Israel is to be proclaimed a nation-state for Jews

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The upcoming official National State of the Jewish People

Published by carolyn on Mon, 2017-06-19 14:42

By Carolyn Yeager

A PROPOSED LAW THAT IS BEING FULLY SUPPORTED BY PRIME MINISTER BINYAMIN NETANYAHU (who said a month ago he would get it passed within 60 days) seeks to add to the Basic Law of Israel the words “the nation state of the Jewish people.” Israel has no constitution by direct vote of its people, but, like Germany, uses a Basic Law as an equivalent.

The proposal specifies that the right to self-determination in Israel would be unique to the Jewish people. It also states that

  • Israel will establish [separate?] ethnic communities where every [non-jewish] resident can preserve their culture and heritage;
  • the Law of Return for all Jews is established as part of the Basic Law;
  • the Hebrew language will be the official language, while Arabic (currently also designated an official language) will be demoted to a special status;
  • the Hebrew calendar would become official;
  • Hebrew law would inspire the legislators.

Uri Avnery, an Israeli journalist-critic to the left of the Likud party,writes that “the Jewish People consists of all the Jews in the world, more than half of whom live outside Israel and are citizens of other states.” The Arab citizens, more than 20% of the population, “will remain citizens but the state does not belong to them.”

Avnery additionally comments that the new law changes the legal assumption until now that Israel is a “Jewish and Democrtic State” in equal measure. Now “Jewish will become more important than ‘democratic’ and trump it if there is a contradiction, as there frequently is.”

Benji Netanyahu is confident of the passage of the bill – “no problem” – because there is no serious opposition, except from the Arab faction. So Avnery expects it to soon become the law of the land.

He asks, is “Jewish” a national or a religious designation? He answers, most Israeli’s will say both. “Nation” and “people” (and religion) are considered synonyms. Thus, Jewish people = Jewish nation. He makes this interesting comment about so-called secular Jews in Israel:

All the Jews who grew up in Israel are products of the Jewish educational system, based on the Bible. This produces in their mind a set of ideological certitudes that cannot be eradicated.

The People of Israel was born in a conversation between God and Abraham in a place located in today’s Iraq. This is of course a legend, like a large part of the Hebrew Bible, including the forefathers, the exodus and the kingdoms of David and Solomon. (Their existence is disproved, inter alia, by their total absence from the voluminous correspondence of Egyptian rulers and spies in the Land of Canaan.)

But historical evidence is unimportant here. The fact is that every Jewish child in Israel carries the Bible deep in their consciousness. Meaning: Jews are special. Jews are unique. It’s “them” and “us”. The whole world against us.

One member of the Knesset Dr. Einat Wilf from the Independence party announced his support because “the state of Israel was established for one purpose only and that is – to be the national home of the Jewish people. This is the essence and raison d’être.” The same was also stated by PM Netanyahu. It is interesting to note that in the Federal Republic of Germany, several chancellors (including Angela Merkel) and major news editors have declared that the raison d’être of the FRG is to defend, support and assure the well-being of the State of Israel – not of Germans or Germany!! This is the obligation incurred from the “Holocaust.”

How is this all going to work out? We’re on a path toward irreversible race-mixing, darkening and lower IQ’s in Europe and US-Canada-Australia, while the National State of the Jewish People makes sure that won’t happen in their homeland. I can only shake my head in wonder.


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  1. Dear John:
    In paralell to what your article informs, the USA will end up as a communist zionist hellhole.
    In due time the USA, presently the attack dog of Israel, cruel toward its wouldbe friends, while submissive to jews and Israel, will turn against its own citizens.

    Please read the following transcription:


    From TL via email: Another Jim Stone recommendation for your survival and, if recent system activities are any indication, he is dead on in recommending to GET THE HELL OUT NOW! In particular note the two points he makes below which I have emphasized. They are; 1) If you have a 2005 car or newer, they will track you to your hiding place and 2) when push comes to shove and you think you can hide from these lunatics, they will use their control of the media to demonize you so that the rest of the morons will turn you in a heart beat or even help them hunt you down. I know. I’ve been there. They are masters of the lie. TL

    This is from 2013 but applies even more so today!

    The Main Core

    America’s back bone of 20 million patriots has already been identified for killing

    Jim Stone, July 7 2013 What the NSA hacking on America really means

    When I worked for the NSA prior to 9/11, the NSA only looked outward, not inward. And I never thought the NSA ever would look inward and spy on the American people. I knew that if that ever happened the result would be catastrophic. After 9/11 I knew the NSA was looking inward to some degree, and had suspected they might be recording everything before Snowden blew the whistle, but I was not certain. Now we all can be. And I would like to go into a few things here to explain to people how grave this situation really is………….

