Jared Taylor and Evelyn Rich silent as the tomb about “cad” email; my role as nemesis; I ask gay guy about what made him gay; Uma Thurman and LBJ

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Jared Taylor allows antifas to literally pick him up and carry him out of a meeting in Halifax, Nova Scotia on January 16, 2007. Why not deck the first “lout” who lays his filthy race-treasonous hands on you?

….On the spiral galaxy blog

How did the original Aryan language sound, and how do we know the Milky Way is a spiral?

The comrade who sent me this Milky Way question wrote me:

Hi, John!
I was surprised that you took that and ran with it for a blog.  It was a good read.  I did poke around Wiki to see what they had to say, and it looks like the picture of the galaxy has changed quite a bit over the years, and has not made it into sci-fi.
It looks like the Milky Way is the type of spiral galaxy with a central bar as opposed to a central spherical area.  So it would look even more like a swastika than expected. 
And some of those arms, like the one we’re in, aren’t even connected to the central bar. 
I replied: 

Thank you again for all this great info on spiral galaxies and also for the $20 you sent, which arrived just fine once again.

I then took the aluminum and put it on my head to keep the alien voices out. 😉


I have now written twice to my defamer Jared Taylor and his Jewish mistress, Evelyn Rich, about my expose and her email denouncing him as a cad, asking them to confirm or deny its authenticity, and twice received no response, so under the ancient rules of common law, silence indicates assent.


It is a shame that I must engage in such warfare, but all these men (Duke/Black/Porter/Holappa/Taylor/Weber)  have viciously calumniated me and harmed my mission, and so their own veracity and character must be counter-impugned.

Counter-attacking certainly has worked for Trump!




Hey, Dukie, how come both your daughters — whom Don Black raised — are train wrecks?

Both MY daughters, “Doctor” David Duke (whose doctoral PhD book at a has-been Ukrainian university was ghostwritten), are successful, happily married, and now I have two beautiful granddaughters! 

Hey, Don, why does your wife Chloe, David’s ex, work for this Jewish sugar billionaire named Fanjul? https://www.johndenugent.com/english/why-i-retaliate-stormfronter-don-blacks-income-source-jewish-fanjul-sugar-billionaires-has-repeated-domestic-violence-and-drunkenness-scandals/

And why, Don, did your son Derek (by Duke’s ex-wife) totally abandon WNism in a letter to the SPLC?


Hey, Jared, why did a leftist antiracist Brit come and sleep with you and become mother to your kids — after she had just helped do a whole paper for her university  in Scotland and appear on a “Frontline” TV documentary blasting white nationalism?


[iframe src=”https://www.sonnenrad.tv/media/embed?key=db41261fa6d913ff351d6dd14aa4b355&width=NaN&height=NaN&autoplay=false&autolightsoff=false&loop=false&chapters=false” width=”NaN” height=”NaN” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen=”allowfullscreen” allowtransparency=”true” scrolling=”no”]


Is it because you are so hot in bed, or because her Ashkenazic mission from the ADL was to make you, a handsome, eloquent Yale graduate, stop talking about Jews – Jews like her, the mother of your kids?



But for the moment my great yet time-devouring series of counter-broadsides is completed and over. 

I picked up a WN just moving here to Ontonagon and the UP from Texas, a classical pianist who works actually as a carpenter. Another bright, educated WN, with  an English major in college, has also moved here to Ontonagon since two months ago, so I am attracting high-caliber people. He and I and his girlfriend, a real fox, just had coffee the other day. 

https://www.sonnenrad.tv/channel/video/Ontonagon-early-spring-2016-drone-view-/2301a0f4b1f83df4ca151d4bc7feb388/3  (video by Mike Delaney)

[iframe src=”https://www.sonnenrad.tv/media/embed?key=2301a0f4b1f83df4ca151d4bc7feb388&width=720&height=405&autoplay=false&autolightsoff=false&loop=false&chapters=false” width=”720″ height=”405″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen=”allowfullscreen” allowtransparency=”true” scrolling=”no”]


Fate was favorable also in another way recently.

I was visiting with a friend, a woman who is a retired interior decorator and operatic singer and who has a fabulous Victorian house. 

We were sitting out on her gorgeous porch, full of flower pots, and wind chimes, and savoring the breeze.

Along came her platonic friend R, whom she has often mentioned, and before my very eyes, he “came out” to her that he was “gay”!!!

