JdN on Andrew Carrington Hitchcock show on Mary Phagan case; why should national socialists care about “Jesus the Jew”; reincarnation facts pile up

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An avatar in Aryan religion is a higher being whom the gods send down to uplift mankind. Late Judaism stole this concept (and many others) and called it “the messiah” (in Ancient Greek, the “Christos”), meaning “the anointed one.” 

….My appearance (1 hr) on the Andrew Carrington Hitchcock show in Britain






We discuss the Mary Phagan case — 1913, Atlanta, Georgia Jew murders beautiful white employee; arrested, he and all of American Jewry whine about antisemitism and bigotry. Convicted of murder and given a death sentence, the JEWS NATIONWIDE SEEK TO GET HIM OFF; but Georgia men in 1915 ignore the smears, rise up and hang the vile Jew high!

Leo Max Frank, adulterer, anal rapist, strangler, framer of innocent employees for his crimes, and before that serial sexual harasser of many white female employees at his factory and whoremonger right in his own office. Frank, an Ivy League graduate. headed B’nai B’rith of Atlanta; the vicious ADL was created to get him off!



Mary Phagan, 4’11”, fought her molester to the death!


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CONCLUSION Tom Watson October 1915: Rich Jews Indict a State (Part 3 of 3)

….National socialist received from me my article on reincarnation

Reincarnation Evidence


US Navy pilot James Huston of Pennsylvania, and James Leininger of Louisiana


James Leininger meets his sister Ann from his previous life. He greeted her by her family nickname that only her brother had known. You can see their resemblance. Often Aryans look similar to how we did before, and always will when we are born again — if the white race continues. Astonishingly, James and Ann had conversations which started in the 1940’s, and continued as if it were yesterday. There was noticeable sibling bonding as the two of them exchanged words of affection, even though they were 80 years apart!


James Huston attends a reunion of the USS Natoma Bay aircraft carrier and greets his old buddies by their nicknames.


This carrier served 1943-58, and at the battles of Iwo Jima and Okinawa. It was sold in the end for scrap metal, ironically and ignominiously, to the Japanese.



The killed US Navy pilot, James Huston, was shot down by the Japanese in connection with the February 1945 battle of Iwo Jima (where my own father fought as a Marine Corps staff sergeant).



In 1997, after staying busy on the other side for 43 years — he told his mother Andrea that heaven is “sooo beautiful” but “right here”; it is like earth, in the same space, but very orderly, and on a different frequency — the onetime James Huston saw the Leininger couple, Bruce and Andrea, in the 1990s happily dining together at the Royal Hawaiian Hotel in Honolulu (in dark-pink).


He was allowed to select them as his parents for his next incarnation.

When the little boy suddenly began having PTSD, nightmares and started shrieking at 3 am over being shot down and drowning — triggered by the boy and his dad visiting a Texas aviation museum showing WWII fighter planes — the father was stunned by his reincarnation memories, but was strongly resistant to the whole idea, being a born-again Christian. 


Little James told them to their amazement when he was four about

1) their romantic trip to Hawaii undertaken before he was conceived,

2) about seeing them having dinner on Waikiki Beach, and

3) how he decided they were a loving couple whom he wanted as his next parents. 

Being a good enough guy (so, hey, impress your angels!), he was granted his request (good people can get a choice of parents) and he was reborn, to Bruce and Andrea Leininger, on April 10, 1998.

image description

James Huston in 2015 on Fox News Channel, an Eagle Scout and well-adjusted kid


The parents wrote this book: http://www.amazon.com/Soul-Survivor-Reincarnation-World-Fighter/dp/0446509345  It details a very “normal American family” until the jarring nightmares and the growing realization of an extraordinary story dawned on the two adults. The encounter with the veterans of the Natoma Bay is great, and took it from an interesting theory to basically a hard fact — “Our son is a reincarnated WWII fighter pilot.” The father was EXTREMELY skeptical, and fought the idea of reincarnation to the bitter end. This actually makes the book all the more valuable.  It is heartfelt, humorous and utterly amazing.

