It’s the Confederate RACE — proud, armed white men — they hate

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[Photos below added by me, John de Nugent. I am beginning to see why this false-flag “Dylann Storm Roof” fake shooting in Charleston occurred, because the Jews see taking the Confederate flag down, and legalizing homosexual “marriage,” as essential psychological steps toward totally defanging the white man in America.]


 A RED COAT OR A RED FLAG: TO KILL THE WHITE RACE, FIRST KILL THE CONFEDERATE FLAG [Subtitle] Red Coat vs. Red Flag: The Genocide to End All Genocides.

by Merl Lark INFO@CAMEL.RED http://CAMEL.RED

“Red Privilege” means never saying ‘sorry’ for genocide. A Redcoat at the Daily Kos wrote: “Good riddance to the Confederate battle flag. But let’s keep in mind what a baby step this really is.” This is a “baby step” in their plan for genocide of an ethnic group known as Dixie. The Redcoat race hustlers say, “There’s more to be done in the fight against racism.” The “more to be done” is more ethnic white symbols to be destroyed, more white institutions to be leveled to the ground of the creeping jungle of multiculturalism.

A systemic plan of ethnic cleansing has taken America by storm. A holocaust of banners and icons is aflame. The Redcoats–cultural Marxists–are cleansing the white race out of Dixie. The extermination of the Dixie nation is the genocide to end all genocides. Like World War Two–that grand old “war to end all wars”–this ongoing extermination of a nation includes the desecration of its banners and emblems. The extermination of Dixie necessitates killing the Confederate Flag. A flag is a symbol of group identity and power. Slaying the symbol results in slaying the racial soul that sourced the symbol.


They say racism is a horrendous evil. If you are white, it is a horrendous, vile, hateful thing to ever think in terms of race. White people are mandated a color-blind birth. Just listen to the talking heads opine this all over the boob tube. The ethnic cleansers say that a white person who talks about the interests of white Americans must be a Nazi who wants to kill six trillion Jews. But if you are black, brown, yellow, red then thinking in terms of what is good for your own race, is noble, healthy, and commendable. The Redcoats teach us that it is OK to replace six million American workers with six million Mexicans. “Black rights” and “minority rights” and “empowerment of minorities” are all the rage these days. Yet “white rights” and “white power” are touted as the most venal racist bigotry.

It is OK to have a black Congressional caucus. But a white congressional caucus is pure, Hitlerian evil. It is OK to have a black student union. But a white student union is tantamount to treason against a country that whites built. The modern descendants of the Pharisees are baking this lump of bread known as anti-racism.

Expressly pro-white sentiments and societies are forbidden. In other words, white people are not allowed to claim that they exist. To claim your existence as a race is to claim your power to struggle for that existence. It is forbidden for the pale ones to know that they have a racial or ethnic identity. White people are not allowed to breathe a word about attaining goals and interests that are unique to and congruent to their own unique racial and ethnic needs. The ethnic cleansers demand that we must shout, “Whites have no needs unique to their race! Whites are colonialist oppressors of innocent minorities!” But any other race is encouraged to have a group identity even if that group identity runs afoul of laws prohibiting assault–like when gangs of black “youths” roam the streets to go “polar bear hunting.”

This is how ethnic cleansing works. The killers that start a program of genocide or ethnic cleansing don’t start by killing their intended victims. First they agitate and propagandize, to lay a foundation for the planned displacement and dismemberment. Ethnic cleansers claim that their victims are evil or don’t exist or don’t have the right to exist. The ethnic cleansers say, “The white man is evil. The white race doesn’t exist. The white race isn’t really a race, it’s a social construct or a mindset of privilege.” This is the double-minded puke spewed from the mouths of the ethnic cleansers. They are laying the ideological foundation for the ethnic cleansing of Dixie and America.

The anti-white apparatchiks say the Confederate flag is a symbol of racism and hate that must be destroyed. They vow to rid the world of this “relic of white barbarism.” In reality removing the Confederate flag from public display is not suppression of evil racism. It is ethnic cleansing–anti-white, ethnic cleansing. It is an assault on the historical culture and symbols of an entire racial and ethnic group. It is an opening salvo in a campaign of white genocide.


Race-slayers attack the history, identity, and symbols of the ethnic group targeted for suppression. The real motivation for suppressing the stars and bars is the desire to suppress the ethnic group the stars and bars represents. By suppressing the stars and bars, the attackers are suppressing the white population of Dixie. The old legal maxim says, “Outward actions indicate inward intent.”

