Jack Sen, the hope of indigenous Britons, thrown out of BNP, as predicted, by envious officials; my chapter of new book on Sen and UKIP

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….Black “Brit” says white Britain “owes the world anything it wants”!

Black “Brit” preaches white guilt-trip, saying “Britain owes the rest of the world anything it wants.”

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Chris White

Chris White Eritrea was never a British colony. It was colonized by the Italians!

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John D. Nugent
John D. Nugent Ah, don’t confuse him with the facts. ;-)  I wonder why he doesn’t go back to his black paradise? It must be the lovely English weather that keeps him. 😉
Or maybe he doesn’t want to live with other Africans. 😉
Note how this ugly black guy says to the South Asian woman “you are betraying your skin colour!” – brownies unite! — then has the cheek to call her, and UKIP members, “racist”!
And get this crap: “I’m from Eritrea .. The British tore my country apart so I moved here” …
That’s like saying, “A guy murdered my wife… I’m upset about it, so I decided to move in with him.”!
Besides, it was Italy that attacked Eritrea, and Britain merely temporarily administered it during WWII and for a few years thereafter. Then Ethiopia invaded and began massacring the Eritreans –YOUR FELLOW NEGROES, pal.
All this shows the psychopathic, parasitical manipulativeness of these people:
Invent war crimes, preach the guilt trip to the gullible, and then destroy your innocent, gullible, trusting victim.
The horrible American serial killer Ted Bundy, the Florida psychopath who killed over 30 beautiful white women, would hobble around on crutches to get sympathy from women, then get them into his car, hit them with a brick, rape and strangle them.
“Poor me! Hey, white girl, I am cute — and hobbling on crutches!”
As for the South Asian woman:
The first Crusade was launched in 1195, dear, over four hundred years after MUSLIMS first attacked Christian lands in the Middle East, Africa and Europe (Spain, France, and Sicily). The Muslim invasion of Europe was stopped by our white, Christian heroes at the battle of Tours in 732 AD.
It is Mudlims who attacked us! The Crusades were to RETAKE our own land –and only after terrible massacres of Christian people in Jerusalem!

…..Breaking, SHOCKING news:

The BNP under Adam Walker

has thrown out its rising star, Jack Sen!


So he is starting a new movement, the British Renaissance, as we speak!

One of his ancestors, on the left, Admiral Sir James Gordon (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/James_Gordon_(Royal_Navy_officer), was a model for the hero of the novels about Captain Horatio Hornblower! On the right is Captain James Cook. Jack Sen comes via his mother from a long line of Royal Navy officers and sailors.


….. Adam Walker, YOU ARE A BRAVE MAN, YOU LOST YOUR TEACHING CAREER FOR THE CAUSE, you are a strong, tall guy with a black belt in martial arts — but Jack was only helping the BNP!

Were you a Catholic, I would refer you to Catholic teaching, that “envy” is a mortal sin… to hate a man (for whatever “reasons” you now drum up) in reality because of his good looks, beautiful family, success, education, charisma and popularity.


Jack Sen on Google — 58 million search results



Adam Walker BNP  on Google — 340 thousand search results



It reminds me of the disastrous firing of the German chancellor Otto von Bismarck by Kaiser Wilhelm II in 1892.

The young German emperor, an insecure punk with a shriveled left arm….


….was insanely jealous of the revered old man. Bismarck was a political genius who had united Germany after two hundreds years of French-caused division.


The entire Thirty Years War of 1618-48 was not really a Protestant-Catholic thing at all, but a French plot to break Germany up and in the end it was broken into 256 independent micro-countries. One-third of the German people had perished after decades of starvation, rape, mercenary atrocities, and mass murder. To the shock of all sincere Catholics, Cardinal Richelieu of France, the prime minister, actually sent in French troops and money to aid the Protestant “heretics” in Germany and the invading Swedish Protestants! A Catholic cardinal aiding Protestants?

It is always about this:

Divide-and-conquer, divide-and-conquer — the age-old recipe that takes advantage of human pugnaciousness and pig-headed stupidity. 

Later on, France despicably seized the purely German-speaking areas of Alsace and Lorraine while Germany (with Poland) was defending white, Christian Europe against the Turks!

Hey, Frenchie, does this city (Strasbourg) look French to you? (I see you have put your paint on the German half-timbered look.)



As the Buddha said, “ego causes suffering” — and, well, the French got plenty of suffering from the outraged Germans when they got their power back. Payback’s a bitch, ain’t it?


This was a famous 1890 British cartoon in Punch at the time that the young Kaiser fired the great Bismarck.

“Dropping The Pilot” by John Teniel, March 29, 1890

1815 - 1898 Politiker, Deutschland Karikatur aus Punch 29.3.1890 'Der Lotse geht von Bord' (Dropping The Pilot) von John Teniel "english_caption" Otto von Bismarck, German politician. Caricature "The pilot disembarks" by John Teniel published in "Punch" 03.29.1890: "english_end"

Kaiser Bill then enraged the tsar of Russia — his own cousin via one of Queen Victoria’s daughters — who then went and allied with France. Bad idea to anger Russia, the largest country on earth — both then and now, nota bene!

