Is the third rock from the sun where the bad people go?

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A young comrade said there can be no personal God because He lets the Khazars control our media and the people have almost no access to the truth, and before the Net they had none at all. I replied:

“The humanimals on this planet have many lifetimes of bad karma, not just now. They were the ones who in earlier lives did not listen to Henry Ford, and before that Martin Luther. In the time of Jesus they first yelled “Hosanna” and then “Give us Barabbas!”

Five days later

When you give them the truth on a silver platter, they reject it. So we must, MUST, let them s-u-f-f-e-r. Exposing people on this world to the “truth” is not effective; only, o-n-l-y horrific suffering is. Either you accept that harsh reality about people, M, or you go on to blame God, you deny He even exists, and you harm only yourself with Him.

We must accept that this IS (drumroll) a seriously bad-karma planet. Even Aldous Huxley once quipped: “Maybe this planet is just the hell of another planet.”


JDN: I had a winnable race for sheriff in 2013, for an open seat, in a 98% white, negro-loathing and got almost no donations from WNs. They just want to type and read at their safe keyboard.

CT: YES, I know. People are so cowardly and lame now, in all races.

JdN: They cannot even send five dollars. 😉

CT: Like, is the fluoridated water in their Kool-Aid doing the trick?

JDN: The neurochemicals only worsen the normal cowardice, foolishness and selfishness of the masses.

CT: But most people being parasitical losers, once what you have to show them is the TRUTH – once that can no longer be given them freely, they are quick to scatter to the four winds instead of supporting and helping you. 🙁

If the future of white/Aryan races were not directly threatened, I would’ve given up on ALL human beings already.

JDN: I am creating a new religion to save only the best. I am not overly worried, because reincarnation means they ALL get many more lives. One must be philosophical about this barbarian planet. It has always been full of young souls.

CT: Is this “human” race, when everything is considered, the best God could do?

JDN: God gave us free will. Most are humanimals on this planet — who were literally animals in recent lives. So sex, food, money, looks and power are everything to them.


….on really homely people in all races

A lady comrade in California asked me:

I would like to know how you explain the millions of not-so-gorgeous Aryans who do not look like Chahlize Therrrrrron or Nicole Kidman.



My reply:

1) dysgenics — The best and brightest do not have enough kids, and here is a memorable stat for you: 42% of woman 42 or older with a master’s degree are childless.

2) bad karma — They got arrogant when they were all-too-beautiful in an earlier incarnation; it went to their head, they scorned others, and forgot that God is the source of all beauty — they did not make themselves! So they need to do a life as a homely person and excel by deeds, not looks.

3) they just came out of the animal stage, and look — and still have the nature of — those animals that they were. They are humanimals!

And some are very kind, trusting, loyal beings, like sheep or dogs, and others are aggressive like wolves, bears, etc. but they need to expand their talents and abilities beyond the animal stage they began at.










Eric Holder, US Attorney General under Obama  2009-2014


NATO puppet German foreign minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier


Jewish media baron Sy Nyhouse


Abraham Foxman, director of the ADL 1987-2015


Fish-faced SJW woman

a grouper

A weasel


Jewish billionaires and Google owners Larry Page (with the weasel face) and Sergei Brin


Two elite US military with huge chins and jaws: 1) Army Ranger Pat Tillman (infamously murdered in 2004 after reporting US troops in Afghanistan were protecting opium producers)


2) A US Marine Corps drill instructor



Christine Lagarde, director of the International Monetary fund


The Armenian-American porn star and celebrity Kim Kardashian, married to a black singer, and a Russian wolfhound


A Frenchwoman marches for “the rights of man” and the “refugees” in Paris in October 2015 



Legendary US Marine general  Chesty Puller (most decorated in Marine history)

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04/18 @ 11:26 : Dubai, AE [ARAB EMIRATES]

04/18 @ 11:24 : Los Angeles, California, US

04/18 @ 11:24 : Dubai, AE

04/18 @ 11:23 : Munich, DE[UTSCHLAND = GERMANY]

04/18 @ 11:23 : Caen, FR

04/18 @ 11:20 : Herne, DE

04/18 @ 11:19 : New York, New York, US




04/18 @ 11:18 : Redmond, Washington, US

04/18 @ 11:15 : Dresden, DE

04/18 @ 11:15 : Albuquerque, New Mexico, US


Mormon temple in Albuquerque, which in Spanish means “white oak”



04/18 @ 11:14 : France, FR

04/18 @ 11:13 : Mountain View, California, US

04/18 @ 11:02 : Saukkola, FI[nland]


A Saukkola boy, from near Helsinki



04/18 @ 11:02 : Berlin, DE

04/18 @ 11:01 : Saukkola, FI

04/18 @ 11:00 : Braunschweig, DE

04/18 @ 11:00 : Baden-Baden, DE


The spa at Baden-Baden



04/18 @ 10:59 : Dortmund, DE

04/18 @ 10:57 : Austria, AT

04/18 @ 10:56 : Mainz, DE

04/18 @ 10:55 : Saussenac, FR[ANCE]




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