Jewish-run Philadelphia Institute museum honors “misunderstood” Genghis Khan, white genocider

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Jewish-Run Museum Exhibit Honors Mass Killer of Whites



Not that any credence should be placed in the Holocaust-TM, but imagine a museum exhibit in a major American city honoring Adolf Hitler. How soon would 1 million Jews and other assorted libtards and “anti-racists” converge upon the event and tear the building apart brick by brick?Not that any credence should be placed in the official version of the Spanish Inquisition either, but imagine a museum exhibit in a major American city honoring King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella – the Monarchs who, in 1492, expelled the Jews from Spain. Same reaction as above.Again, not that any credence should be placed in the official version of 9/11, but imagine a museum exhibit in a major American city honoring Osama Bin Laden and his merry band of box-cutter-wielding madmen.Or how about an exhibit dedicated to the Crusades, the Confederacy, the Ku Klux Klan, Joe Stalin, or Pol Pot? Unthinkable!


These famous “anti-Semites-TM” would never get a sympathetic museum exhibit in their honor.

Even comparatively far less “controversial” figures such as Jesus, Charlemagne, Christopher Columbus, Robert E. Lee and Napoleon would somehow offend the oh-so-tolerant kosher-keepers of western culture.

But when it comes to the single greatest killer of White people the world has ever seen (pre-Bolshevik era)Philadelphia’s Franklin Institute has no self-righteous moral compunction about sponsoring an 8-month long exhibit honoring – yes, honoring – Mr. Genghis Khan of Mongoldom.

Directly or indirectly, the Mongols were responsible for an estimated 40,000,000 deaths.(many White folks – Aryans of Northern India, Persia, Middle East, Eastern Europe – and also many Chinese)

From the Institute’s own website:

Genghis Khan: Bringing the Legend to Life

“Uncover the amazing story of one of the world’s greatest leaders and most misunderstood conquerors, Genghis Khan. Learn how his empire forever changed the face of the world, and discover his legacy as both a ruthless warrior and a revered statesman.”

Now, let’s try that same promo for Hitler:

Adolf Hitler: Bringing the Legend to Life

“Uncover the amazing story of one of the world’s greatest leaders and most misunderstood conquerors, Adolf Hitler. Learn how his empire forever changed the face of the world, and discover his legacy as both a ruthless warrior and a revered statesman.”

Can you see the double standard here? What ever happened to all that tommy-rot about “never again” and “we must never forget”?

Before we continue, a crash course on Genghis Khan and his immediate successors is in order here. As you read this excerpt, keep in mind that the people who suffered at the hands of Khan were real people – our Indo-European ancestors – whose DNA we still carry. Visualize, if you can, the unimaginable terror that these gentle people must have felt as the mounted Mongol beasts rode into their villages and cities – torching their homes, exterminating the men, children and elderly; while riding off with the prettiest fair maidens.

Volume 7, A Glorious Disaster: The Christians: Their First 2000 Years:

(Abridged, edited and illustrated by

In England, the herring business had all but collapsed when buyers from the Baltic just never showed up. Why? It seemed that there suddenly were fewer people left in the Slavic lands to buy the catch–wiped out, some reported, by hideous horsemen appearing like a whirlwind from the east.
People with dogs’ heads? Well, maybe not that, but they certainly behaved like wild dogs. They usually left nothing alive, and in any case the stench of corpses made whole cities uninhabitable. Resistance seemed useless. The princes of the Slavic people, then known as the Rus (Russians), reportedly had assembled the greatest army in their history, but in a single battle these hard-riding devils wiped it out.
Kill – Rape – Plunder – Enslave
Beyond them and beyond the lands east of Persia, they left the storied cities of Samarkand and Bukhara in charred ruin. According to the works of the Iranian historian Rashid al-Din  the Mongols killed more than 700,000 people in Merv and 1,000,000 in Nishapur. No one knew where they might strike next, and they claimed that their destiny was to rule the whole world.