By endlessly crowing the accusation that white Americans are the “eternal racists,” the accusers have three fingers pointing back at themselves. They want to exterminate whiteness in America. They want to ethnically cleanse the symbols and memory of an era when white people still had a say in their own government and destiny. Anti-racism has changed that. Anti-racism is a pretext for anti-whiteness. Anti-racist is a euphemism for less white people. Anti-racism is not about giving minorities a fair shake. Anti-racism is about giving the productivity, even the very souls and nations of whites to the minorities. It is slavery and genocide disguised as fairness.

Whiteness built modern civilization. Whiteness gave us the light bulb, the internal combustion engine, smelting of metal ores, aviation, computers, trauma surgery, and medicine. Whiteness devised the trial by jury, private property, and public education. It was whiteness that transformed ancient writing from pictographs and abjads into an alphabet that could be used to write any language. It was whiteness that gave us running water, sewage treatment, and superhighways.

Whiteness abolished slavery. No other race in the world has ever abolished slavery en masse. Slavery is still practiced in Africa, Asia, South America, even the Jewish state of Israeli. All the races in the world still openly practice slavery–except for the white races, which have banned it with positive law. But white nations abolished slavery only to find their former workers want to be the new masters. Whites abolished slavery to find themselves burdened with a new form of servitude–the slavery of white guilt for whatever imagined evils the race-hustlers devise.

The other races and ethnic groups have been lifted out of the stone age by white ingenuity and charity. Instead of thanking the white man for creating civilization these former wards want to ethnically cleanse him. They want to conquer him. First they start with our symbols. Then they will end with us. This is now happening in South Africa as the negroes are slaughting the whites, and as the media ignores the mass butchery of white farmers in Africa.

And every time they advance their agenda of ethnic cleansing, they call the white man the racist. Every time a white man calls for the right to self-determination, they will call him an evil Nazi who wants to kill six bazillion-cajillion Jews. Denying self-determination to the white race is to deny the race its very source of sustenance.

They are calling for a world without white people. They are calling for a world where white people must bow before their new Pharisee and brown masters, and whitey must say, the white race is evil, and the white race does not exist–or else–he will be branded a racist. And we know what they do with “racists” in Africa. They cut their guts out and eat them. They rape them, then cave their skulls in with hammers. This is “social justice” at work.

This kind of contradiction and double standard was written about over two thousand years ago. Double-minded men are unstable and create instability. Hypocrisy of this magnitude is criminal.

About 80% of interracial violence in America is committed by blacks, mainly against whites. Yet to hear the news, you would think whites are running amok in gangs and killing black people by the bus load. One mentally deranged punk with white skin kills a few blacks at church, and suddenly this proves that whites are out to get blacks. But the fact that blacks raped almost 40 thousand white women is not news-worthy. Why? It would destabilize the foundation for a campaign of white, ethnic cleansing. This skewed propaganda that paints the white race as the aggressor is part of an agenda of anti-white, ethnic cleansing. All of the news pundits, reporters, and media apparatchiks who sanitize the news to paint the white man as the racist are guilty of ethnic cleansing.

The British and Jewish race hustlers hate the other white races. The savage Brits and serpentine Jews expecially hate one particular white race–the Aryan. The cowards and popinjays in the media projectile vomit their Britzoist and Zionist pimps’ anti-white boilerplate. And every time the sockpuppets spew their hate, they call the white man the hater.


[John de Nugent] Please see my major essay on the Normans, white turncoats,  and how they brought the Jews in as their bankers, taxmen and then interbred with them to create the vicious British ruling class

Revealing photos of Prince William, named after William the Bastard, duke of Normandy, who enslaved the Anglo-Saxon and keltic peoples of the British Isles in 1066



A Norman king, Longshanks, who set out to enslave the Scots after subjugating the English. He had archers fire arrows on his own troops as they fought the Scots, figuring it would kill even more Scots.


A new map is making the rounds that shows the places where the British have invaded. Of the nearly 200 countries out there, the Brits have invaded all but 22. That is just about 90% of all countries!

Mongolia, the Ivory Coast, Bolivia and Sweden are among the selective group of making it to 2013 without a British invasion. Here is the map showing where (pink) the British have invaded.



You see, anti-white activists don’t oppose the Confederate flag. They oppose the Confederate race

…and its history, and its existence as a unique racial group. They oppose the very idea of white people standing up and fighting for their own political independence. They oppose the existence of a white habitat, or a white homeland. They oppose the ethnic group and racial habitat the Confederate flag represents. By destroying the flag, they mean to destroy the people it stands for. That is ethnic cleansing. That is genocide.

crying little blond girl

There is no movement to destroy uniquely black, Mexican, or Jewish symbols. But they are constantly attacking historical white symbols.

And they call my race, the white, Aryan race, the racists! Yet the white races are less than 9% of the global population. Out of those white races, the Aryan race is only about 3% of the global population. Unmixed, Aryan women of childbearing age are less than 1% of the global population. The Aryan race is one of the smallest minorities on the planet. Yet their racial, Confederate state, the vehicle for their survival as a race, is targeted for memory hole, so this Aryan minority can also be targeted for memory hole.