I have seen this now more and more — that the Supreme Court approval of “gay marriage” has triggered people to “come out.”

Obama ordered the White House lit in fag colors to celebrate.


Well, actually he is an extremely nice guy, not a liberal at all, btw, and later on he brought me by an extremely valuable book for my religion, so I was in no mood just then to go off on him and bash him over the gay thing.

However, I did tell him:

JdN: “Look, I was molested as a kid, john-camp-tokhomeupog-1962

I am an activist on this issue of child abuse, and there is some anti-gay activist named Ryan Sirta who published an undercover video of him asking gays in a gay nightclub what ‘made them gay.’

So many of them, who had been drinking and were totally relaxed, and Sirta put on a sort of a swishy voice anyway,

confessed they had been molested as kids.


“Now with me, it made me go way the opposite way.

Me and a great gal, Margi Huffstickler


A little Beach Boys song in her honor:



I am extremely against child molestation and I am not at all into the gay thing, but I do try to understand it.

So … were you ever …..involved with women?”

R: “Oh yes, married and wanted to have kids.”

JdN: “So, ummm, are you at all attracted to women now?”

R: “Yes, but I am more attracted to men, and this is who I have decided I am.”

JdN: I looked at him with some mild sympathy and said:

“Well, from what you say, it does sound to me as if you are really more confused than purely gay.

If I may ask, did something bad ever happen to you as a child?”

R: “Oh my God, yes. When I was ten.”

I was observing him all this time — sort of a nerdy, skinny guy, a vulnerable sort.

In the back of my mind I remember what a friend told me who had been in Vietnam and who said:

“Some guys fought in Nam, and came back perfectly fine. War is hell, but they knew that, and they came back, went to work, raised good families and were relatively okay. 

Others were fragile to begin with, and Vietnam broke them.”

So I looked at R, and with this in mind encouraged him to continue his story. He proceeded.

R: “There were these three big bully kids, about 15.”

JdN: “And you were ten at the time?”

R: “Right…………. [long silence] When it was over…………………….. my rump was bleeding and I went home, and my father was livid with rage.

He wanted to go over and kill those three kids. But…..”


Anyway, the conversation took another turn.

But I had learned enough to confirm yet again what I have been blogging for years.

Molestation turns un-strong men “gay” who otherwise would have grown up straight and been normal, married and had kids.






The other interesting thing was he later brought over to me at the door (he did not come in, nor did I want him to — I sympathize with gays who were molested that way, but am not pals with them) a fantastic book, which has sold five million copies, A New Earth  by Ekkhart Tolle, a German.



It is a superb synthesis of western and eastern ideas about conquering the toxic ego. Tolle is a bestselling author and for good reason.


His site: https://www.eckharttolle.com

I learned nothing new, but I can use a lot of his wording and verbal illustrations and explanations.

The same is true of this wonderful book, which a comrade ordered for me and sent to me:


Btw, one of the two cute couch-surfing girls from Minnesota who visited me spotted a Tolle book and said : “I LOVE that book! Oh, I know we are going to get along!” 😉


What is radically inadequate is he never talks race (or jews, or conspiracies, or psychopaths). Some people are just “not enlightened yet.”

Yeah, Eckhart, like the Jews!


Und Eckhart feelss he musst pal around viss Oprah to show he iss no Nazi. 😉


And (maybe to kowtow, as an Evil German, to the almighty jewish gods of publishing) he race-mixed (like my defamer Henrik Holappa) by marrying a (admittedly cute) Chinese woman, Jan Teng.


He does not come right out and say it, but his tendency is to imply that “all forms of identity” (race, religion, gender, etc.)  are ego trips.

We can have world peace when everyone lets go of identity. …blah-blah-blah-

At that point my warning buzzer went off. 😉


But the rest of the book on how the ego causes pain to everyone is just magnificent.

Would that my fellow WNs could have shed some ego and welcomed me in 2008 when I became publicly active once again — not as theit feared “competitor” but as a fellow warrior against Jewry and for white survival.

WHITE NATIONIST Biography of John de Nugent

Instead, they have enviously defamed, libeled and slandered me for the last seven years straight to potential supporters and followers.

Worst, they thwarted thereby my desperate exertions to raise funds for, and campaign for sheriff (in an open seat!) or mayor in a 98% white, rightwing, redneck, black-loathing, impoverished and hurting rust-belt area of Pennsylvania in 2013-14.