In conquering Asia, the Mongols murdered untold millions–a catastrophe of a magnitude never before experienced. These disasters are attributable to the evil genius of a single man, the tyrant Genghis Khan, who rejoiced in slaughter and commanded the killing of innocent men, women, and children as his mounted minions raped, pillaged, and plundered wherever they went. For centuries Genghis Khan would stand infamous as history’s most ruthless practitioner of genocide.

These Mongols were Asiatic, not Caucasian. They were also, as those in their path were about to discover to their grief, the world’s finest cavalry soldiers and by far the most brutal. By age twenty-eight, through an alliance with neighboring Turks, Khan had subjugated all the Mongol tribes. Then he turned on his Turkish allies, killed their leader, and subjugated them, too. He built loyalty through rewards of slaves and booty, plus endless promise of new horizons. In 1206 he declared himself supreme Khan (King).

Genghis ruled by imposing heavy tax revenues, troops on demand, and utter obedience to his laws. He once declared that “the greatest pleasure is to vanquish your enemies and chase them before you, to rob them of their wealth and to see those dear to them bathed in tears, to ride their horses, and clasp to your bosom their wives and daughters.”

Kill the men – Steal the White women. What a guy!  

In one battle against Muslims, Khan’s hordes descended on a city and hacked to pieces every man, woman, and child there. All except the governor, that is. He died in slow agony as molten silver was dripped into his eyes and ears.  Mongol armies then converged on the great trading city of Samarkand. After Genghis’s horsemen annihilated 50,000foot soldiers. The defending cavalrymen tried to switch sides, which left the city undefended. The citizens surrendered, and the Mongols took 100,000 of them as slaves. They then executed 30,000 prisoners.

Meanwhile, there was more horrifying news. Bukhara, 100 miles northwest, had fallen to a Mongol army commanded by Genghis himself. He had surprised the city, hacked its fleeing garrison to pieces, and burned the place to the ground.

Genghis  then headed west, burning crops, razing  cities, and slaughtering every human he encountered. He then dispatched 20,000 men on a mission to scout the rich lands to the west beyond the Caspian Sea. When confronted by a large force of Georgians, the Mongols fled with the Georgians pursuing them until their horses were exhausted – at which point the Mongols returned, mounted on the fresh steeds they had waiting for them, and massacred the entire Georgian army.

Riding out of the Caucasus, the Mongols tore a path westward. By 1222, their scouting army reached Hungary. They then lured an 80,000 strong Slavic force into a 250-mile chase. Then, at the river Kalka, the invaders suddenly turned, confronted the Slavs, and annihilated them. Slavic contingents coming up from behind were wiped out by Mongol archers hidden in clouds of dark smoke, making the battleground a black nightmare of slaughter.

By the time the prince of Kiev arrived with his army, half the original force of 80,000 lay dead. The horrified Kievans turned to flee but were butchered in their entirety. The prince was suffocated to death beneath the table on which the triumphant Mongols ate their victory banquet.

Mongols had no honor when it came to prisoners-of-war.

To Europeans, it did indeed seem that these heathen warriors would enslave every nation. Who could stop them? At the heart of their capability were the  tribesmen themselves, toughened and disciplined from birth. They could ride for days without food or water. If necessary, they drank blood drawn from their horses’ leg veins.

The Mongols could outrace any foe. Their favorite tactic was to feign withdrawal, drawing the enemy past hidden flanks, then crush him from front and back. They created smoke and floods and by 1300 were using gunpowder cannons, incendiary grenades, and flaming bamboo rockets. All this was now directed toward the slaughter, enslavement, and subjugation of Europe.

In 1236 Genghis’s grandson Batu, with an army 120,000 strong, set about finishing off the northernmost Islamic state, the Bulgar kingdom. In the summer of 1237 he overwhelmed the Bulgarian capital, Bulgar, exterminating its entire population of 50,000 and razing the place so completely that it was never rebuilt.