When the obnoxious Kaiser built a huge warfleet, Britain also joined the alliance against him.

World War One was the direct result of the envious little hotshot Kaiser Bill letting the wise old Bismarck go — out of blind jealousy.

Millions of Germans lay dead in 1918, all because Wilhelm II was JEALOUS of another man’s deserved fame.

Trenchful of German skeletons at Verdun in 1916


Legless, penniless German officer after WWI asks for donations on the street.


And is it not unwitting treason to stab your fellow soldier in the back when he is battling the common Jew foe?

Whom does this infighting really help?

The invading, raping, beating,

murdering mudlims,

blax and Jews!






I saw a recent Adam Walker speech. Was it bad? No!

However, speaking 1) as a former dues-paying member myself of the BNP, 2) a friend of white survival in my ancestral British Isles,  and 3) now that Walker has fired Jack Sen, I will speak frankly, much more so than I would have if this unprovoked crisis had not erupted:

Adam Walker, a former shop  (woodworking) teacher, is more of a regular bloke, certainly well above-average in intellect, height, courage and commitment, and a black belt in karate — all very good things — but he is just not at the pinnacle of education, charisma or intelligence that a national or party leader of a major nation like Britain must be.

The last leader of the BNP, Nick Griffin, had both his triumphs and his mistakes, but all would agree that under this Cambridge University graduate the “oik” image ( British slang for “ignorant, uncouth person”) of the BNP was significantly changed. When Nick got up in the European Parliament, he represented the BNP and Britain well at the international level. The same applies as much or more to Andrew Brons. Now both are gone. 🙁

Adam Walker (l), was Nicholas John Griffin’s (r) bodyguard


His running the BNP is the Peter Principle in action — promoting a man a step above his actual ability level. We Americans saw this with Ronald Reagan, or George W. Bush, likeable guys personally — who were good governors of an American state (California or Texas) — but did not do well in the highest position. It is a shame that Adam cannot see yet that Jack is a wonderful asset to our cause, and the BNP is not about him!  There is a place for both men!


….Jack Sen on Facebook explains


Jack Sen

Just to clear things up – WHY I AM PARTING WAYS WITH THE BNP

My family decided to CANCEL our Direct Debit to the BNP last month due to the abuse ‘conduct compliance officer’, Chris Barnett, directed at my family. This was more than 3 weeks before Barnett informed me I was in violation of some sort of Left wing ordinance he conjured up to censor genuine patriots from criticising the Zionist elite.

During a phone call I received regarding my use of the word ‘invader’ I was forced to put the ‘right honourable’ Mr Barnett on hold for literally 30 seconds to see that my daughter didn’t fall down the stairs.


Upon my return to the conversation, Barnett abused me, demanding I never ever put him – “my boss” – on hold again. I then tried to explain that my daughter had been attempting to open the gate at the top of our stairs, to which he replied,

“I don’t Fu&^ing care. You don’t f&*king put me on hold.”

This is the honest-to-God reason why my wife and I STOPPED paying our membership dues until we received an apology….which never came.

I reached out to head office, explained how I was being menaced day in and day out by Barnett, asked them to stop him, but no one did anything. I am still not certain why.

Although I care a great deal about many members of the BNP, even support one or two candidates, I can’t support an organisation that employs delinquents who use profanity with party members (using MY money no less), and feels a child’s well-being has less value than a grown man’s ego.

It also appears that Barnett’s animosity to me stems from my refusal to pander to Zionists and my continued writing for publications that are openly anti-Zionist.

Recently, he posted (http://www.bnp.org.uk/news/national/clifford-—-letter-home) this weaken-our-message strategy, with the full approval of Chris Barnett, who runs the BNP website:

“[…] my view [is] that under the present leadership, and after only a few short months, our Party has come of age.

By that I mean that it’s no longer recognizable, though it self-evidently once was, as a Party whose core threads were quite unnecessarily racist, homophobic and anti-Semitic.


So is the goal for the BNP to be a very tiny version of the UKIP — watered-down, diluted and pulling its punches? The voters that want that babyfood already have Nigel Farage! Why not go full-on coward and just vote Tory?

Lastly, I’m only discussing this publicly to counter the rubbish Chris Barnett is spewing. When you air dirty laundry, expect a bit of the stink back.

Mark Baker

Mark Baker Cancelled my membership through that Barnett phoning me, telling me what I can and what I can’t say on Facebook ..not knowing I served four years risking my back on security …No need for security any more, he says, because the new leader thinks he can handle himself with all his karate training .. Karate training, yes, but knowing your enemy on the street is a totally differant story ..

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Jack Sen

Jack Sen He rang you as well? Haha. I thought I was the only lucky one! Did you he ring you after 11pm? The man had the nerve to ring me after 11pm on one occasion. The man is a menace.

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Bob Taylor

Bob Taylor These c..ts at the top are nothing but criminals who have destroyed the only hope this country had, and for what? So they can screw O.A.Ps [old-age pensioners] out of their life savings.

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Bob Taylor

Bob Taylor Ps.Watch out for viruses in any future emails you get, Jack Sen. The Chairman, Jefferson, sent me one. He must have thought I had the brains of head office and would open/click on it without scanning it.

