JdN interviewed by EKP, the European Knights Project

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www.europeanknightsproject.com is a British website that also focuses on cultural marxism, race conflict, immigrants, muslims, and on the horrible genocide of the white South Africans.

They sent me these questions:

EKP spokesman Jack Sen sat down and interviewed EKP friend and contributor John de Nugent this past week, so strap yourself in for a truly remarkable read.

 1. Good afternoon, John. A sincere thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to answer our questions. Can you please tell our audience a little bit about yourself and what specifically brought you to first nationalism and white civil rights activism.

Firstly I wanted to thank you (Jack Sen) and the EKP for affording me the ability to speak with your audience. You do excellent and courageous work to awaken our people.

Well, I am definitely not a typical person or regular white nationalist, and both friend and foe will agree on that! After 36 years as a WN, and now at age 61, I see to my shock that we are as far from power as ever, despite the high hopes placed in the informational power of the Internet 15 years ago.

So I think “way outside the box.”


The simple truth is that I am known for and have written extensively, and factually, about reincarnation, not as an “interesting theory,” but a proven reality and the central fact of life.

We all incarnate to learn more and fulfill a mission that we accepted before birth, or to suffer for our selfishness, cowardice and betrayal of our people in other lives.  (http://www.johndenugent.com/reincarnation-evidence/)

Between each earthly life we review with guiding spirits very frankly what we did right or wrong, then try again with a fresh new life. Then that next life is carefully examined too. Most spiritual growth happens between earthly lives, and then the conscious memories are erased so we can start afresh. We do not need to remember all the discouraging tragedies of all our previous lives, all the mistakes, failures and heartbreaks.


What most of us do have is strong likes and dislikes that we cannot explain, feelings that we were born with about things and people, intense attractions and repulsions which our parents, friends and school did not give us. This comes from the good or bad experiences with such things, individuals or groups of people in earlier lives.


Now, as for me, I am certain, based on many indicators, that I was a German in the Third Reich in my last life, and that I am here now as an American (despite liking hamburgers and apple pie 😉 ) mainly to use the power of America to save the white race around the world.

The dominant superpower is now America, not Germany, and it is America that must be changed, because it is incredibly powerful, extremely dangerous, and is the hitman of Jewry.


Hitler said America was a white body with a Jewish head. 😉

Aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan



My parents were rather intelligent and educated, but, to their shock, at the age of one I read aloud, sitting in my high chair with Mott’s apple sauce,  the ingredients on a bottle of “A1 Steak Sauce.” 😉

I remember they stopped chewing and stared at each other, and then at me, and they asked me to do it again. 😉

I felt like a friendly alien at their table 😉 , and this feeling never quite left me —  that I was on earth for a mission, and did not belong to them or to American “culture,” which is basically tv, cars, money and acting friendly to get what you want. ;-))

Though I now love America as my new country, and it has many great people and achievements, I was here in the house as a practical repairman to fix and restore things.

(I know other WNs with a similar feelings, and from all they tell me I believe they were in “The Party” or in the Waffen-SS. One told me how, though he grew up in frosty Chicago, to the surprise of his family he would cry when the snow fell, and when he saw this book about the Waffen-SS, he “knew” he had frozen to death in Russia.)


I felt strongly about Germany even as a child, and I loved Germany (and yet I am 15/16ths of British stock). I felt even more so about Austria, historically the southern part of the German Reich, to which I moved totally alone and knowing no one at age 21. How many Americans do that? 😉 1975-76 was the happiest time of my life.

I lived in Kufstein….


…..and married a girl from Brandenberg….


I knew somehow as a child that race-mixing was wrong (though my parents were moderates), and I sensed the Jews were a threat, all this with zero encouragement from my parents. They had no ethnic or cultural  connection to Germany at all, viewing Hitler as a monster because Mr. TV Set said so — and their fear of the Jews or bieng called antisemitic sealed the deal.

ah-stamp-2-reichsmarks-1941-42At five, though, I discovered at my grandmother’s house, hidden under a pile of things, a Third Reich postage stamp, all nicely framed, at my grandmother’s house. (I later found out she had hated Franklin Delano Roosevelt, and had majored in German at an Ivy League university, Brown.)