The once-powerful state of Kiev, where more than 200 years ago Prince Vladimir had introduced Christianity, had disintegrated into quarreling provinces. The northern trading center of Novgorod  had declared independence and was growing rich. Princes fought perpetually with each other over succession and against the free citizens in the emerging cities.

Ryazan became the Mongols’ first target. Driving an outpost garrison back into the city, the invaders spent a week erecting a wooden palisade all around it to protect their archers and catapults. A three-day barrage of arrows and rocks followed, after which the attackers burst in with battering rams and began their slaughter.

Civilians were hacked to pieces with swords, pierced with arrows, flayed alive, impaled, drowned, or burned alive.The Mongols raped girls before murdering them and defiled nuns in churches while priests were forced to watch, and then were thrown into the fires. They torched the city but did allow a few people to run away and tell the rest of the Slavs what awaited them.

Kill – Rape – Plunder – Enslave 

Gentle Medieval White folks who looked like the ones depicted above were exterminated, raped or enslaved by the MILLIONS!

As the Mongols burned a bloody path northward, the Grand Duke of Suzdal traveled the country gathering armies to defend his capital of Vladimir. The Mongols destroyed his city before he got home, then confronted his army by the river Sit, surrounded it, and annihilated it.

Now short of supplies, the invaders summered on the grassy plains west of the Don, where they received fresh herds of horses from Mongolia. Through the following winter, they annihilated or enslaved nomadic peoples as far south as the Crimea.

In autumn 1239 they went north and destroyed Chernigov. Then, they spent the winter on the Kipchak steppes but used the time to reconnoiter Kiev, still the largest and most magnificent city in all the Slavic territories.

In December 1240 they struck. Their army battered down the walls, then sliced its way through defenders atop the rubble. The carnage was merciless, and in a horrific conclusion, the weight of people crowding inside the cathedral collapsed its walls. All that remained of the once-splendid metropolis was a hideous pile of writhing and crushed humanity; six years later travelers found Kiev’s streets still filled with skulls and other bones. The Rus were close to being vanquished in a stroke.

The siege and slaughter of Russian Kiev

Editor’s Note *
About this time, the Mongols made common cause with the Jews of Khazaria. Centuries earlier – before the Christian Rus warriors finally put the converted Khazar Hun Empire “out of business” – the Khazar Jews had conquered Hungary and Poland. (here) Israeli scholar Sophia Menache’s 2008 paper, entitled: Tartars, Jews, Saracens and the Jewish-Mongol ‘Plot’ of 1241. (here)  explores this relationship.
The Jewish Khazar Empire was a Turko-Hun entity; and Turkics are the “cousins” of Mongols. Old Khazaria was indeed referred to as a “Khanate” (political entity ruled by a “Khan”). This is why derivatives of the word “Khan”(King) is a common Jewish surname -  Kagan, Kaganovich etc. That dispersed Khazars and Mongols would vindictively cooperate in exterminating and enslaving the White Christians of Slavic-Rus Europe is not surprising.
Supreme Court Justice Kagan – Stalin’s ‘right hand man” Kaganovich – Putin-hater Vicky “F – – k the EU” Nuland & neo-con husband Robert Kagan
The Mongol army, like a hurricane gathering momentum, had grown bigger because of thousands of conscripts –(*surely including many Khazar Jews). Batu assigned 30,000 troops to hold the Rus while he led another 100,000 across an astounding 600-mile front. His target was Hungary, ruled by King Bela IV from Buda.

Neighboring rulers ignored Bela’s plight. Only after Batu annihilated Carpathian defenders did Hungary assemble an army. Bearing down on them through the mountain snows at an amazing 60 miles per day, the Mongols arrived at Vac, slaughtered everyone there, and set up camp.