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Jack Sen

Jack Sen Thanks for the warning. I sometimes click on things I shouldn’t. I am still disappointed that things went this direction.

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Pete Molloy

Pete Molloy I’m still waiting for my appeal after I was unconstitutionally expelled from the party five months ago!

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Jack Sen

Jack Sen Hi, Pete. I was actually told about your situation last night. Totally shameful. It makes what happened to me seem silly. Shameful stuff

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….Other FB reactions

Thomas Loughbrough Rudd Shocking behaviour!

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John D. Nugent
John D. Nugent  Jack has done nothing but help the BNP, and always said to me, “I don’t want to be the leader, just a spokesman, communicate and talk to people.” He was not challenging Walker at all. And why was he creating the new British Renaissance organization?
1) To help bolster the BNP by reaching out to people initially scared off by the negative jewsmedia portrayal of the party, and
2) because veteran BNP people warned him that Walker [photo] would “inevitably fire you as a rival,” so he had better have a Plan B.
Walker even wrote Sen: “You are getting more attention than we are and we don’t like it.” Can you imagine?
Jon Hamm

Jon Hamm When you are brighter than the world, it’s like constantly swimming again a whirlpool. I can’t say I’m surprised, but Jack is resilient. A toe stub certainly won’t stop Odysseus

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John D. Nugent
John D. Nugent I agree. I am blogging about Jack now [below], having written a chapter for his forthcoming book about his UKIP adventure. He was a threat to Nigel Farage too, because the People like him, and believe he is selfless, sincere and authentic!  This is why Paul Golding left the BNP, the vicious infighting, and now you see him flourishing with the BF, getting 500,000 likes on Facebook, gaining 14,000 members and being attacked on the BBC by its Jewish reporter Benjamin Zand.  http://www.johndenugent.com/english/bbc-hitpiece-on-britain-first/


….My chapter of the new book about Jack Sen and UKIP

In a world that has been divided-and-conquered, and in a nationalist movement full of personal attacks, slander, envy and opportunism, what I appreciate in a man is loyalty.

Loyalty under fire, which is when it counts… true friendship, because a friend in need is a friend indeed… and respect for the sacrifices, wisdom and experience of the older generation of fighters for our indigenous western peoples.

Appallingly, I have discovered for myself the truth of a University of Michigan study here in the States that 32% of young people under age 30 are clinical narcissists — and that means radically selfish. Call it the selfie generation. They will be nice to you to get something from you, but the second they feel you are no longer useful to them, then they throw you overboard — and typically go online, from a safe distance, of course, ridden with their hate that you stopped recognizing their young greatness and specialness, and they go on to blast their benefactor. Oh, and how they are offended by the slightest criticism, for they are perfect, brilliant, sexy, cool and gorgeous — a legend in their own mind.

What first attracted me to Mr. Jack Sen of Great Britain was he was exactly the opposite of this.

The motto of the elite US Marine Corps in which I was privileged to serve (and my father before me, in WWII and in the Korean War) is “Semper Fidelis,” which in Latin means “always faithful.”


Over in Germany, the motto “Meine Ehre heisst Treue,” meant “My honor is loyalty,” and it gleamed on the belt buckle of the incredible soldiers of the German Waffen-SS.


And even after 2,400 years, we all know all about the 300 Spartans, who fought the Persians to certain death at Thermopylae, inflicting decisive losses and smashing Persian morale at the very beginning of their attempt to subjugate freedom-loving Greece. On the final day of their lives, as the last battle approached, King Leonidas sent a messenger home to Sparta, knowing they all were now surrounded, and about to die as men for Greece and Sparta:

“Go tell the Spartans: Here we lie, obedient to your laws.”

At 61, I was touched that this young man, Jack Sen, in faraway England, was not at all a narcissist — despite his brains, education, good looks and beautiful wife and daughter. After being friends online since 2011, with many a conversation from soup to nuts, Jack approached me, a 36-year veteran of the anti-NWO struggle, for advice as his own great UKIP adventure began, knowing I had run and nearly won for US Congress in 1990, and had studied very closely, down in the American state of Louisiana, how nationalist David Duke had won a seat in the Louisiana state legislature in 1989 despite incredible opposition.

Sen would ask me good questions, and then really listen, and process what I was saying, despite having assets that might puff up a lesser man to vanity. He was not full of himself, or a “hotshot”; he wanted to learn from others how to become the best fighter for Britain he can be (and for all our western nations that are all in the same boat, facing the same foes — zionism and its gentile extension, freemasonry). His thirst was to improve his performance every day of his life. He approached me and others, including two former Members of the European Parliament, and basically said “teach me.” I heard him say “I have no ambitions to be a leader, just a spokesman” — but I demurred. Some men are modest and indeed have much to be modest about, but I see potential here, and we older comrades must be passing the torch on and helping the truly wise to learn from our mistakes. I quoted to Jack what the great Briton and world genius Shakespeare said (who, parenthetically, for me was clearly Edward de Vere, the Earl of Oxford, Lord High Chamberlain of England, whose descendants, by the way, now own the ancestral Norman castle of my own de Nugent family in County Westmeath, Ireland).


