Is Donald Trump (b. 1946) the reincarnation of General George Patton (d. 1945), who awoke to the Jew problem and was murdered before he could come home from Germany and run for president?

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UPDATE (Memorial Day 2016)
A friend wrote:

Speaking at the National Mall on Memorial Day weekend, Trump said something you might find interesting

Wearing a red “Make America Great Again” hat and forgoing a necktie, Mr. Trump pledged to rebuild the military and said George S. Patton and other deceased generals were “spinning in their graves.”
I replied:
Woooooo …  Mentioning Patton was maybe a “dog whistle.” 😉


From a reincarnation point of view this is sort of interesting — the strong resemblance physically and also in temperament, showmanship, warrior spirit and character, plus the two dates — Patton’s death in 1945 and Trump’s birth in 1946 — do not overlap, so yes, it is technically possible.
“Very proud to be German”


Patton’s Los Angeles victory and speech in June 1945  — (video narrated by Ronald Reagan) –  you can hear his Virginia accent and surprisingly high-pitched voice, not unlike that of Trump.
Patton, in June, had not yet awoken to the Jewish peril when he said these bloodthirsty words about the destruction of Germany and Austria.


…..George Patton, tough enough to take on the Jews



george-patton-four-stars-helmetGeorge S Patton, killed for knowing too much and being prepared to act on it

What we need is a figure like George S. Patton, a pure soldier who is fiercely loyal to his country and by extension, his people. Patton had zero interest in politics and thought all politicians were “lying, sneaky yellow bastards.”

Patton was a fiercely Christian man who spoke his mind exactly with no varnish or concern for how his words would be interpreted — he spoke the truth and spoke it plainly and directly.


Eisenhower, Marshall and Truman made a huge mistake when they placed Patton in command of the US occupation zone of Germany (Bavaria) after WWII.

Patton immediately discovered the truth of WWII — that the Germans were (in his own words) “the last decent race left in Europe.”

He also uncovered the truth about the Holocaust — that there were no death camps or mass killings. That much was obvious because there were Jews everywhere, picking over the corpse of Germany to steal whatever they could.

Patton wanted to round them all up as the criminals they were, because he couldn’t stand to see what they were doing to the poor German people.

Patton finally said that he wasn’t going to allow them to retire him when his duty in Germany was over.

Patton statue at West Point

Patton_Monument_2010-west-pointInstead he was going to resign so that they couldn’t muzzle him. He intended to return to the US and completely destroy the myth of the evil Germans and the angelic Jews, debunk WWII and the Holocaust, and bring down the evil bankers and their political puppets who had created the whole mess.

George Patton had balls the size of Texas, and he didn’t make idle threats. He was simply stating his plan of attack against an enemy he had discovered, and when Patton attacked, he always won.

That’s why they murdered him, because he had discovered the truth and it had pissed him off to such an extent he was going to do something about it, and a pissed-off George S. Patton was like the wrath of God.

Patton believed, btw, very openly that reincarnation was a FACT — and that he himself had been the Carthaginian general Hannibal the Great, and then in a later life a Roman officer.



I tell you that I am just as much a naturally warlike person.


Two old friends, a 9-mm Russian Makarov and a German laser Walther. I shot “expert” with the US Army .45 pistol as part of winning “Guardsperson of the Year” in my infantry company of the Virginia Army National Guard in 1980. (The other part was coming in first — along with a black National Guardsman — over the finish line as the fastest enlisted man in a 600-man battalion march ….and I achieved this� after pulling an all-night guard duty. Yes, I came in first after an all-nighter. Thank you also, I must say, caffeine from coffee beans. 😉 )

Five rapid-fire shots in pouring rain (hence the wavy paper target) at 25 feet, four shots fired one-handed, all landing in the inner ring, and the last, fired both-handed, achieving a bull’s-eye

Only a small percentage of the White race understands the brutal fact that the Jews are waging a war of genocide against them, which is no more clearly stated than in the infamous Talmudic statement of the “revered founder of the Kabbalah,” Rabbi Simon Bar Yochai, around 100 AD:

“Even the best gentiles must die.“

In a war, and we are in a war, no soldier is permitted to desert his post. The penalty for desertion in time of war is death, a rule in every military on earth.

Hitler with a smile that was both friendly and brutal.

Hitler’s nickname was “Wolf,” and if you understand the scientifically proven reality of reincarnation (as per the link already given above:, we all arise from the higher animals, and carry over key animal characteristics, some of which are advantageous, such as having been a predator, or an alpha male wolf.


ah-pensive- alert-wary-caring-everything-in-brown-shirt-at-ss-parade


Intense and focused every second



The alpha male leads the wolf pack and the hunt.


…..Two questions to me


Hi John,

I read your most recent post, which asked if Trump is the reincarnation of Patton.

A couple of points:

First, you wrote that Patton had discovered that the holocaust was fake.  But this doesn’t make sense to me because from what I read (or learned in a video) the holocaust story didn’t even exist until quite some time (like maybe 20 years or something like that) after the war was over.  The Jewish media just started talking about it in the 60’s(?) as if it was a fact and people just accepted it.  (I don’t feel like looking up sources to back myself up on this point right now but I did do a very quick search and came up with this: In the first comment below this article [] Brother Nathaniel mentions a fact which is consistent with what I am saying.)

Second, did you mean that you made those shots from 25 feet or yards?  You wrote feet.

Best regards, B.

