Islam and the Occident — Hervé Ryssen

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  1. John, as you may have heard, a silver 2010 Dodge Challenger with Ohio license plates GVF 1111 plowed into a group of antifa protestors at the Alt-Right rally in Charlottesville, VA, killing one person and injuring 19. Internet sleuths have determined that the car is registered in the name of Jerome VanGheluwe, a doctor in Michigan, but the car was driven by his young antifa, anarchist, Trump-hating leftist son, Joel VanGheluwe, who is now in custody. See the post by someone named STOPSYTGENOICIDE in the DS discussion thread below. Joel VanGheluwe even posted a photo of his silver 2010 Dodge Challenger on his Facebook page, which has probably already been deleted. The speculation is that he may have confused Alt-Right protestors with BLM/Antifa protestors. However, I don’t buy that explanation, because as an antifa himself, he would clearly be able to distinguish between the two groups. Also, CNN reported that the car sat at the side of the road for a long time idling, then accelerated into the crowd. So, I think he deliberately rammed his own people, probably with help and encouragement from ZOG operatives, to make it look like an Alt-Right person was the driver, thereby demonizing the Alt-Right:

    Here is a video posted by Joel VanGheluwe. He appears starting at 14:20 – a weak little antifa faggot:

    This type of false-flag terrorism is the modus operandi of our Zionist Occupied Government. I’m sure we’ll hear nothing more from the (((mainstream media))) about the driver of that car. It will disappear down the memory hole immediately, but the damage has been done to the Alt-Right’s public image, as they are now being blamed for this tragedy. John, you should post an article about this, and try to get the word out to people. It’s outrageous that (((they))) constantly get away with this type of false-flag terrorism.

  2. Please disregard my earlier comment about Joel VanGheluwe being the Charlottesville driver. It turns out that he had sold his 2010 Dodge Challenger to James Alex Fields, Jr., of Ohio, who was the actual driver of the car in Charlottesville. He’s ex-military, which makes me wonder if he was told to do this by ZOG:

    “Fields was listed as an active duty service member of the United States Army from August 18 to December 11, 2015.”

    A really short term of service – less than 4 months, which is suspicious in itself.

  3. James Alex Fields, Jr.’s mother’s name is Samantha BLOOM:

    “Samantha Bloom, of Ohio, confirmed details about her son’s car and his trip to Virginia, saying she received a text from him last week that said he’d gotten some time off from work and was going to a rally.

    She said her son hadn’t given her any details about the rally but that she told him “to be careful” and to peaceful.

    Bloom became visibly upset as she learned that dozens of people were injured during a white nationalist rally in Charlottesville.

    Bloom said she and Fields had just relocated to the Toledo area from Florence, Kentucky, a Cincinnati, Ohio, suburb”

    The article mentions nothing about his father, so apparently his mother is divorced, and now uses her maiden surname Bloom, while her son still uses his father’s surname Fields. Bloom is definitely Jewish, and Fields, although of Anglo-Saxon origin, can also be Jewish:

    If his mother is Jewish, as indicated by her surname Bloom, then by Talmudic law, so is her son. He’s also dark-haired, dark-eyed, and swarthy, which suggests that he’s a Jew. If so, it would explain his murderous instinct and deliberate sabotaging of the Alt-Right by committing this vile, premeditated act of terrorism, which only benefits the Jews.

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