Realizing there is proof of reincarnation can change your belief system and therefore how you live your life, which is what happened to James’ father. As a skilled and dogged researcher he failed to disprove that James had a prior life which he remembered in detail. In fact his efforts proved the validity of James’ past life memories as true beyond any doubt.

Even the smallest details such as about the different Navy fighter planes James Huston had flown checked out.

Huston was an enthusiastic test pilot for the gull-winged Corsair (painting), but was ordered back to a squadron using an older, slower model when he was shot down and killed.


And nobody was able to “google” how the teenage James Huston had loved his first car, a Studebaker. 😉

Two superb books by Dr. Jim Tucker of the University of Virginia:



tucker life_before_life


……..He likes reincarnation — but not the Jesus part

He replied:

Thank you for your email, comrade Nugent. I will take time to look at the contents. I saw mention of Jesus of Nazareth. I do not and cannot subscribe to a view which elevates him to being a significant religious figure relevant to our advancement as a race.

I don’t think Christianity is compatible with National Socialism, as others would agree. Other than that I can agree with enclosed material.

*** I replied:

I understand, but you may find yourself disagreeing with the founder of National Socialism, Adolf Hitler. 😉

*** KB replied:

Comrade, I understand, but what is the point to believe in Jesus without Christianity?

Also we know nothing about the historical Jesus outside of the Gospels. I have studied New Testament textual criticism, and most say that the New Testament does not give us an accurate portrayal of the historical Jesus.

So even if Hitler did view Jesus as a fighter, he was not a Bible scholar, and didn’t know what we know now.  To add to that, what is the significance of Jesus if you separate him from Christianity?

*** I replied:

What more do we know about Jesus in 2016 than Hitler in 1936? Nothing more. There have been no new discoveries that are hard facts or change anything.  As Hitler said, the truth about Jesus remains unknowable.
I was frankly never attracted as a child to Jesus, Jews or anything like that, just to my own race and its folklore, its heroes, and our own hoary ancestral ways. What a bunch of semitic Middle Easterners said, claimed, imagined, or did two of three thousand years ago was of supreme ihndifference to me. 
So why is Jesus important?
First of all, as Johann Wolfgang Goethe and Adolf Hitler both said, it is His life and teachings — radically opposed to Talmudism — that count, not His death and crucifixion, which were reinterpreted into an event of cosmic significance (forgiveness of sins if you believe)  by the Sanhedrin agent Saul-Paul.
Jesus warred against Jewish hatred of the human race, and Jew arrogance, materialism, wickedness, lies and greed.
And remember: Christianity is the ONLY POWERFUL WORLD RELIGION WHOSE FOUNDER WAS MURDERED BY JEWS. The Jews never killed the Buddha! ;-) 
It is very shocking how much the Jews revile this man, even to atheists (especially if liberal humanitarian types), and of course it is shocking to believing Christians, to Muslims (who see Jesus as a prophet), and to Buddhists and Hindus, who agree Jesus was an enlightened man and teacher
I can tell you from many personal experiences that when I show people this video, their jaw literally, physically drops. How can anyone hate that much a guy who preached love, peace and forgiveness?? 

[iframe src=”https://www.sonnenrad.tv/media/embed?key=24ce14300b49c74f6de9630cfe10fd48&width=720&height=407&autoplay=false&autolightsoff=false&loop=false&chapters=false” width=”720″ height=”407″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen=”allowfullscreen” allowtransparency=”true” scrolling=”no”]