Castle Nugent, now property of the de Veres


I wrote to Mr. Sen:

“Be not afraid of greatness: some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them.” (Twelfth Night, Act II, Scene V)

No proper man will dodge his destiny, whether it is to 1) lead, inspire and give orders, 2) to manage tasks in the mid-ranks, or 3) to loyally follow and slog it out in the trenches and on the streets. Andwe need all three kinds of honourable men and women to win this struggle for survival.

I was beholding in Jack both a heart that was warm, yet a head that was cool — with the passion yet logic that a leader must have… and especially in wartime, such as now, or the fact is that our western nations are under lethal attack. We are at war — an undeclared war, by ruthless invaders — but we are not yet even half mobilized to fight back for our survival!

We must have leaders who can sway at least the best ten percent of the masses, and then we can win. All great movements got just ten percent involved, but then fully — minorities, yes, but having the majority of the willpower. The rest of the masses, as ever in world history — in every race, nation and age — will be observers, but never will they fight with love in their hearts for the Tony Blairs, the Nigel Farages, the George W. Bushes, the David Camerons and Barack Obamas, and the Angela Merkels who are utterly forgettable politicos of the day. Let the broad masses be neutral now, rather than our enemies, and they will, as all crowds do, cheer the victor, and throw flower on our heroes as they march past. But their children will grow up and be educated and imbued with the glory of sacrifice and passionate patriotism, of which their parents, shunning danger and glory, sadly partook not.

On a personal note: Having two daughters myself, now grown and successful, and two granddaughters as well, I could feel for Jack as he said how he adored his daughter Alexa, and yet asked: “What will the world be like, John, for a white adult female like her when she is grown up? Look at England now, already dangerous, and what will it be like in another 15 years?”

I know Jack will agree that there are two iron bonds of love in this world, that of a mother for her son, and that of a father for his daughter.

Alexa Sen

alexa-sen-red-shawlNow let me write about a warrior I know whose own narcissistic, politician daughter utterly and publicly betrayed him.

In 1985 the famous French indigenous leader Jean-Marie Le Pen was in Washington DC to meet with President Ronald Reagan and with US senator John East of South Carolina, who was a true nationalist and discreetly was promoting our western nationalist values. My father was very close to Reagan, who pled several times with him to come and serve in the White House on the National Security Council, which is at the center of US foreign power.

James Waddell Nugent and Ronald Reagan

james-w-nugent-ronald-reaganAnyway, I received a phone call from Senator East’s staff to please come and interpret for them and Mr. Le Pen in a meeting.

Actually, JMLP’s English was quite good, but because of my fluency in that language (as well as in German), I was along to help with any difficulties, and felt simply thrilled and honoured to meet such a great man.

Le Pen was indeed absolutely charismatic — with a huge chest, broad shoulders, joy in his step, and flashing, sparkling blue eyes. He radiated “command presence,” as we say in the Marines. He walked in and he “owned the room.” And you had to like the guy…. he gave off the “vibe” that he liked people, that he was smart, and had infinite courage — as befitting a former combat paratrooper and officer who had fought in the Algerian War, and later had lost an eye when treacherously attacked by a leftist in the early 1970s.

(Btw, Le Pen is a Breton, and that region’s name in France, “Brittany,” means the Keltic Britons who fled across the Channel to northwestern France after the Anglo-Saxon invasion of the 400s caused them to leave eastern England. So the ancestors of JMLP were British too.)



Later in the 1980s Jean-Marie Le Pen got into hot water with the French zionist media by some remarks about the Jewish Holocaust claims, and then the total vilification began. “Racist, Nazi, antisemite, fascist, bigot, homophobe, islamophobe” — you name it, they trotted it out against him, and whipped up a literally hysterical fear of the man among the gullible masses he was trying to save from misery and destruction.

Aix-en-Provence in the south of France, Le Pen country

Aix-en-Provence fountain(I know about this exceptional hostility because my second wife was French, and a liberal — partly why we did not last — and I actually lived in France in 2004-05. In fact, I and she lived in Aix-en-Provence, in his southern stronghold along the Riviera, where btw a whopping 100,000 Brits and Americans, “expatriates,” also live. The average clueless Frenchie has been convinced by their lying media that Le Pen is Satan incarnate, when what he really is trying to do is this — prevent their wives and daughter from being raped or killed by arrogant, unwanted foreigners who have no business even being in France! The syllogism drummed into their heads is: Hitler was pro-white and Le Pen is pro-white; Hitler gassed six million Jews (they say), so Le Pen will also gas six million Jews. And then kill everyone without blond hair! That scares the Frenchies, of course.)

It utterly appalled me when his daughter Marine took over his powerful political party, the Front National, because I sensed that she was not loyal to him as her father, nor to his values and vision.

Living with a Jewish boyfriend named Alliot, appointing a homosexual named Philipot as her spokesman, and agreeing with the media totally on the evil Nazi Germans and the “Holocaust”, and then saying “Vive la République” of the Illuminati that guillotined tens of thousands of innocents in the Terror, then flying off to Israel to be taught that the Palestinians are terrorists for wanting their country back — what a sell-out. Anything to get power, but when you get there, you have so diluted your program, making it a clone of the Tories, the UMP in France, or the Republicans in America, that nothing will change.