My blond, blue-eyed grandmother, Elizabeth Angell, who married John Thomas Colwell from Goole, Yorkshire, England

John Thomas Colwell Elizabeth Angell Colwell

I could not stop staring at this stamp in its little frame until my father came up the stairs, and snatched it away from me angrily. Every inch the WWII vet, he then lectured me that “this was a very, bad, bad, BAD man!” 😉

He sensed, because I had been reading books for years, that I was at a turning point; he could see it in my eyes, and he wished in vain to hinder it. (Many years later, after his second Beefeaters gin martini, as we watched the British series “The World at War” and the German invasion of the Soviet Union began, my father once muttered:

“John, some say we fought on the wrong side.”

Well, yeah, dad!  😉


I believe that for this reincarnational reason, that is, my German previous life, the new documentary film “Hellstorm” about the savage crushing and mass murder of the German people 1944-47 was possibly even more traumatic for me than for other WN viewers.

I donated three of the voices used in the movie, but it was a nightmarish experience to then actually sit down and watch it, and I felt miserable for a week afterward, like walking in a black fog of grief all around me. I wished we had won, and that I had done more.

My family on both sides descended from the Norman and English people of Britain, they came to America from England in 1635, and my father, a hard-working, honest and respected man, was a self-made millionaire, and friends with the Republican presidents Nixon and Reagan.

“Never take on the Jews” was their motto; “conservative” meant tax cuts for the rich and more prisons for the poor 😉


My mother was a beautiful artist, also of Norman and English ancestry.

Constance Colwell

I served in the US Marines and graduated with high honors from a top university, Georgetown, and had two daughters during a 15-year marriage to an Austrian.


Speaking French as well as German, I was later married to a Frenchwoman and lived in the beautiful south of France.

But the Jews sabotaged a hotel project we had, and when the money was gone, so was this person. 😉

My outlook is pan-Aryan, and my goal the wartime unity under a new national socialism of all white people around the world.

Actually, half my readers are non-Americans: Brits, Germans, French, then other Europeans, Afrikaners, Canadians and Australians.

There are 1.5 million search results under my name in both English and in German.



I have always had friends among other races, such as the Japanese, among the minority of good, law-abiding, hard-working blacks, and the microscopic sliver of decent ex-Jews 😉 who have stopped believing in or supporting Judaism.

I love my own race but really do not hate other races at all, even if I have no illusions. The enemy of us all is the psychopaths in every race, including five percent of the white race, who are deliberate traitors and deserve execution.


My mission is to awaken the white race with a new Aryan religion, because it is their organized religion plus their race that unite the Jews, the muslims and the Chinese against us, and neither facts nor the clear and present danger have stirred us to the kind of action that brings us to POWER.

As for the religion of the Chinese, it is simply money 😉 , and the Chinese proudly boast “We are the Jews of Asia.” (I heard one named Han say this to me. It is a common saying.)

A Chinese client said to me: “Chinese people are crazy about money.”

The Chinese government is allied with the Jews (whom they however wisely do not trust) on the common goal of taking the white race down.

Chinese people have joked to me both in France and in the US the same thing: “The world is like an egg, part-white and part-yellow. But if you mix it together, it becomes all-yellow.”  😉


Once the Chinese have power over the white race, using the Jews, who as greedy middlemen want to make money off “free trade,” they will exterminate most of our race as their superior rival, saving just some attractive white women for their sexual enjoyment and humiliation.

And they will kill all the blacks without mercy, because they view them, and they call them “monkeys.” And they kill and eat monkeys! 😉 It is a fact.

Blacks therefore in self-interest should ally with white nationalists against their common enemies, the Jew and the Chinese, or the black race will no longer exist except — literally — in a Chinese zoo to be made fun of. And deep-down the blacks know this is true. They have no future in a Chinese-run world.

Chinese roast a dog alive before eating because supposedly pain makes their meat more tender. http://www.dogingtonpost.com/10000-dogs-tortured-annual-yulin-dog-eating-festival/

China is growing now by stealing white scientific ideas, but especially by stealing the economic model of national socialism and adopting its racial-improvement program, “eugenics.”  All this stealing oif white ideas makes China 100% unstoppable, unless the white race returns to national socialism, which proved miraculous in strengthening Germany. It took six years for the whole world to beat one country. http://www.johndenugent.com/english/china-booms-with-its-own-version-of-national-socialism-and-eugenics/ 

2. Please discuss the societal changes you’ve witnessed in America in your lifetime. How has Cultural Marxism impacted your country? Whom do you hold responsible?

It is not the same country at all as when I was born in 1954, except for the flag and the words “U.S.” The country is half-non-white and most whites today are selfish, stupid, cowards who tolerate things over which our grandfathers would have risen up in armed revolution and then hanged the sell-out politicians as traitors.