This was an actual Israeli comedy show.  Toffy, the monkey, in this episode, plays Jesus, and a rather foxy, nordic-looking, Israeli-Ashkenazi girl mocks Him and pounds in the nails. 
Toffy protests that He performed miracles like “turning crickets into cake,” and screams in agony as Toffy-Jesus dies, which is depicted as very amusing.
I have to finish some work now. But I could say much more. I have written in fact on my blog since 2007 a huge amount about Hitler, the heavily underlined books in his private, personal library (see the Timothy Ryback book)  and the Führer’s personal view of Jesus of Galil ha Goyim, Galilee of the Gentiles.
He was NOT just, for political reasons, pro-Jesus in public.
And 70% of Christianity is true because it is not from the original Judaism at all, but from Zoroastrianism, and entered late Judaism in the Babylonian Exile when teh Medes and Persians took over.
–life after death
–heavens and hells (your life being judged)
–a good god versus an evil god
All pagan, Zoroastrian and ARYAN.
PS Btw, not sure if your name is really K—- B—–, but it made me think of Kenneth Branagh and my favorite video ever: (1.4 mio views)

[iframe src=”https://www.sonnenrad.tv/media/embed?key=562e0bb13b03eb067ab5ff31fb4bc506&width=720&height=405&autoplay=false&autolightsoff=false&loop=false&chapters=false” width=”720″ height=”405″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen=”allowfullscreen” allowtransparency=”true” scrolling=”no”]

This is an extremely stirring scene from “Henry V” by “Shakespeare” (IMO, he was really Edward de Vere, Earl of Oxford, not the dunce of Stratford-on-Avon).


Henry rallies his troops with the famous St Crispin’s Day Speech (Act IV Scene iii 18-67), referring to “we few, we happy few, we band of brothers”.

What is relevant to WNs in our struggle today is the king says the less fighters, the more honor.

…..Is Trump the reincarnated Patton?

Is Donald Trump (b. 1946) the reincarnation of General George Patton (d. 1945), who awoke to the Jew problem and was murdered before he could come home from Germany and run for president?



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If you want the Aryan religion now that Hitler dared not rock the Christian boat by creating then, then your support will help me do my job.

We must lose the fear of death. And gain the fear of dishonor. and the coward’s karma.

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  1. A comrade wrote this to another, and copied it to me:

    Hitler mentions Jesus only once in Mein Kampf, and then a handful of times in various speeches. However, he discusses him in depth on several occasions in the Table Talks. Taken in the aggregate, it appears that AH felt that Jesus was an Aryan who led a popular revolt against the Jews of his time. He makes the point that it is impossible to know what his actual teachings were, since he left no written account of them himself. All that has come down are various sayings, parables and anecdotes, said to have been compiled by his followers, but not put into writing until generations later. These were further mediated by the early Church fathers, who decided which sayings, etc., would be accepted into the Biblical canon and which would be excluded. All of this makes it impossible to reconstruct what Jesus actually taught.

    I believe that Hitler never investigated the historical origins of the Jesus-myth himself, but simply adopted the beliefs of Richard Wagner, and later Houston Stewart Chamberlain, as his own. Both men were exponents of what they termed “Aryan Christianity,” and which is called in the NSDAP program “Positive Christianity” (point 24).

    As for the Table Talks, I believe that they are generally accurate, but I note with alarm that the sections on Jesus and Christianity have been heavily edited in the standard English edition, which basically makes them worthless. One would hope that a new translation could be made at some point, reflecting the original more faithfully. But even here I note that the Table Talks themselves consist only of paraphrases of what AH said, and are not a verbatim record of his words.

    Personally, I am more of the mind that Jesus is an imaginary figure from Christian mythology, who never existed in the first place. This was the view of Savitri Devi, who summarized the results of her investigation into the matter in her essay Saul of Taurus. Certainly, there is no contemporary evidence that Jesus ever lived, so that one has to take whatever is said to be known about him with a grain of salt. If he never lived in the first place, who cares what he supposedly believed?


    PS — Perhaps Jesus was an Aryan, but even if he was, his birth tongue was Aramaic, which is a Semitic language. His name would have been something like “Yeshua bin-Yusef al-Nazarini.” Does not sound Aryan to me – but then I do not believe that he existed in the first place!