Nevertheless, Bela’s remaining army of 100,000 was still the largest in Europe, and when Batu failed to attack immediately, Bela grew confident. Then, Mongol reinforcements arrived from the south and he watched in amazement as the invading army began a slow departure. They were giving up, thought the king; they must be afraid or in trouble. And so, disastrously, he chased them.

At Mohi, about eighty miles east of Pest, the Mongols sprang their trap. Surrounding the Hungarians, they unleashed a barrage of firebombs and arrows. When a gap finally appeared in the encircling horde and the Hungarians raced through it to escape, they found themselves trapped in a gorge where archers annihilated 60,000 of them.

By then all Europe had been further frightened by news of more mayhem to the north, where the northern wing of the Mongol army had destroyed the Polish cities of Lublin and Zawichost, sacked Sandomierz, and plundered a monastery.

In Krakow and Wroclaw terrified residents actually burned their own cities and fled. Finally, at Legnica the rampaging horsemen had met an army of 25,000 that included Templars, Teutonic Knights, the entire Polish aristocracy, and the full flower of northern chivalry. But even this assemblage was obliterated in short order.

Waves of panic now rippled all the way to the Atlantic. In cathedrals people prayed, “From the fury of the Tatars, O Lord, deliver us.”  The pope called for a crusade against the Mongols in Germany. Bela, in exile, sent money to build forts on the west side of the Danube.

Months went by with no move from Batu. Then, on Christmas Day 1241, the Mongols exploded with fury against Buda and against Gran , 30 miles northwest. There they roasted citizens alive to make them reveal the locations of hidden treasure, before riding toward Vienna, about seventy miles away. The invasion of Austria had begun. Mongol troops were spotted as far away as Zagreb, east of the Adriatic. Panic also spread in Italy when some were spotted near Venice.

All Europe lay helpless before them. (By the way, In the far east, in centuries to come, the Mongols will inflict similar horror, genocide and cultural destruction upon Aryan India.) It would require the combined might of every army in Christendom to stop these horsemen, but such a unified force simply did not exist. Then, amazingly, the Mongols vanished.

What the Europeans did not know was that OgedeiKhan(son of Genghis) had died of a sudden convulsion. His death had saved Europe, because Batu had to go to Karakorum, where the succession would be contested. However, the dread fear remained, of course; these ghastly marauders would surely return, spelling the doom of Christendom.
The death of Ogedei saved western Europe and caused internal dissension among the Mongols.

There were some who took a  different view of the Mongols, regarding them not as vanquishers of Christendom but as an instrument by which Christianity could actually overcome Islamic invasion. When Innocent IV became pope in 1243, his chief question about the Mongols was, could they be converted and used to fight the Muslims? Seeking answers, in 1245 he dispatched to them a diplomatic embassy led by a  Franciscan monk called John of Plano Carpini.  After a historic three-year adventure, his small party returned as heroes, the first Europeans to have visited the Far East. Unfortunately, the message he brought from Genghis Khan was a humiliating rebuff. Christendom had just two choices, the Mongols declared: submit or perish.

If the Mongols had had the chance, they would have destroyed Rome and Florence as they devastated Kiev and Baghdad, and there could never have been a Renaissance based on Christian culture.
The terror-filled population of Western Europe dreaded the final Mongol push – which, thankfully, never came. What would the world have been like if the Mongols had completed the dream of Genghis Khan?

By 1256 Hulagu had assembled a force of 100,000. His first objective was to destroy the independent sect called the Assassins in their mountain fortresses near the Caspian Sea . More than 100 Assassin castles crumbled over the next year, pounded by a thousand crews of Chinese catapult bombers. Every inhabitant, including women and children, was slaughtered.

The Mongols rolled toward Baghdad, on the Tigris River, and drowned defending soldiers by the 1000’s by breaking a dike. Bursting through Baghdad’s walls, they unleashed one of the bloodiest single-city massacres in human history. It began after remaining troops voluntarily disarmed, expecting to be conscripted, but instead were marched out of the city and butchered. Then, the Mongols killed 500,000 surrendering civilians.