As the Communist ANC thugs in South Africa rape and slaughter white women and farmers, they sing, “Kill the Boer, Kill the Farmer, Kill the Racist!” As six or eight black men tie up a white farm girl, take turns brutally violating her, then cut her to pieces, they yell, “Kill the racist!”

Kill the racist? Or do they really mean kill the Aryan? Boers and Afrikaaners were originally of Aryan stock.

Who is the real racist? Him who simply wants to be separate from other races, or him who actively attacks and murders the white races?

Kill the racist?

They really mean kill the white man. And they mean to do it in America. The removal of the Confederate Flag is the canary in the coal mine. First they burn your symbols, then they burn your history, then they burn you.


JdN: Please see my essay:




The ethnic cleansers say that race does not exist–unless it is convenient for brow-beating the white race. Then after singling the white race out for abuse and calumny, the hypocrites switch direction and claim that race is just a social construct. When they want more power, they say race is just a social construct. When they want less white people they say our ancestral symbols and flags are not suitable for public display. They say all men are equal until they want to focus animosity on the white race.

Will you be silent while this campaign of ethnic cleansing grows? Will you be silent while the white race is systematically dispossessed of its homeland–a homeland the white race built from a wilderness? Will you cower in the corner, afraid to be called a racist for exposing this campaign of ethnic cleansing for what it is? It’s a new Soviet genocide to end all genocides.

Silence is not golden. It’s treason. Equality between the races is not peace, it’s asymmetric class warfare painted with bullshit.

Will you cast your vote for the death of the Confederate flag? If you will, then you support ethnic cleansing, and the blood that flag stands for stains your hands.

Still want to kill the racist? Still want to stump for equality in America? Do you want to join in the genocide to end all genocides? Do you tune to your local, Judaized broadcasting for further marching orders?

The Britzoists and Zionists are the hand holding the media puppet that slanders the Confederate Flag. The Yankees are a vile race of impostors who appear as angels of light while cursing and destroying the people of Christ’s heritage. The Confederate flag is the symbol of the Aryan race in the South. It’s not just the Jews who hate the Aryan people. It’s also the British aristocracy, and Yankee Merchants who seek the complete annihilation of the Aryan’s blood, symbols, and soul. The black-faced horde they use as a battering ram is not your enemy. The blacks will always side with whoever has the most perceived power. The negro is not the enemy of the hour–the Redcoat, the Tory, the Yankee, The Britzoist, The Zionist, the Sovietist, the Marxist–these septic-tank barnacles are the enemy of both the Confederate Flag and the American flag–the Redcoats are the enemies of any flag that stands between them and your wealth, your freedom, your country.

With the kind of equality the media agitprop is pushing for–anti-white equality–you can welcome a new stone age after they finish cleansing Dixie of all its “white trash.” History shows that the South’s white trash was often more noble than the rest of the world’s pearls and diamonds. The dirtiest Appalachian Hillbilly has a cleaner heart than any Redcoat Yankee.


The Zionists and Britzoists are the Redcoats–the Torries–the Yankees. They are one miserable family of plutocrats, swindlers, extortioners and warmongers with an insatiable thirst for Aryan blood. Their inbred, mongrelized, aristocratic bloodlines are the world’s reddest, swampy relics of barbarism and a violation of Nature’s laws. The Redcoats are the ethnic cleansers. The Redcoats are the enemies of Humanity. The Redcoats generate hostility between the white and black races. The Redcoats send millions of Mexicans into the United States to depress our labor market. The Redcoats took trillions of our dollars and “bailed out” their own banks. The pimps, whores, and sockpuppets in political and parrot-pundit circles can only puke out mantras about killing the Confederate Flag while their Redcoat pimps rob the world blind and use racial conflict as a smokescreen and foundation for robberies yet planned.

The Redcoats are feet of iron mixed with clay. The Redcoats blather about white privilege while “Red Privilege” runs devouring white lambs like a pack of Rabbinical wolves. The Redcoats have white skin, yet souls blacker than any Pygmy cannibal. They know the white race of Dixie was more noble and pure than they–thus Redcoats can’t stand the sight of that flag, a relic of bravery and self-sacrifice that still survives, clings to the wind, like an orange expletive in the sky.


This Confederate flag taunts the modern Redcoats, saying–“I fought you. I fought your equality rhetoric which would mongrelize all of humanity. I fought your corrupt money power. I fought your arrogance and self-importance. I fought your lies. I took tens of thousands of your henchmen to the grave with me, and here on holy ground, generations later, like a morning sun from rippling waters–I RISE AGAIN.”


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