Japanese man preaches national socialism to his people

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Courageous Japanese Awakening To The Enemy Of Humanity. What can these Japanese teach Americans?

Courageous Japanese Awakening His People to the Enemy off ALL Humanity

What can these Japanese teach Americans?


The courageous leader of a group of Japanese defying the lies of the Japanese government, the U.S. government, and the international media is Kazunari Yamada, pictured above. That is a screenshot from a video interview and hatchet job by Vice Japan, a branch of the international media corporation named Vice Media Inc.

Mr. Yamada is about 52 years old and was born in Tokyo. Parallel with many American truthtellers, he says Facebook deleted accounts he has set up 15 times and counting.

Why would Facebook, owned and operated by the jew Mark Zuckerberg, delete the Japanese Facebook accounts of this Japanese man? Because he points out the obvious hypocrisy and outright lies that his government and many governments around the world are enforcing against everyone (except their precious jews).


He says Germany’s current government claims that Germany is a democracy but “they have no freedom of speech regarding the Holocaust or Adolf Hitler’s movement.” For example, he says, a citizen can be thrown in prison for making the salute that Hitler-era Germans proudly used. That hand-and-arm gesture is an ancient and good sign that Whites have used since at least the early and admirable part of the Roman Empire 2,000 years ago.

But that gesture is illegal in Germany. Why? Because Germans wanted Germany to be a country of Germans, not of jews and Arabs and Africans. So, the jews combined the military might of the USA, Great Britain, and the jewS.A.-funded Soviet Union to genocide the German people. That was World War 2, and the winners of that war were the jews and nobody else.

japanese.vs.jews.nsjap.realization.3Rather than relying on tv, movies, and big newspapers to tell him the truth about things, Mr. Yamada actually sought other sources, which included valid translations of what Adolf Hitler actually said and wrote.

About 30 years ago, Mr. Yamada founded the National Socialist Japanese Workers Party, following the model of Adolf Hitler’s National Socialist German Workers Party (known as NSDAP using the German initials).

Mr. Yamada and the members of his organization want his country to be Japanese, owned and controlled by Japanese people. Thus, he is against the non-Japanese immigration that jewry is forcing into Japan.

Sound familiar? As the jews are forcing non-White immigration into the White-founded USA, the jews are forcing non-Japanese upon the Japanese of Japan.

How did jews get the power and influence to manipulate the Japanese government to follow the example of the jew-controlled U.S. government? The jews won WW2, remember. Japan was on the side of honesty and of their racial self-control of their own country in WW2. Yes, Japan was allied with great White Germany in WW2. That’s why, when WW2 was already over, the jews dropped atomic bombs on two Japanese cities.

The jews had desperately wanted to atomic-bomb the Germans, but the war was over and the presence in Germany of armies of White soldiers from various countries made atomic-bombing there undoable. So, despite Japan’s month of trying to surrender, the jews ignored their surrender pleas and gleefully incinerated two cities full of mostly women and children. Nagasaki and Hiroshima. Crypto-jew president Harry Truman said the atomic bombs were necessary and that they saved a million lives. Lies. The bombs saved no lives. The bombs mass-murdered tens of thousands — more than 100,000 — civilians, not soldiers. Accepting the Japanese plea to surrender would have saved every one of the subsequent lives lost by Japanese and Americans, along with some Australians and other White allies there.

And now the jews are continuing their program of genocide against that admirable subrace of the Asian (Mongoloid) race by forcing race-mixing and physical displacement upon them by way of forced immigration.


Notice, if you will, the names in the credits at the end of the Vice Japan video (screenshot above).

Look at “Sebastian Stein” and “Joseph George” as the producers. Those are jew names, not Japanese names, and not White names. And then there is “Ty Demura.” “Demura” could be a Japanese name, but “Ty” is not. The editor’s name is “Kazuo Shiozaki.” That is a Japanese name, though that does not guarantee that the man is Japanese. Crypto-jews have selectively bred with Japanese for at least two centuries already, and in a surge since 1945.

For anyone still light on the subject of crypto-jews, see my article “FULLY Wake Up….”

Look at the supervising translator’s name, “Lena Oishi.” “Lena” is not a Japanese name. “Oishi” in Japanese language means “delicious,” so it is an absurd made-up name. Surely a jew. The USA is infested with such absurd made-up names by jews. If we knew other languages well, we would easily spot some of them among every race in every country.