    It is very different when such an intelligence agency looks inward at it’s host population

    With the NSA looking inward, especially with them recording every phone conversation and e-mail and not just the meta data, the people who understand what America really is supposed to be are now fully identified. These people, which are referred to as “the main core” represent what remains of the backbone of this once great nation, the core of which numbers 8 million with 30 or so million close enough to the main core for any psychopath to be able to justify taking out along with it. If America is to become the totally transformed Communist society that the Zionists want it to be, the main core has got to be ripped out, and the NSA has made this future event possible to accomplish with minimal effort and pin point precision.

    There is no question that the elitist zionist faction wants every aspect of America it cannot control with ease wiped out, just like the elitist Zionists Bolsheviks did to the Ukranian people. And as America approaches this same reality, we have the same approximate numbers, 30 – 70 million slated for death and internment in America. With the DHS ordering well over a billion rounds of ammo, countless tens of thousands of cheap plastic coffins already purchased and sitting in storage yards, 2, 700 giant heavily armed vehicles which are totally impenetrable to civilian weapons, vehicles perfectly capable of gutting American homes with high caliber gunfire right from the curb side, it is time for Americans to face a simple fact – All of the stories are more than just rumor. And because these stories are not just rumor, I would take the NSA spying on everyone VERY seriously.

    It’s too late

    If you think Americans can change this situation with a 300 million eyed monster observing everyone’s every move, you are off in fantasy land somewhere. It is GAME OVER. You cannot beat this monster with a cute little encryption trick performed on a compromised operating system with a compromised processor tapped into via a compromised internet. I see all of the new stupid pet trick type encryption fantasies some people are parading on the web now to “secure” themselves against the NSA as some sort of useless bubble gum fad, IF YOU WORKED FOR THEM AND UNDERSTAND WHAT IS GOING ON, YOU WOULD REALIZE SUCH EFFORTS ARE AS LAUGHABLE AS TRYING TO FIX A SEMI WITH A PLASTIC BARBIE TOOL SET. And if you are even able to HAVE that barbie tool set and try to use it, you are already flagged for elimination anyway. You should be focusing your efforts on other subjects like GETTING THE HELL OUT.

    And they know who you are. They know you know. They know if you have guns. They know you are not pleased with Obama, Bush, and false flag terror. They know you probably know the truth about the “holocaust”, the truth about vaccines, GMO, and any other number of your particular pet topics that make them itch. They know where you are going to bug out to, and they know what you bought for it. If your car is 2005 or newer, they will watch you go to your bug out place and nail you there. Ditto if you are stupid enough to bring your cell, or bring anyone elses for that matter.

    Your only option is to get to Iceland, Venezuela, [Admin: No, not Venezuela – they have civil war like conditions! I know someone who has family there. People there rob and murder you for groceries.] Ecuador or any other country that proved itself with Snowden before the axe falls. Unlike the illegal immigrant “problem” America has, a large scale influx of Americans into nations such as Ecuador would intellectually launch any country that accepted them 30 years into the future because it won’t be the idiots fleeing America, it will be the cream of the crop – those smart enough to see the asteroid coming. And if for any of the 500 reasons America now revokes passports from complete non criminals you are one of the 50 million that does not have one, GO INTO THE FOREIGN EMBASSIES AND START REQUESTING ASYLUM NOW.

    When the axe falls

    When the axe falls, you WON’T be running to Mexico because the border fence was for YOU, and unlike the B.S. you were told, it is totally impassable if you can even get to it. The border is so well surveilled now that you can’t even get close to that fence which is impossible to get across even if you do. I know this because I spent four days in the back country border zone observing what is going on. Believe me, the security is real, and it is for stopping Americans, NOT Mexicans. And if you think Canada will save you, WAKE UP.

    When the axe falls, the Zionist Bolsheviks who run the U.S. government will be on the diplomatic channels to all nations saying it is fair and balanced and everyone will get a fair trial, so anyone who is complaining here and asking for asylum is some sort of lunatic. They will have PR campaigns of epic proportions coming out of Hollywood and paid for advertisements in all prospective refuge nations, calling you a criminal or a nut case or a deadbeat to hinder your asylum bid. They will have the CIA working overtime, and the zionist factions within the not totally infiltrated prospective asylum nations working overtime in secret to flip public opinion against you. If you were part of America’s main core, they have ONE objective for you – to burn you to ashes or bury you in a pit somewhere, and that objective does not involve allowing you to escape to bring the seeds of America out of the country to sprout a whole new “problem” for them elsewhere.

    We just saw proof of this today [admin: 2013]. A gunman walked onto a baseball field, shot at a bunch of people, and because CNN and the left did not agree with the politics of the people shot at, “it was not evil” and many celebrated on Twitter. Let this be a wake up call – if the left gets its way, it will be the Ukraine massacre all over again. They absolutely will repeat their behavior.



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