Jack Sen introduces himself as a spokesman for the reviving BNP in Great Britain; 53 million hits on his name on Google UK

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As a bit of intro to North Americans and English-understanders on the Continent: The BNP (“British National Party”) was for years the top WN or indigenous-white political party in the United Kingdom, and soared to great prominence and many electoral victories under Nick Griffin, a former Cambridge man and boxer (whom I know), but after several missteps he resigned, and the party is now rebuilding.

They now have a new spokesman in the dynamic Jack Sen, a part-Indian with British, South African and American experience, who also had a gorgeous white wife and blue-eyed daughter who is the apple of his eye.


Here now is his first video, introducing himself to the BNP. I think this young man has the right stuff. He has an attractive appearance, personality, and most of all the right viewpoint — that white Britons should have some rights in their own country…. just as should white Americans, Canadians, Europeans, Aussies and South Africans!

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vkwfqwpMvTk


Sen on the Streets
Published on Aug 8, 2015


BNP TV is proud to present our exclusive new series, ‘Sen on the Streets’, to be hosted by British National Party North West spokesman, Jack Sen.

The format will be quite rudimentary. Jack will approach random members of the public, survey their opinions on topical issues – including uncontrolled mass immigration, Leftist media bias, Lib Lab UKIP Con failures, Political Correctness, the lack of firm action on the asylum seekers in Calais, and the sexualisation of our children by our ruling elite, with the intention of demonstrating how public opinion is generally in line with BNP policies, and how supporting Britain’s only true nationalist party is the only sensible way forward.

During this series we also intend to take our programme on the road to meet other British patriots, as well as produce a short film elucidating the drastic transformation of London from a quintessentially British city influenced by international trade, commerce and culture to one dominated by cultures alien to ours.

Ultimately we hope to demonstrate how the British National Party is the only party in tune with public sentiment, touch the hearts and minds of the British electorate, and take back our beloved country.

Visit our website at: http://www.bnp.org.uk


Suggestion: if you like sarcasm, check out Mark Dice videos. What he does in California is wickedly funny and shows the idiocy people are capable of exhibiting.

What accent is that? Some words sound northern, others sound American.

+Mark L You’re right . It is a hodge-podge of Lancashire, North American and Saffa. I spent 12 yrs in NA and 8 in SA.

About time you started creating more content again. This sounds good to me.
Jack, I only recently heard of you when I listened to your Red Ice Radio interview. I found myself agreeing with everything you said.
As a spokesperson for the BNP, will you or will you not publicly address the issue of Jewish power and influence? I note that you didn’t mention it in this introduction video. While it is not an issue which the idiotic British public can relate to, in my opinion it is something that has to be addressed eventually.
You know as well as I know that all these muslims and negroids are only in Europe because of the Jewish takeover of our governments and media institutions. Look forward to your reply. KT

+Konigstiger14 Thanks for watching my video and taking the time to comment. We were trying to concentrate on the positives in this intro but Zionist influence is certainly something I will be discussing when I bring peoples’ attention to cultural Marxism. It would be disingenuous of me to speak about CM without mentioning the evil men and women behind it. I assure you will NEVER betray my principles

+Jack Sen BNP European KNight If what you say is true, Jack, and you stick to your principles, then you have won back an ex-BNP member. The BNP’s reluctance to address the issue is why I never renewed my membership. If you follow through with your beliefs, then I will once again join them. I expect big things from you Jack. Please don’t let me down!

This was an impressive introductory video. Jack Sen comes across as a charismatic, genuine guy. Unlike some on these channels, he’s pleasing on the eye. 😉

Seems like a top bloke. Making videos of BNP activists talking to people on the street is the best way to spread the message.

Jack Sen, There are some major areas of improvement in the nationalist movement: 1) Patriots need high birthrates 2) Tightly woven groups prevent infiltrators (infiltrators are COMMON) 3) Leaders must be above reproach 4) Followers must NOT be criminals (at least of any significance) 5) Multimedia campaigns are a must! Cleaning the nation begins with cleaning the patriotic organization.
Good start; keep it up.  UKIP are not a Nationalist party, and when people realise this they will have to look elsewhere. UKIP are unfortunately controlled opposition.

…..Cool (hilarious) video on all the accents of the English-speaking world

A fascinating trip with one gifted woman through all the major accents spoken throughout the English-speaking white world; the  British Empire spread this tongue from its home island and made it into the “world language.”


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