“Much ado about nothing,” as Shakespeare/de Vere would say.

Well, knowing her father, I knew this narcissistic treason was going to blow up some day.

(A French friend said to me that, unlike his daughter, JMLP would never forgive the zionists for the 1978 car bomb attack in Normandy that not only killed his best friend and the co-founder of the FN, the Sorbonne graduate Francois Duprat, but also ripped Duprat’s wife’s legs off. You just do not forgive something like that, ever. Loyalty –to your values, and to a murdered friend and his mutilated wife — is untouchable and SACRED.)


Not long ago, Marine le Pen went further. She is the true offspring in the spirit of Le Pen’s first wife, Pierette, who disgracefully divorced and denounced her ex-husband, fawning to the Zionist media jackals, and topped it off by posing nude for the American “Playboy”magazine. The daughter of this tramp expelled her own father from the Front National party which he had founded and led to victory after victory — the biggest truly nationalist party in the world — because the zionists were again foaming at the mouth against him.

“Et tu, Marine?”

That is why Jack Sen for me is such a refreshing contrast — loyal to both his values and his friends, respectful of those who have preceded him in the struggle, and now, being neither a green lad nor a tired old man but in his best years, passionate to change the world that desperately needs it.

As for me, I am 15/16ths of British stock, even after 350 years and 16 generations that have lived in New England in North America. My “Grampy Colwell” from Goole, Yorkshire, my mentor in all things, used to make Yorkshire pudding for me and my brother Todd us every Sunday, and I had toast with Chiver’s Old English marmalade with him too. *;) winking

chiver-s-old-english-marmaladeI did two videos about him, and even something rather spooky happened fifteen years after his passing, where I felt, and still do, that he may be watching over his grandson from the beyond. So even my guardian angel is British!

My maternal grandparents, both pure British in blood, John Thomas Colwell and Elizabeth, née Angell, before their house that was built in 1792 in Glocester, Rhode Island.
John Thomas Colwell Elizabeth Angell Colwell
As for Jack Sen, he has an attractive appearance, personality and most of all the right viewpoint — that white Britons should have some rights in their own country…. as should white Americans! Such as not being attacked by a Pakistani mob on their own streets!


As this book will point out, Nigel Farage’s minions threw Jack Sen out of the supposedly anti-EU UKIP party — where Sen had stood a good chance of winning a seat for them in the recent parliamentary election. Why? Because the dashing yet personable Sen (and his lovely wife and child) were charming the public and his party, and being 1/4 Indian (but from northern India, full of light-complected people with ancient blood from the “Aryans”) he had befuddled the lefties and thrown the “‘e’s-a-bloody-racist” antifas way off their stride. 😉

What makes Sen tick? Well, maybe it’s LOVE. Most whites take being white for granted. But others see our genes and civilization as wonderful and want them preserved.

I have two black friends and they both have confessed to me quietly that they wish they were white. But as for the average white, taught to never think of preserving his genes, or having any pride, it is as the American song says: “You don’t know what you’ve got til it’s gone!”

I have a story about outsiders appreciating whites.

When I attended Georgetown University, located in Washington DC, I took two semesters of a course called “Indo-European Linguistics.” It was about the mother language of the white Aryan people when they were still united, 4,000 years ago. We all spoke the same language then — somewhere in eastern Europe, maybe in the Baltic, or maybe in Ukraine, or both.

Then we “Indo-Europeans” broke up, probably over a woman, I bet.

We only know about the Indo-European language from the daughter languages: Latin, the language of Rome; ancient Greek; ancient Teutonic/German/Scandinavian; Old Slavic, whence Russian, Polish, etc.; Keltic (the forerunner of Scottish, Irish, Welsh and Cornbish, etc.) and on the Asian side, the ancient tongues of Iran and India.



Except for China and Japan, all the major countries of the world speak Indo-European languages, which various white empires (such as the Roman, Spanish, British, French or Russian) have spread globally.

Most of India speaks an Indo-Aryan dialect and English, an imported Aryan language, is an official language there as well, and in fact it has been English that has helped unite India, which was never one country until the British came in with one army, language and colonial viceroy.

The Indo-European languages in Eurasia



Interestingly, the word “Ireland” means Aryan-land, as does the true Indian word for India, “Arya-varta,” and so does the name “Iran.”

And the Greek work “aristos” (whence our word “aristocracy”) means the best, or the most noble. The Germans have a poetic word for the eagle, too, the “Aar,” and this mighty creature is an ancient symbol of the Aryan race.


Anyway, at Georgetown my professor for the two-semester course in Indo-European linguistics was Shaligram Shukla, definitely from India, who has a PhD degree from the Ivy League university, Cornell. (http://explore.georgetown.edu/people/shuklas/)

Georgetown University, btw, is located in the wealthy section of Washington DC, and was named for the British monarchs who ironically lost America to the army of George Washington. All that British North Americans wanted in the 1770s was the same rights that Englishmen enjoyed, but they were told “you are mere colonists, not really British. You are entitled to no seats in Parliament, but you must pay taxes and furnish soldiers for any wars we decide.” Conservative Edmund Burke was appalled that George III was pushing away Britain’s most important and gigantic colony, which then turned reluctantly to the French for aid. George Washington had fought 15 years before against the French and for the British Empire in the Seven Years War, called in America the French and Indian War.


