Jack Sen, rising star; videos for a presidential movement

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….Jack Sen, rising white star, needs your help

Jack Sen discusses (at the prestigious London Forum of Jez Turner) his spectacular race for Parliament in England:  Jack Sen – ‘Is UKIP controlled opposition or genuine Nationalism’

Jack Sen was UKIP’s prospective Member of Parliament for West Lancashire before being unceremoniously, and quite publicly, suspended by his party one week prir to the election! (UKIP — leader EU parliament member Nigel Farage — was promising to get Britain out of the horrible EU and it was opposed to attacking Syria.)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DMhCQh6YsOsE Jack and his gorgeous wife and baby really need financial help. He has done extremely well politically for our race, 13% and 6,000 votes, even after his own party dumped him! He is a rising star!


FOR PAYPAL ONLY elitetransproof@yahoo.co.uk


Or contact me to send money to Jack via me (say “for Jack Sen”):

John de Nugent

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(906) 884-6689 ;-)

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Twitter at John de Nugent @johndenugentESA


Jack wrote me;


John, I was suspended for anti Semitism and UKIP basically flushed every penny and all my efforts down the toilet, leaving me and family with not even enough money to eat. Please mention the death threats as well.

The original article http://www.southportvisiter.co.uk/news/southport-west-lancs/general-election-2015-west-lancashire-9031370

We have also moved because we were scared we were going to be harmed;  we received threats in the post. Then instead of helping, the police investigated me for “hate speech.” Then the car broke down; It’s been a real nightmare, but Britain is angry and ready for the truth!




Videos To Launch A Movement Part 1 My American colonial ancestry, Marine Corps service and education; the truth about those “chemtrails” in the sky

Videos To Launch A Movement Part 2 How chemtrails make Americans listless and zombie-like; HAARP in Alaska; the Star of David on the back of the $1 bill over the American eagle and its meaning; psychopaths; “chickenhawks” who love wars where they get rich and others do the fighting

Videos To Launch A Movement Part 3 Psychopaths manipulate the compassion of others to rip them off, and malign and defame as mentally ill or evil all those who expose them


Videos To Launch A Movement Part 4  LA  Times and Timemagazine writer Joel Stein boasts openly that Jews run the US media, Hollywood and the US government, and gives detailed proof; Samuel Roth in the 1920s detailed this already and taunted Gentiles with how gullible and naive they are about Jewish power.

Videos To Launch A Movement Part 5  Barack Obama’s communist, jewish mother and the nude photos she posed for; the “Georgia Guidestones” monument, a kind of Stonehenge in the American South, and why killing 7 billion people is a good idea — for the “elite”; the forbidden story of Rachel Corrie, beautiful American girl crushed to death by an Israeli bulldozer

Videos To Launch A Movement Part 6 The importance and sacredness of the very concept of truth for our nation’s survival; the truth about 9/11, solved in two minutes; 60 Israelis arrested by the FBI after 9/11, many experts in explosives And now READ this webpage!http://johndenugent.com/racist-israel-seeks-to-genocide-whites-in-a-global-holocaust

Videos To Launch A Movement Part 7  The concept of “death ground” and desperate struggle; the Jewish takeover of the Bank of England and then of the whole British Empire and its ex-colony, the USA;


the Jewish triggering of the Irish Famine and the US “Civil War”; their instigation of WWI, WWII and communism (and thus the Korean and Vietnam Wars); murder of Defense Secretary Forrestal and then of three Kennedys; Third World immigration; the USS Libertyattack in 1967;  downfall of Nixon; the police state that began under Reagan and Oliver North; murder of CIA director Colby; the Oklahoma City bombing; vaccines; tranquilizer chemicals in drinking water; White-bashing US history textbooks; the sealed records of Barack Obama; “FEMA camps” and plans to execute patriots and dissidents; 10,000 three-story boxcars for moving arrested people to slave camps


Videos To Launch A Movement Part 8 the final Jewish goal a slave planet under a Jewish master race; your duty now; threats of nuclear war and pandemics; our coming victory through thinking of “we”, not “me.”

…..Great webmaster/host!



…..Facebook and website comments

If you do not contribute one thin dime to 1) me, 2) www.theRebel.is, Mike Delaney (www.trutube.tv) or Andrew Anglin (www.dailystormer.com), then do not post on my FB pag eor my website.. I am so tired of patriot typists! As Tom Goodrich of “Hellstorm” wrote me, “If White Nationalists just had proper financing, they could take the world by storm.” Instead, we activists all STARVE, and you all type things we already know! Reading, typing and watching videos is not action. Maybe it makes YOU “feel good,” but it is your pitiful delusion; we need to DO things and make the enemy feel BAD. 😉  And so you should financially support the activists who risk their lives, their health, their financial well being and their freedom — to publish and spread the truth about the Jews and race.

Even five bucks will make you feel good and us who are fighting daily on the front lines!

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