Is this how (((they))) have seized control of the Trump presidency?

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I am not at all convinced he did anything illegal with Jeffrey Epstein, who after 2005-06 was indicted, convicted and imprisoned for sex crimes with teens, but Donald Trump’s very public and well-known palling with Epstein (constantly reported on by Vanity Fair in NY and by the Palm Beach Post [Florida] newspapers) made this, I suspect, into the perfect frame-up.

If Trump is acting scared, nervous, weird and not himself, I think (((they))) have created some faked sex-with-minors video and threatened him with it.

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John de Nugent
John de Nugent The Epstein Connection (pedophilia and blackmailing) forms a large part of this video of mine, which has 54,000 views on all platforms:


  1. I would not be surprised. “They” would not have allowed him to run for U.S. presidency if “they” had no way of controlling him. I still think that he was never meant to win. Killary was. He was only meant to scare the sheeple into voting for her. When Drumpf still won, in spite of relentless vilifying and ridiculing by the controlled mass zombifying media, “they” handed Killary’s script to him.

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