Look at the other translator’s name, “Alex Ko Ransom.” It is obviously not Japanese, but it has a “Ko” in the middle, which means “small” or “female” when attached to the end of a Japanese female’s name, such as “Mariko” and “Yumiko,” normal Japanese names. And who would have the verb “ransom” as a family name. A jew would.

Note: I lived in Japan for a year from 2002 to 2003, so I speak from that limited experience and further experiences with Japanese students in two U.S. universities.


Above, we see more credits. None of those names are Japanese. “David Laven” is the most obvious jew name. “Eddy Morreti,” a new chief of the VICE company, is probably a jew posing as Italian. “Shane Smith” and “Suroosh Alvi” are two owners of VICE. They are two different flavors of jews.

Vice was founded in jew-French Canada — that is Montreal, Quebec — as a filth purveying “alternative” media outlet aimed at the young end of the dumbed-down population. Now, it is an international conglomerate with operations in many countries and headquartered in Brooklyn, Jew York, New York, of the jewNited States Of America.

Here’s a link to the video, on the jew-owned and jew-controlled YouTube:

What about that term “Nazi”?

Despite the impression given by the jewsmedia’s constant repetition of the nickname “Nazi,” it has always been an insult term applied by jews against Adolf Hitler’s political party efforts since about 1920. Hitler, himself, never spoke that term in his speeches nor wrote that term in his books. (Neither should we. But we have many ignorant and lazy writers in our pro-White anti-jew movement online who use it as if it were legitimate.)

In the video, although we never hear Mr. Yamada say the word “Nazi,” the video on the “VICE Japan” youtube channel inserts the term “Nazi” everywhere. (Similarly, the jews’ Google Translator is programmed to insert “Nazi” into translations of texts that do not contain the term.) You see, the jews spew that insult term now against everyone who tells any truth about the jews. Simply stating internationally verified facts that the jews don’t like gets you tarred as a “nazi” or “neo-nazi” (which means “new nazi”).

Again, it’s no surprise that VICE portrays Mr. Yamada in a negative light since we already know that the film credits are full of jews.

Yes, of course, jews infest government and media, and of course banking, in Japan. That’s what World War 2 was meant to do against the Japanese: provide jew control. And the U.S. military presence there is to protect jew control.

What can these courageous Japanese teach Americans?

Despite Japan still being occupied by the U.S. military (many bases are still there and very active), there are valiant Japanese men defying the very purpose that the foreign U.S. military serves: to prevent the best of the Japanese from rising up in truth and honor in defense of their own admirable ancestors of the 1940s and against the jew world order.

These Japanese can teach Americans that we are right.

In the top image in this article, Mr. Yamada is quoted as saying it is “ridiculous” to think that all the different races and subraces are “equally capable.” Just compare the historical performance of black Africans in their own black countries against the Japanese performance in history. Africans: No written language, no wheel, no boats, no metal-working, no agriculture. Japanese: Written language with stores of knowledge, wheels, ships, fine metal swords etc., and a racial trait for order and honor.

By the way, this throws a wrench into “BUGS” Bob Whitaker and his followers’ strategy of saying “only White countries” are being forced to accept a flood of wrong-race foreigners. The jews are also doing it to the Japanese. The jews have not forgotten that the Japanese allied with Adolf Hitler’s Germany, and they never will. (The BUGS strategy, though usefully pro-White, is a strategy purposely designed to fall short of the top truth, thus a simple fact can expose it as false, and it can never achieve the top objective. WhitesWillWin serves the top truth in full pursuit of the top objective.)

Just as the jews spent decades of lying, conniving, and murdering to finally overthrow and butcher the White czar and his family of Russia, and just as the jews spent a hundred years trying to get full control of the USA’s money system (which they achieved in late 1913 with the first Federal Reserve acts), the jews are spending decades since WW2 to increasingly dupe the Japanese population into false guilt, suicidal nonviolence, and to race-mix the Japanese subrace into extinction.

The Japanese people are at one big disadvantage as compared with us, however, because they are disarmed. We are not disarmed, although the jews relentlessly advance, step by step, in their goal to take from us every White-invented tool of defense of ourselves, our race, and our country.

[source: http://www.whiteswillwinparty.org/?tag=kazunari-yamada]

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