When the British rulers hired American Indians to massacre and scalp white families on the frontier, all the Americans’ residual love for the “Mother Country” went chilly; even the Loyalists fell silent at this disastrous decision. In this painting, Amerindians, paid by London, exultingly take away two white American frontier women of British stock for sexual enslavement, or for days of torture by hot coals, amputation of fingers, rape, and death. Their husbands and sons had been killed. The Americans’ rule in a fight with the Indians was therefore “save the last bullet for yourself.” (See Thomas Goodrich’s book Scalpdance for more, or his Red Ice interview.)

Scalps were listed to British officers by red hair, brown hair or blond hair, or white children’s scalps for a lower price. Never could the frontier Americans forgive the London government for paying Indians — a mix of Mongols and semites — by the scalp to massacre whites. Many Americans had been favorable during the Revolution to partial independence within the British Empire, Canada-style, until this massacre order went out. They did not hate England but they loathed its government and viewed Westminster, not themselves, as the traitor to British values.



My full transcript at Georgetown; A is the best grade, then B and C.


Fall 1979 and Spring 1980 semesters





shaligram-Shukla-georgetown“Shali” as he was called for short, was/is a Brahmin (of the highest Indian caste), he still teaches there, and like many Indians who are gurus (spiritual teachers), he loved holding a kind of satsang — gatherings where disciples meet and commune with their teacher. None of my white professors, in conformity with our culture, ever invited their graduate students to their home for receptions, but “Shali” did. 🙂

Once he threw a big reception, and there were at least 12 couples — together with their little children. (Indians are very fond of their children — and rule by love more than fear.) Half the couples at the party were Indians and half Westerners (Americans, Brits, Canadians and Germans.)

Anyway, to conclude my anecdote, as we all chatted merrily away with each other and with Dr. Shukla, and kept one eye on our tykes’ behavior down on the carpet, I noted something during a lull in the conversation.

The Indian couples were looking at our children — and they all were blond, as young white children often are, and mostly blue-eyed. They were admiring them!

Being Indians, they knew this was the pure old Aryan blood — which in India, they know, is now very diluted after thousands of years. The look in their eyes was of LONGING; they were studying our kids as you would study a sapphire. “You don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone.”



This predilection for white genes is reflected in India in a huge and active movie industry called “Bollywood” (from the idea of “Bombay Hollywood”). Many of the movie stars are extremely light-complected, high-caste Indians.


Male stars


A female star





Jack Sen was telling me once how his Indian grandfather said that Islam (which was prevalent in western and eastern India, now Pakistan and Bangladesh) should never be permitted to enter into Europe, or it would destroy Britain and the Continent within fifty years. It is the ideology that is toxic.

Look at the Rotherham city mega-scandal in Britain. Over a 16-year-period, from the 1990s until recently, muslim immigrants/descendants, Pakistanis, “groomed” (pulled into prostitution via drugs and brutal force) 1,400 English white girls. It was a hell for these innocent children, and the worst of it was that the white city council, white child protective services and the white police all knew about it for an incredible sixteen years.

This fiend, blue eyes blazing, square-jawed as a movie star, and handsomely Anglo-Saxon by blood — but callous and evil — Shaun Wright was the South Yorkshire police commissioner and did nothing to save 1,400 Rotherham girls from muslim rapists — nor has he been prosecuted even for misprision (failing to act on, or even report, a felony crime). He was simply allowed to resign.


Now I am proud of my own British heritage as an American; my English ancestors founded in 1636 the colony (now “State”) of Rhode Island in the historic region called “New England,” and my mentor in life, my grandfather (John Thomas Colwell), was born in Yorkshire, (in a town called Goole).

But I am shocked that no angry mob at all ever formed after the full and horrible Rotherham truth came out. Not one white politician or Pakistani was lynched, or even beaten up! 1,400 English girls molested…. 16 years of known, systematic abuse… hateful foreigners shattering the lives of English maidens in their formative years — and no one has paid the price.

As the father of two daughters and grandfather of two granddaughters I cannot comprehend a man who would let foreigners rape his female offspring and not take matters into his own hands if the government does nothing — because it did nothing because the government itself is a co-perpetrator.

In fact, in such case a revolution — mass firing squads and public hangings of traitors — is in order!

In fact, the Rotherham police actually arrested — “for trespassing” — the few English fathers who, discovering their daughters were in Muslim bordellos, went charging into these prisonlike whorehouses to liberate their suffering girls!

As a father I can say that few bonds are closer than a father to his daughter, or a mother and her son. And yet these men do basically nothing; well, I bet they are drinking more.

I bet they are divorcing more.

How can a man live with himself if he is suppressing his most primal instinct, his genetic programming, his purpose as a male, which is obviously to protect and defend his womenfolk and children, and avenge outrages committed upon them?

