Do Israelis want to restore Khazar empire in Ukraine?

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The other year Kissinger said there may not be an Israel in ten years. It even seems like the Khazars are planning on migrating back to Russia. As Khazars they want their kingdom back….

I saw a very, very good Finnish movie in 2008, “The Winter War” (in Finnish “Talvisota”) and in it, the bolshevik infantry troops attacking the Finns wore stupid-looking hats in the ancient Khazar style.. It was just unbelievable….. Here are video clips from this movie… “Talvisota” is the title in Finnish….

Look here at 1:04-05! at the pointed hats!!!

(The Soviets abandoned this stupid style later…)

Now look at Khazar helmets!

And here also, look at 1:03, and also at 2:22:

The Soviet Jews saw the bokshevik regime as their secret path to restoring Khazaria!

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