAT to their soldiers. An American writer who visited German in 1939 noticed the civilans had doughy faces from getting lots of pasta, bread and potatoes, that was because Hitler ordered that the soldiers get lots of protein. This is one part of why the Germans kicked butt in Poland, France, Belgium, Holland, Denmark and Norway.
[8:56:52 AM] JH: I don’t doubt it.-
[8:57:07 AM] JH: It seems like it is our true, native diet, although again I both hate and love meat… or rather hate/love the knowledge of the process of its origin.
[8:57:47 AM] JH: What about Hitler being a vegetarian? Is that true ?
[8:57:52 AM] John de Nugent: Also during the Vietnam War, GIs fought much better and longer than the Viet Cong because meat gave them stamina… The VC ran on rice and tea. Also, they were 5 inches shorter due to rice containing so few nutrients.
[8:58:10 AM] JH: Makes sense. I have zero doubts about meat being healthy and natural for man (as long as it’s not the chemical, hormone-filled stuff from the US, that is). I am torn about it karmically though.

[8:59:04 AM] John de Nugent: Adolf Hitler was an ovolactovegetarian, one of his many mistakes (I revere him as a great man but not a god, unlike so many young souls in the WN cause, who need a divine-daddy figure 😉 but then they cannot explain how a god lost the war 😉 ), and he lost huge amts of muscle as a result.

My ladyfriend Margaret Huffstickler and a lucky man


…was a nutrition counselor who was very successful in Washington DC, and and points out how flabby his face looked in the 1930s and how skinny his shoulders got after he went vegetarian.



After (err, the Palestinian flag was, of course, added later 😉 )


[8:59:44 AM] John de Nugent: The worst thing is how vegetarianism lowers T [testosterone] for men.
[8:59:46 AM] JH: ok. I know about that muscle atrophy first-hand. Good for monks, bad for everyone else.
[9:01:12 AM] JH: OK, thanks, John, I’ve been wanting to ask about that for a while.
[9:05:08 AM] John de Nugent: gladly.

Here, read this, comrade:


Personally, I think it’s hard to deny that there is a decline in masculinity in today’s male. I mean, physiologically speaking, it’s not even an argument. Men today have lower testosterone on average, regardless of age, than they did 20 years. By a pretty significant margin.

Two studies done both showed that men these days have significantly less testosterone now.

One study was done in the US, and the other on Danish men. In both cases it was found that

the average male had about 22% less testosterone now than men did, at that SAME AGE back in the 80’s.

Even further….

The normal range of testosterone is reported as 350-1200ng/dl. Studies in the 1940’s showed the average testosterone level to be at 700 ng/dl, 300 ng/dl higher than for men today. In the past, a drop in testosterone levels to 250 ng/dl was rarely reported before men were 80 years of age. Yet today, it is not an uncommon value for middle-aged men!

Testosterone levels are highest in the early twenties. The decrease in serum levels is now occurring at an even earlier age. Up to 50% of all men at 40 now have testosterone levels below what was considered the normal range of 450 ng/dl.

[9:06:12 AM |] John de Nugent: We need to learn from the muslim and Jew enemy and become again fighters and “fuckers”w, warriors and breeders, not sensitive girly men.


Why online trolls defame me only from a safe distance and using a pseudonym 😉


[9:06:42 AM] JH: I couldn’t agree more!


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