I read once that when a child is murdered, the parents have a much higher divorce rate. Why? Because the child was the symbol and fruit of that marriage.. and both bereaved parents tend to emotionally shut down, and then they drift apart — each into their own little world of perpetual suffering. I do wonder how these Rotherham fathers are coping.

They SHOULD be coping by taking actions to get these accursed pedophiles out of their country!

Does this mean that white Britons have cowardly genes? No! British history is unmatched for valor, honor, manliness in men — and respect for family, law and order. Magna Charta meant “we are not slaves!”

But the idea has been put by the media into British heads that “it would be racist to say anything.”

Similarly, it is the basic idea of Islam (which means “submission” in Arabic, a concept alien to us) that is fundamentally toxic to a free society. America, Britain and Europe are based on human dignity, freedom, Christian chivalry toward women and children — we remember how the Englishmen on the “Titanic” gave up their lifeboat seats to save them — and the freedom to choose whom one will marry and have sexual relations with.

Think about the importance of ideology, as much as genes and race. Many northern Indians look very similar or identical to Pakistanis, but no Hindus in Rotherham were seizing and “grooming” white English girls for prostitution, and threatening to kill them if they left or “told.”

And yet before the violent muslim conquest of what is now Pakistan by the Turkish Moghuls, all of northern India was just one people, speaking one language (which is true, because the Hindi language in India and Urdu in Pakistan are the exact same language, but Urdu is Hindi written in the Muslim-Arabic script).


The British Empire in 1940. In blue, British India was one unified country, but Islam broke it up in 1947, and millions were killed. Gandhi’s nonviolent dream was over.


It struck me that, because of Hinduism, Indians believe Aryans are the highest race, because those ancient whites originally founded their civilization thousands of years ago. In personal ads (ads for dating/marriage) in India one regularly reads the boast “light-complected” — a big selling point in India if true. To this day, many high-caste Indians are that way, and a few (1%) even have blue eyes.

This pro-white attitude, of course, does not apply to Pakistanis, who are muslims and do not identify at all with anything Aryan at all, but instead with the Arabs and with Islam. They also reject the caste system, which puts the lighter-skinned Indians of the brahmin caste (priests and intellectuals) and the “kshatriyas” — the warrior and king class — on the top.

But in Islam, all was topsy-turvy from the start.

Mohammed was a camel trader, thus from the third class of society, the merchants, who then became a general — for Hindus the second function — then went to the first function, that of a priest, bizarrely forcing his religion on others, and beheading (the original ISIS man) all those who disagreed with him as “infidels”!

In India a priest would never be a soldier or a merchant — that would mix the three different and separate functions of society. Btw, Jack has informed me his ancestors were kshatriyas, and he is still a warrior now, as Nigel Farage and the Daily Mirror have found out.

Rescuing fair damsels in distress in a home fire drill


Twenty years ago, I studied meditation at the ashram (spiritual center) in the States of a guru from India, the brahmin Swami Rama – handsome as a Bollywood actor. He was for real and his uncanny mental powers had the CIA trying to recruit him for a project called “remote viewing.” They wanted desperately to know what the Soviets were doing down in their huge underground military bases, but he rejected any collaboration with this infamous organization.


As for loyalty, or lack thereof, especially toward voters, I am hardly surprised that former City of London stockbroker Nigel Farage talks the pro-Brit talk but does not walk the walk, saying he wants no cap on immigration, just a “referendum on leaving the EU” — an idea promptly hijacked by Tory prime minister Cameron (there being no honour among thieves).



Farage’s UKIP party had been riding high in the polls until it expelled the courageous Jack Sen for addressing both the power of zionists (such as David Cohen, head of TV programming for the dominant BBC) and the muslim and African migrants flooding in. With Sen sacked, the voters needed mno further convincing that UKIP was politically correct like all the rest, and it suffered disaster — one seat in Parliament!

JdN: Sen, with a vibe like a good son, gets Britons to relax and express their true feelings on the taboo immigrant topic.
where since 1972 any racial comment is illegal.


In spite of being publicly humiliated by the party he’d fought for, Mr Sen still managed to procure almost 13% of the vote, surpassing several high ranking UKIP MEP’s: Paul Nuttall, Louise Bours and Paddy O’Flynn. He’s been torn apart for his heroic patriotism by the Independent, BBC, Channel 4 News, the Guardian, Mirror, Liverpool Echo, etc. His scathingly sardonic writing, endeavours and orations have been featured on the European Knights Project, Praag.org, at the London Forum, on the Occidental Observer, UKIP West Lancs official site, the Daily Stormer, ManTalk– and countless other places our best men speak out against societal injustice.

I am proud to say I am the godfather of Jack’s adorable little daughter Alexa. Her bright blue-grey eyes reflect the genetic rule that both parents must have blue eyes in the family tree for the child to be blue-eyed. Well, Jack’s mother is pure English, even his 1/4 Indian side is partially-white via the ancient Aryans (as shown above), Alexa’s mother, Jack’s wife, Mrs. Sen, is Swedish and Ukrainian.

You know what Aryan really means, though, in Sanskrit? It means “noble,” and to this day, five thousand years later, if one Indians does something good for his fellow man, the other says, admiringly, “Thank you. That was really Aryan of you.”