    *** I replied:

    Greetings, comrades.

    I agree with all of the above except for the possible non-existence of Jesus. And I am familiar with the arguments for Jesus being a mythical being.

    The Talmud was written down, starting around 100 AD, by the grandsons of the Pharisees who actually knew Jesus and organized his arrest and death. Michael Hoffman’s massive book, which I largely read, Judaism Discovered, goes into this nexus – the same Pharisees who killed Jesus wrote the Talmud.


    The Talmud writers not only freely concede he existed — that is not even a topic of any debate whatsoever in the Talmud — but also that He performed miracles, and was a skilled teacher, but claimed His powers were all demonic.

    In one sicko story, Jesus demands his mother Mary give him the black magic secrets of Egypt so he can do miracles. (The New Testament does admit the family went to Egypt, saying it was for the Roman Census.)

    She refuses.

    So one day she is bending over a chest of clothes and he slams the lid down on her breasts, sits on the lid, and as she screams in pain, he demands again she tell him the black magic secrets of Egypt.

    And that is how the “son of perdition” learned to do miracles, the Holy Talmud explains. 😉

    Did Jesus really exist? I don’t know. I am not a standard “Christian” anyway — if that means a religion that literally praises sheep. 😉

    I guess I like the guy whose nickname was Wolf. 😉

    But let us think about it. Why would the Talmud not mock the goyim in its many volumes, not destined for gentile eyes, for believing in a non-existent man? Would this not provide further proof the goyim are meshugge?

    The German scholar Peter Schaefer of Princeton wrote a book Jesus in the Talmud saying there actually most likely used to be a lot more in the Talmud about and against Jesus, but the rabbis decided to take it out.

    The description of the book on Amazon says:

    Scattered throughout the Talmud, the founding document of rabbinic Judaism in late antiquity, can be found quite a few references to Jesus–and they’re not flattering. In this lucid, richly detailed, and accessible book, Peter Schäfer examines how the rabbis of the Talmud read, understood, and used the New Testament Jesus narrative to assert, ultimately, Judaism’s superiority over Christianity.

    The Talmudic stories make fun of Jesus’ birth from a virgin, fervently contest his claim to be the Messiah and Son of God, and maintain that he was rightfully executed as a blasphemer and idolater. They subvert the Christian idea of Jesus’ resurrection and insist he got the punishment he deserved in hell–and that a similar fate awaits his followers.

    Schäfer contends that these stories betray a remarkable familiarity with the Gospels–especially Matthew and John–and represent a deliberate and sophisticated anti-Christian polemic that parodies the New Testament narratives. He carefully distinguishes between Babylonian and Palestinian sources, arguing that the rabbis’ proud and self-confident countermessage to that of the evangelists was possible only in the unique historical setting of Persian Babylonia, in a Jewish community that lived in relative freedom. The same could not be said of Roman and Byzantine Palestine, where the Christians aggressively consolidated their political power and the Jews therefore suffered.

    A departure from past scholarship, which has played down the stories as unreliable distortions of the historical Jesus, Jesus in the Talmud posits a much more deliberate agenda behind these narratives.

    So I think no one can dodge this question: The Talmud writers were the grandsons of those who personally knew and hated Jesus as an enemy of, and traitor to, their precious Judaism, so why did they write ream after ream against a non-existent man?

    In my religion I seek to capitalize on the fact that Jesus, a man loved by hundreds of millions around the world, hated the Jews. And the Jews murdered this man who preached love and peace.



  2. Hey JdN,

    I feel I have a similar story to you in some ways. I have had small memories of past lives like being killed by a few people back in the Roman Empire days, like I was murdered for not going along with the PTB even back then….feelings of déjà vu and dreams of amazing landscapes and ancient scenes.

    That is why I have been on the path to the real truth. It’s like an inner fire to get this world back to something real — not to mention my father is an Old Testament fanatic, which has sapped my energy for some time now.

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