Americans hanged both black and white rapists in the old days. This negro in Oklahoma was set on fire while being hanged for attacking and killing a 16-year-old white girl.

These two white pedophiles were hanged naked.

This powerful Jew was hanged by the best citizens of Georgia for the rape and murder of a 13-year-old girl.

But that manly courage is now gone, at least temporarily.

Worse, now 32% of the young are diagnosable narcissists. “Narcissism” means, not vanity, because a vain person can still respect others, but contempt for the value, contributions, talents and rights of others, and total ingratitude. I have had terrible experiences with young people I tried to help. As soon as you stop giving them what they demand, they turn on you because, you see, we stopped worshiping their greatness, genius and all-around “specialness.” 😉

Kyle Hunt, who attacked me as soon as I and my partner had furnished for free six voices for the “Hellstorm” movie,” then bashed me to European comrades. Lots of free time on his hands while living in his 30s in daddy’s basement. (below)



Who are responsible for the moral downfall of America?

It is the psychopathic traitors in our own white race and in the top leadership level of Zionist Jewry.

These two tiny minorities — within the white race and the Jews — work closely together to create a world to consist finally only of a few thousand billionaires and their 500 million slaves, with the other 90% of mankind being gradually exterminated.

In the end, they want to breed slave races which cannot revolt, just work or fight for them, and they will enjoy observing them toil in misery.

It is a nightmare scenario that is coming rapidly true unless we radically rethink everything, starting with “Why am I alive?”, “What is the meaning of life?” and “What happens when I die?”


These are vital questions, because many of us will have to fight and die to liberate the world. These psychopaths will not hand power over to us peacefully because 1) they fear trial and punishment for their crimes, 2) they love conflict, and 3) they want to keep what they stole.

What really happens at death could then become very relevant to a lot of us soon, especially if Obama starts a war with Russia. To save the white race will require the supreme sacrifice.

Knowing reincarnation is real makes this sacrifice much easier to make. It is better to die quickly fighting and reincarnate than live for years in utter misery, a degraded slave, and wish your body had died in battle as you fought with honor for our people.

Alexander Solzhenitsyn, the Nobel laureate in literature, said this about the gulag in Soviet Russia, where he spent 11 years. The starving, depressed prisoners would sit around at night and ask “Why did we not fight until it was too late?”

Well, while they had been angry at the bolsheviks, they were even  more afraid, wrongly, of death!

3. White nationalism has taken a hit recently due to the perception we are a movement of hateful, violent, racist madmen.


 You in fact penned an article entitled ‘Why are Today’s Whites so Ugly” referencing the sorts of people one now finds up and down the White Civil Rights movement. In your opinion, have we fallen off a proverbial cliff as a people? I think of men like David Duke and his obsession with plastic surgery, and others.  Any thoughts on the matter?

Unfortunately, narcissists and psychopaths take over everything, not just the WN movement, but also all other groups: political parties, religions and corporations. This is because they can lie without blushing — it is their nature to be shameless and have no conscience — and they betray all their friends to get to the top.

In addition, all Western governments, under Zionist pressure, target and infiltrate WN groups.  Half the WN leaders in America today are being controlled, bribed or blackmailed using money, sex and scandals.

They are ordered to attack each other, or they feel envy of the other leader and hate him if he has more readers, followers, headlines, donors and popularity. 🙁

But it is treason to knowingly and willfully defame a comrade who is in battle, fighting the Jews.


The FBI program called COINTELPRO (“Counter-Intelligence Program”) was and still is (under an new, secret name) all about using rumors and slander to get dissident leaders envying and hating each other and at each others’ throats, especially: “Did you know what X is saying about you?”

My late friend Ted Gunderson, a former top official of the FBI, was once part of COINTELPRO. He left the FBI in disgust and became a whistleblower, especially about the FBI protecting child molesters and satanists.


Again, it is reincarnation that explains everything. 1) Some humans are gullible young souls, and 2) others are literally human demons who have reincarnated looking for human prey to use and torment.

They were born “bad to the bone.”



Psychopathic brain blue


Many animals are this way as well, Notice this rabbit, who growls and thumps angrily if you stop petting him. But he would run at any danger and never defend you.