Those were the only races a WN — one who was qualified and experienced — could have won for our cause in the whole United States.



John de Nugent for Sheriff-guns-and-gold-300-dpi

I had many locals who knew and liked me — a gregarious natural politician by nature,  a Marine veteran (which gives cred), and not without some Irish charm and the ol’ gift ‘o the gab  — and these defamers ruined my every effort.

Many voters, both men and women, liked and admired me, and I circulated in the churches, shops, diners, taverns, and at public events. But I could not even get in enough donations from WNs, brainwashed against me by defamers, to buy a used car. How do you run for anything when flat broke, and if voters — already skeptical about anyone changing the system — know you are out of pocket?  This is why Trump boasts — and lies about nbeoinmg “extremely rich.” And he will not release his income tax filings because he is not extremely rich; in fact, he is likely worth “only” $250 to 500 million.)


But imagine if I had had the resources to run and win for sheriff in 2013, and today had dozens of deputies and squad cars, rifles, pistols and power at my command.

Look how Obama fears the anti-migrant sheriff Joe Arpaio of Arizona!

The karma is now on them that besmirched me as I risked all.

They made me — against my will — into their nemesis.

“There is no better friend or worse foe than a United States Marine.”


And, finally, as the Buddha said, “ego causes suffering.”

They attacked me maliciously and without the slightest provocation, and thus harmed our race in its desperate condition. I suffered a lot when we were thrown four times on the street in 2014, and at the end we lost EVERYTHING that I could not stuff into our 1996 Crown Vic.

Thanks to a GERMAN, btw, we were able to buy this aged Crown Vic. We left the almost all-white town of Apollo, where I might have WON for mayor, in this old car in September 2014, with both winnable races, for Sheriff and then for Mayor, unaccomplished — due to luidicrous slanders anbd half-truths by Holappa, Salyers, Porter, Duke, Black, Taylor, Linder and Mark Weber, a veritable orchestra of hate.  


You now, I don’t care

what anyone says

about me.


It was harming my work

to save our race

that bothers me.

Our race is DYING from its mortal enemies. It has been under attack for millennia.

Massey Harbison, white frontierswoman who with her baby survived the Indians and their horrors


And all these base, hate-filled WNs can do is spew garbage at me — who never EVER attacked THEM.

…..Aussie comrade and donor writes me

Dear Sir,
I thought the following might be of interest to you.
1) This claims that 9-11 was predicted by the Hollyweird movie BACK TO THE FUTURE –
2) The genius of European composers (with the exception of Khazars Gershwin and Mendelsohn and Khatchurian (Armenian) –
3) I was reading the IMDB bio page for actor Lance Henriksen – www.imdb.com/name/nm0000448/   There is a personal quote from him ” (2011, on working with Uma Thurman on “Jennifer 8”)
“At one point we were shooting in an old abandoned mental institution. Uma brought a Ouija board and we went into the scariest part of the building. We asked it Who Killed Kennedy ? And the thing almost leaped out of our hands. It spelled LBJ, LBJ. Then we asked Who are you ? And the thing said I’m the guy that did it. He said that he had been put in this Canadian syphilitic ward to keep him quiet and he never got out. He died there. We got so scared that we threw the Ouija board away. That was fun! Uma was great.”
Interesting, don’t you think ? It is one of his quotes. Just go to his bio page and click on “see full bio” and scroll down the page.
                                                                                                                                                                                             Best Wishes.

…..He was reacting to my essays on the Jews versus Kennedy — and how Johnson was a Jew

Trump almost seals the nomination; Jewish war on the Kennedys


Lyndon Johnson was our first Jewish president


…..How you can help

“It is more blessed to give than to receive.”

Contact/Supporting VIRTUS




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winter (Marine EGA – eagle,globe & anchor – in the window)



I had to take this springtime pic before I cut the lawn. 😉


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What is my religion based on?








–July 5, 2016 cash from Maine

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–June 16, 2016 book, postcard and cash from Oregon


–June 14, 2016 bill paid by a friend in Idaho

–June 14, 2016 six books from Germany


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–April 10, 2016 cash from K in Massachusetts


–April 3, 2016 cash from Minnesota



  1. John, the Frontline video [at the link on Sonnenrad.tv which your blog provided] won’t play for me, but the other videos on the site will.

    I’ve tried on two different locations now, but the same thing happens — the video is there, but it doesn’t play.

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