The Mongols burned Baghdad, then had the Caliph sewn up in a carpet and trampled to death by horses. Muslim historians put the total killed as high as 2,000,000.

In Russia, Alexander Nevsky was the first prince to become the Mongols’ servant. He knew that his people were too weak to expel the Mongols. Thus, he gave them the chance to survive by gaining the confidence of their overlords. About the mid-14th century the Russians would finally shake off the “Tatar-Mongol yoke.”
1- Much like Vladimir Putin during the early 2000’s, Prince Alexander Nevsky bought time for Russia – paying the Mongols their taxes as Russia patiently waited for the Mongols to weaken internally.
2- The vast Mongol crime-Empire eventually shrank all the way back to what is modern day Mongolia.

And that’s all you need to know about the wonderful Mr. Khan and his culture-less, brutish bloodline-successors who came very close to annihilating Western Civilization. Had it not been for the tenacity of the Germans, Poles, Russians, and some internal dissension among the Mongols themselves, all of Europe would have been enslaved and racially cleansed (sort of like what is happening now). This then is the monster that the Jewish Supremacists are throwing in the White Man’s face.

A New Jersey newspaper quotes the developer of the Khan exhibit, Don Lessem, who is Jewish. (1)Lessem’s deceitful apologia for Khan is hard to stomach:

“We grew up thinking of him (Genghis Khan) as a barbarian,” said Lessem, a Philadelphia native and dinosaur guru. “But in reality, we were the barbarians.”(By “we”, Lessem means White people. You know the trick!)

In the new traveling exhibit, “Genghis Khan: Bring the Legend to Life” —  at the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia — the true story of this notorious conquerer is told. Fascinated by the genius of Khan, Lessem, the developer of the exhibit, wanted to “set the record straight.

“He brought the East and West together,” Lessem said, adding that Khan was indeed a true visionary. ‘Khan invented passports, paper money, he believed in freedom of religion and tax breaks for clerics. There are so many things that are a part of our everyday lives. We just don’t realize it,’ he said.”

What a great guy that Genghis was, eh Lessem? That’s easy for you to say because Khan and his successors, much like like ISIS,  mass murdered the Aryans of Central Asia, India and Eastern Europe; and the White Christians, Persians and Muslims of the Middle East (and lots of Chinese too). You see, anyone who, genocided, raped and enslaved as many Aryans as Genghis Khan did is A-1 kosher-certified in Lessem’s Talmudic book!

Lessem’s role is central in putting together this ode to White Christian and Muslim genocide. But what about the Franklin Institute’s top-brass? Well, as it turns out, Larry Dubinski, current president and CEO at Franklin is also Jewish. (2)



Some corroboration:  From Wikipedia:…/Mongol_invasion_of_Volga… Rebellions[edit]

After the Mongols left Volga Bulgaria to conquer the Russians, the Bulgars rebelled, led by the nobility. The Mongols then returned and put down the rebellions.

Impact on the region
According to some historians, over 80% of the country’s population was killed during the invasion.


1- Genghis-lover Don Lessem

2- Lessem, poses with another hater of all things White – Barack Obongo

3- Franklin Institute top dog – Dubinski.

As an historic figure of great significance, there ought to indeed be a Genghis Khan exhibit. But such an exhibit should graphically depict Khan and his mass-murdering, raping, plundering, torturing, enslaving, culture-wrecking Mongol hordes as genocidal monsters who terrorized our European ancestors – not as “misunderstood conquerers” who gave us “passports” and “tax breaks for clerics”. Good God! This is so frickin’ twisted and evil!

Any self-hating White libtard who shells out money to view this obscenity should have molten silver poured down his throat and into his eyes – Mongol style! How’s that for being “misunderstood”?!


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