Others are gullible young souls, on their first or second human life, and are very naive, so you can tell them any lie or slander, and they believe it. They literally were sheep or cattle in another life, and follow and they do whatever their friends do, and never question or try to check out the information they are told. The truth is just not important to them, especially not unpleasant truth that ruins their “peace of mind”!

Just like the cattle they once were, they just go from the cattle yard to the cattle truck for the road to the slaughterhouse.


As humans, if the media tells them to join the military and kill The Terrorists (or to invade Germany, Russia, Syria, or Iran) then off they go.

US Army troops on a C5A Galaxy jet head over to Iraq: “Saddam blew up the World Trade Center and is gonna nuke America with missiles.” 😉 No… “They hate us for our freedom.” Yeah, you look real free. 😉


As sheep, they were shorn and shorn and shorn and then killed for their meat. And if one wolf shows up, a thousand sheep scatter, “every sheep for himself.” 😉



4. EKP spokesman Jack Sen speaks about cultural compatibility of immigrants. If you were in the position to implement policy, would you prioritise immigrants from Anglo Saxon nations like South Africa over non-white and Eastern European lands currently giving priority in Great Britain? Also please give us your thoughts on South Africa and why the Left have ignored the plight of minority Saffas.

The only hope for white South Africa is in two things:

1) radical change in America, which dominates the world. If a serious resistance movement arises in the US, then Pentagon forces will be busy defending the very evil and unpopular regime here, and not interfering any longer in South Africa.

2) Just as Siener van Rensburg prophesied, the true, Aryan Germany will make its comeback and aid the white South Africans who are their blood brothers. (The Boers are half-north-German by blood and mindset, not just Dutch and Huguenot.)

At the end of the war, while Hitler did die in Berlin as a decoy, his Reich Germans evacuated their top scientists in new submarines to bases underneath the Andes mountains of South America and to the Antarctic. There they perfected weapons of unimaginable power. The problem is the Reich is just a military organization now, not a large country with 80 million people to use for manpower.

It is just large underground and underwater bases.

A fleet of UFOs famously overflew Washington DC in 1952.

But the time is coming soon when they will act because they must, or the entire white race will be annihilated everywhere.


The Russians confirmed all this in a 2006 state television documentary, and note the interviews with active-duty Russian Air Force generals:


The brutal truth is that without the weakening of Jewmerica and the return of the German Reich, the Afrikaners/Boers and Brits in RSA face a very dark future, and there is no point in sugar-coating the situation. They are outnumbered 12 to 1, and now the Chinese are an additional enemy, bribing traitorous black RSA politicians, and taking over the whole RSA economy.

But I believe that Siener van Rensburg will be proven correct and that in the end the German Reich will return, save the white race and lead the world. In this way, some of the white South Africans will survive.

There is almost no chance that any western European country or Britain will accept white South Africans refugees, unless they are rich. 😉

“The truth will set us free,” Jesus said. Yes, if we accept it! That is the Aryan path.

I am for white unity against the Zionist menace but also for white diversity. Vive la différence, as the French say! The Germans and French are VERY different, and I know this from having lived in both countries and been married to women of each culture.

The Irish and English often look identical but the one is more Celtic, and fun-loving, the other more Teutonic and stern. They should not be living in the same country because such real differences lead to conflict, and the more hard-working group will soon run the economy and the laid-back group will be poorer and then some demagogue will stir up their anger.

Even Americans from the north and south are very different. I grew up in New England but spent 20 good years down south. Had Robert E. Leek the great Southern general, won the war, no one today would doubt that they are two related but different nations. The north is more Germanic, rude, and blunt…

Ulysses Grant


—the south more keltic, wild, emotional and freedom-loving, more Scottish and Scotch-Irish. The Dixie battle flag is like the Scottish flag, in fact, a big “saltire” or X.


Northerners have far in common with Canada; they don’t like to make a scene or get loud. They follow authority, and there are no “good old boys”… which are common in the south….. lovable rascals: loud, fun and crazy. And the North and Canada have a similar  snowy lifestyle, weather and accent.

Had the South won, there would be no rap music up north, no destroyed cities like Detroit, no race riots as in Baltimore and no knockout games and flash mobs.


A Southerner wrote me today: “We took down our Confederate flags and dug up our Confederate heroes to appease these people?”

So let us 1) unite against our external enemies, but 2) preserve our precious, separate, different white homelands and the variety of our white genes, music, art, language and culture.



Diversity for Eternity!

I am grateful to you, Jack Sen in Britain, and to EKP for this interview. You are brave warriors awakening our race.