James Fetzer, PhD, professor emeritus of logic and information, University of Minnesota, debunks criminally fraudulent, pro-gun control and pro-race war “Dylann Storm Roof” shooting

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…..Dr. James Fetzer destroys the hyper-dangerous Charleston shooting fraud


http://jamesfetzer.blogspot.com/ Wikipedia is terrified of the credibility of this former Marine Corps officer, distinguished professor of logic and philosophy, and crusading truther on many subjects, including the JFK assassination, September 11, and the truth about the deaths of Osama Ben Laden, Saddam Hussein, Paul McCartney, and the supposedly 20 elementary-school kids at Sandy Hook (no bodies ever shown, etc., a total fraud).

Here is last night’s show on the bogus Dylann Roof character and the faked Charleston massacre at the black church:

It was great material. My only critique was his face for this one show was underlit due to a computer defect. But the content was superb and I took copious notes. To wit:

1) Homeland Security had an “active shooter drill” in Charleston, South Carolina THAT DAY (all state-terrorism false flags happen during a drill!)

2) Dylann was wearing a $1,000 bulletproof vest

3) photoshopped-on apartheid-regime patches (South Africa and Rhodesia)

4) Elders of an all-black church had no questions about a blond, white kid with zonked eyes and a bulletproof vest coming and sitting down with them during their bible study
5) the style of the “manifesto” suggests three different authors
6) Immediately Obama used the “massacre” to promote gun control
7) Hillary also demanded gun control
8) Church services were held there again the very next day, despite supposedly bullet holes and blood and brains
9) Obama meets immediately with Hollywood moguls Spielberg and Katzenberg to denounce gun rights
10) donation sites for Charleston church shooting set upon on  the 13th, four days before the “shooting” on the 17th
11) Classic playing on emotions – at at Sandy Hook ,2o adorable first-graders were supposedly blown away by gun-owner; here nine sweet old church ladies and their pastor, peaceful church-going black folks, are murdered in their church while studying God’s Word in Charleston, then other saintly blacks forgive the shooter — suuuure


12)$29 mio paid to Charleston by the feds; $49 mio to Sandy Hook

13) Roof taken to Burger King after his arrest

15) let him keep his (one would think) blood-spattered watch and shoes (valuable blood and DNA evidence!)
16) wrong date stamp evidence on famous CCTV image of Dylann Storm Roof entering the church — it says June 7, not June 17!





17) CCTV of the murderer’s car parking by the church show no long 8 pm shadows, but instead noontime-type shadows, as when the sun is directly overhead.

18)  Yahoo search engine shows the massacre news was released a day before the shooting!


This appears to be yet one more staged event that was designed to manipulate the public into supporting policies, such as gun control, that are contrary to their own best interests.

And this hoax issue is the key!
N gun owner killed 20 kiddies at Sandy Hook!
No White nationalist killed nine blacks in their church!
We cannot let them get us on the defensive, like explaining away “what made the killer do it.”

Now we do seem to have an open casket for the minister, so he may have been taken out for the sake of “the greater good” (NWO and gun bans). I have heard but not confirmed that he was in the last stages of a terminal illness. That will be worth following up. Some say
leave it open as to whether or not anyone actually died there.
Maybe he was indeed shot and the others got a $200K hush money, then the witness-protection-program feds moved them to another part of the US.

I am in any case jumping in early that it was a fraud.

The details of the fraud will become clearer over the next week or two…. as always happens with such false flags when the truth bloggers get going 😉 .

We have to stop this race war in its tracks! this is my biggest immediate priority!

Race war th_arrow martial law under Obolshevikama!



A friend wrote: I don’t think the American people are up for a race war. That is a relic of the past.
I replied: I agree, but you have black nationalists (Panthers, etc.) and supposed white rednecks, Klan, neo-Nazis etc. who may be feds, and we just need two or three more such “massacres” — and nonstop media hype — and then Obolshevikama will go to Congress with laws against both the First and Second Amendments.

And if Congress balks, then we have MORE “massacres,” some real, and then he declares martial law and uses Jade Helm!

And some of these black and white nationalists or Mexican “La Raza” militants could just be feds, or mind-control types. Massacre after massacre…. until the public demands law and order.

…..There must be a new antizionist, multiracial alliance against Talmudic Jewry NOW before they divide-and-conquer us into the grave!





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