ISIS is Israel — by the fabulous Mike King

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ISIS vs THE WORLD (Except Israel!)
By Mike King

ISIS Kills Syrians
ISIS Kills Iraqis
ISIS Kills (or pretends to kill) Americans united states american flag HD wallpaper Wallpaper
ISIS Kills (or pretends to kill) Sudanese
ISIS Threatens to Kill Swedes
ISIS Kidnaps (or claims to) Norwegians
ISIS Kidnaps (or claims to) Chinese
ISIS Kills Croatians
ISIS Kills Iranian General
ISIS Kills Italians
ISIS Attacks Lebanon
ISIS Kills Egyptians
ISIS Kills (or pretends to kill) Japanese
ISIS Threatens To Kill Canadians
ISIS Kills (or pretends to kill) Ethiopians
ISIS Kills (or pretends to kill) Englishmen
ISIS Kills (or pretends to kill) Jordanians
ISIS Kills Kurds (both real and fake killings)
ISIS Threatens Germany
Islamic State: Isis terrorists urge ‘lone wolf’ stabbing attacks on civilians in Germany 
ISIS Threatens Pakistan
ISIS Kills Yazidis,,17999015_303,00.jpg
ISIS Attacks Turkey (so they say)
ISIS Attacks Russian Airliner (so they say)
ISIS Attacks France (so they say)
ISIS Threatens India
And the ISIS ‘hit-list’ of nations / governments goes on and on and on and…
Palestine / Hamas
The Netherlands
The Philippines


Given ISIS’ bold assaults and threats against pretty much the entire planet, one would think that Israel would be Enemy # 1 on the ISIS hit list. After all, how many times have we all been told that ‘Islamic terrorists’ hate Jews and Israel for stealing the Holy Land and abusing the Palestinians? And yet, not only does ISIS refuse to attack Israel; and not only is ISIS anti-Palestinian; but the masked ninjas of You Tube fame have never threatened, nor even spoken ill of Israel until only just a few weeks ago — and that was only to alleviate the growing suspicion and mounting accusations that the murderous mercenaries of ISIS are ‘in cahoots with’ Mossad.

The questions persist:

  • Why doesn’t ISIS ever stick-up for the oppressed Palestinians?
  • Why is it that the main enemies of ISIS just happen to be the main enemies of Israel (Syria, Iran, Lebanon, Hezbollah, Hamas)?!
  • Why does ISIS kill or threaten Christians, Buddhists and even other Muslims — but not the Jews of Israel or Europe?
  • Why can’t Western Intelligence Agencies infiltrate ISIS?
  • Where is ISIS headquarters? Webpage? 1-800 telephone number? Facebook account?
  • Who pays for their expensive military hardware and fleets of shiny Toyota trucks?
  • Why hasn’t ISIS launched suicide attacks against Israeli targets?
  • How is that SITE (an Israeli operation) is able to so easily obtain the photos and ‘beheading’ videos of ISIS?
  • With so many “suicide bombers” at its disposal, why hasn’t ISIS ever attempted to kill a single political leader? When one is suicidal, he can get to anyone– as the Red Anarchist assassins of the 19th and early 20th Century so ably demonstrated.
A July, 2014 story appearing in HAARETZ of Israel attempts to explain whitewash this mystery.

Headline and opening:


 Why the Islamic State Isn’t in Any Rush to Attack Israel

The organization formerly known as ISIS has made clear that fighting Shi’ite Muslims is its top priority.

While Israel is pounding Gaza, it’s good to know that at least one Muslim organization isn’t rushing to threaten Israel. This refreshing news comes from the organization known until about a week or two ago as ISIS, but which now – since it has started to consolidate its hold on a stretch of territory linking Iraq and Syria – calls itself the Islamic State.


(full article)


More on this mystery from “mainstream media”:


Israel National News (07 / 2014):

ISIS Spokesman Explains Why ‘Islamic State’ Not Supporting Hamas

Spokesman for radical jihadi group says the time is not right for a confrontation with Israel.

Reuters headline (10 / 2014):

Here’s why Israel loses no sleep over Islamic State

Israel National News (02 / 2015):

Fatah Member: How Come ISIS Does Not Attack Israel?


They can spin it all they want, but the situation is very clear to those of us who have read PLANET ROTHSCHILD

ISIS = ISRAELAnd anyone who still refuses, in the face of so much evidence, to see through this proxy ‘war against the world’ is beyond saving at this point.

Cambodia is more important to ISIS than Israel??? Seriously?

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