Islam, ”religion of peace,” causes another massacre at Berlin Christmas Market; Evalion courageously blasts myth of ”moderate muslims”; Jack Sen shows WHO is to blame

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Two ”rivers of blood,” an American tourist reported, reminding me of the famous Enoch Powell speech in 1968

Cartoon after a similar deliberate crushing incident (using a car) in Graz, Austria



….Evalion – passionate yet ready with the facts — on the mythical ”moderate’ muslim majority”


….Jack Sen on WHO is to blame

Jack with wife and daughter


Still waiting for a Tweet from sanctimonious bi&^% Lily Allen on the Berlin massacre


Still waiting for a Tweet from sanctimonious bi&^% Lily Allen on the Berlin massacre

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There’s nothing worse than a sanctimonious celeb who, by day, sips branded Cappuccini while out on their shopping jaunts to Islington and Chelsea [posh areas of Greater London]. And by night tweets how evil we are for wanting to keep our kids safe…

One such insufferable cun% I wish would have been in that Christmas market in Berlin is Lily Allen. Daughter of wealthy Jewish merchants Allen, continues to poison pop culture with her music, but our lives with her vitriol.

From the EKP to Lily Allen, and people around the globe just like her, this Christmas season:


You have the blood of those dead Germans on your hands.

Without people like you, Emily Thornberry, Barbara Spectre, and hack Huffington Post fake news journalists like Sarah Nelson poisoning the well, decent patriotic people that care about their homelands would have the ability to effectuate change.



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