At Trafalgar Square, celebrating one of the greatest of all the Aryan nations. May it soon return to glory with the help of Jack Sen and his brave and beautiful family!

I do not just say Jack has the right stuff, but this spring I put my money behind him during his UKIP campaign.



The Mirror wrote:

Ousted: Nigel Farage removed Mr Sen from the party after an anti-semitic rant

Just days before the election Mr Sen directed abuse at Luciana Berger. In one message he wrote: “Britain’s youngest Jewish MP, Luciana Berger, is facing criticism over her record of… loyalties.” Ms Berger said it was “clearly an anti-Semitic comment”.

It was too late for him to be removed from the ballot, but he said that had he been elected, he would not sit in the House of Commons as a UKIP MP.

He came third in the constituency and was later welcomed into the British National Party by chairman Adam Walker.

In June Mr Sen also joined the South African Front Nasionaal “to champion the fight for self-determination for ethnic whites and to draw attention to the farm and general murders and attacks on whites”.

When the Sunday Mirror contacted Mr Sen he defended taking contributions from Mr de Nugent and claimed he had been left penniless after being “betrayed” by UKIP.

He said: “The bulk of the money was spent after I was suspended. In order to stop the bleeding I had to put an advertisement in a local newspaper which cost me about £500.

“That’s when John sent over a bunch of donations from other countries, even Germany. He put out a plea to get the advertisement paid for.

“I look at it this way. I was fighting a powerful enemy who was trying to censor my speech.”

So Mr. Warburton of the Mirror wrote me, John de Nugent, asking for comment on this:
There is criticism that someone with your views – someone described as a Nazi sympathiser who believes they are a reincarnated German from the Third Reich – was involved in bankrolling a prospective politician’s campaign.
There’s also a suggestion you hoped Mr. Sen would help get national socialism into Westminster.
I replied, a bit cheekily:
Dear Mr. Warburton (or is it Warburg? *;) winking )
My two cheques said nothing about campaign donations specifically, which might be illegal anyway coming from a foreigner, as they would be in a US election.
They were just to support the personal friend and comrade Jack Sen, who has a wife and daughter (both beautiful, btw) because he fights for a better Britain, but also because the UK is the home of almost all my own ancestors, Normans and Anglo-Saxons, Irish and Scots, and specifically of my great mentor in life, my grandfather from Goole, Yorkshire.
As for Jack Sen, he has an attractive appearance, personality and most of all the right viewpoint — that white Britons should have some rights in their own country…. as should white Americans!
…such as not being attacked by a Paki mob
The new national socialism he and I espouse is not stuck in the old German-Hitler-militarism model of long ago and far away. A British national socialism would revere British symbols, traditions, feelings and customs, and respect the separate greatness of the Scepter’d Isle, not ape Germany.
The British people are more Keltic and freedom-loving anyway (hence all the “gingers”) than the Germans.
…Kelts like this ginger here; what’s his name now? *;) winking [Prince Harry 😉 ] Brits are took keltic to ever be Germans.
Jack himself is a mix of nationalities, but fiercely British in his heart, and even leans toward friendships with Americans, Canadians, Aussies, Kiwis and South Africans, the kindred peoples of the old Empire, knowing it was a magnificent worldwide structure, won with Britons’ blood and treasure — but given away by Labor fools for the EEC/EU delusion and for a Brussels dictatorship and mass immigration.
Don’t tell Jack and me the EU is about freedom! Totalitarianism comes from Brussels!
Furthermore, we seek a new NS to liberate all races on this earth from Wall Street and the City of London financial parasites.
Jack and I do not bash other races, just violent, disrespectful behavior toward us indigenous whites on our soil.
(Or are you okay, Mr. Warburton, with 1,400 British children being raped by Muslims in Rotherham?)
Jack and I both excoriate whites too when they act atrociously, such as pedophile politicians, and royals like Prince Andrew. Ted Heath and Jimmy Savile were certainly white Britons, and now both revealed as paedophiles. And why are they being investigated for child-molesting only long after their death?
Jack and I believe in civil rights for whites – – but also for everyone else. We all are humans needing the same things: love, meaning, shelter, safety, food, water — and pride in our own heritage.
We do not bash other races or white enemies; we only bash back to defend ourselves from the minority of white traitors and racist immigrants.
Mark Potok the gay, Jewish spokesman for the SPLC here in the States, did make a valid point once, off the cuff, in a radio interview:
“White nationalists would get a lot further if they stopped bashing other races and focused on jobs for the white working class.”
Helping build a shed last month

So no, sorry, Jack Sen will not anytime soon be having his fellow Brits goose-stepping around Hyde Park like Basil Fawlty in “Don’t Mention the War.” *;) winking


I know this must terribly disappoint you, that German Nazism is not his aim.
Well, you will write your article as you see fit, and you can use the last chapter of George Orwell’s “1984,” the New-speak chapter, for guidance in wording. Don’t forget “hate,” “bigotry,” “prejudice,” “treason” and all the things of which, in fact, the British pedophilo-plutocracy is guilty, not Jack Sen, who is risking his young life and name daily for the future happiness of the good and indigenous peoples of Great Britain.
John de Nugent
Lake Superior, Michigan, USA

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