My reply:
I am frankly surprised by your first query, which seems like a quibble. The “Holocaust” as a name is indeed from the 1970s, after this TV mini-series came out,
….but it served as shorthand for “Hitler mass-murdered six million innocent Jews,” a theme which has flooded the US and other western media since 1945.  (The word “holocaust” itself was actually used for the “Allied holocaust of Dresden” and the book by David Irving, whom I know, became a huge seller in 1964.)
The major book for decades was William Shirer’s evil 1960 tome “The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich,” which was in every bookstore and, in paperback form, even in every drugstore.
This is the paperback format of the book, which I bought in 1963 with my paperboy money.
I read it at summer camp at Camp Tokhomeupog in East Conway, New Hampshire, in 1963, at age nine. It contained page after page about the murder of six million Jews, and even as a kid, I found myself shaking my head in, at that stage, solely intuitive disbelief.
The Eichmann trial in Jerusalem, Israel and the Frankfurt, Germany trial then re-flooded the U.S. headlines in the 1960s, and the tabloids were also full of the “hunt” in South America for Bormann and Hitler for supposedly killing “the six million.”
On two, yes, I said and meant 25 feet, not yards, as in the length of a 1980s Cadillac. Pistols are meant for close range, rapid-fire self-defense against someone coming at you. An angry man can cover 25 feet in two seconds. That is also four times the height of a large man.
A man must also be hit multiple times to go down and stay down, unless the bullet hits the head, spine, femur, etc.. Otherwise he will be dangerous for as long as 30 seconds, and my eight-hour, legally mandatory concealed-carry class in Michigan confirmed this.
A fmr Marine officer in Florida who is a friend and supporter had to shoot a Puerto Rican thug and felon, who had attacked him, five times with a .45 to bring him down, and he was upright for a full half-minute and stayed dangerous until he began finally swaying and then collapsed.
So my  target practice was realistic: five shots, rapid-fire, in pouring rain, at 25 feet.
Best, J

….Vile Jew writes me

Author: Justin Stickman Vermilyea (IP:, [The IP address suggests Decatur, Illinois]
JOHN DE FAGGOT MERHERHEHREHRERHERHERHER777 Frater Stickman Etherian 1562 \m/(>_<)\m/Gamashinoch [this is a Satanist, Jewish, death-metal rock band]

Gamashinoch is a true jewish mysticism black metal band based off of the Dragonlance song and Aleister Crowley and 777 and Satan and Wizards. I’m gonna be doing everything myself with my band I’ll do all the artwork and write the lyrics mer her her her her Gamashinoch was started by Frater Stickman Etherian after reading the Gospel of Dragonlance and spending many nights alone playing dungeons and dragons.

….Another comment

Nice theory. Drumpf must know about the Zhid Problem, having had so much contact with them in Jew York. Also 2 of his Kinder are married to Jews: one son and one daughter.

Drumpf does use salty language, just like Gen Patton… hasn’t slapped any Jewboys around, to my knowledge. They might pull a “Wallace” on him, if they think he could win against Beatnik Bill’s wife. Bremer, who pulled trigger on Wallace, was an extremist leftist Trotskyite, who was partly Zhid. FBI removed all incriminating evidence and his ancestry has also been covered up.


*** JdN Alabama governor George Wallace was the Trump of his day, and did very well, southern drawl and all, with white, working-class Northerners, protesting the forced integration of the black and white races.

[ on his release in 2007, still an antifa and anti-racist]


Good video:


 photo bremer_stalking.jpg

White, friendly crowd in Laurel, Maryland, that day of the shooting in 1972…. so unlike today when Maryland is majority-minority: black-jew-mexican-muslim-homo — and hyper-liberal and anti-gun). And do you notice, by the faces alone, that NO ONE IS FAT? Only welfare blacks were fat back then. Whites especially admired Wallace for his courage and scrappy spirit, like Trump now.


Bremer was a card-carrying narcissist and psychopath in every sense: vengeful toward a world that rejected his creepy weirdness.



Just like that of Jack the Ripper, an insane Russian Jew. He had written on wall in blood of victim: “the Jewes are the ones who will never be blamed for nothing”. Police chief of London had it covered up quickly. (1888)

A Dr. Weiss did the job on Huey Long. GOt some 50 machine gun bullets in his body by Long’s bodyguards. The press played down his zhidishness… a personal “grudge” it was, they claim. I visited the place where it happened. Holes in wall still there, although filled, they can be seen. (in state capitol bldg. in Baton Rouge)

I have read that Gen. Patton’s neck was broken in the accident, although neither of the other 2 drivers were injured. Supposedly, his head hit the vehicle frame. Other authors claim he was not seriously injured but given an embolism in the hospital. 

[JdN: This seems accurate; his wife was not allowed to visit her husband in the hospital — she was not the wife of a private but of a four-star, active-duty Army general — while the Jews decided how best to kill him in the hospital, possibly with an air bubble (of course untraceable) injected into his bloodstream.]

I alsoi read through your evidence for reincarnation. I liked it, esp. the part about electrons appearing to be particles when humans observe them going through slits and like waves when no observers are there. Maybe electrons are just shy?


In any event, I once [conversed…..] with Dr. Ludmilla Tsurikova, who lives […] in Houston, and trained the astronauts for NASA in Russkiy who docked with the MIR (“Peace”) space station.

We talked about a wide range of subjects and she mentioned the film “Solaris”. She also sung a Komsomol [communist youth organization] song for me. […] To make long story short, she told me she thinks that the whole universe is a gigantic computer game run by “webmasters in the sky”! Actually, she may not be so far off, since the simplest components of the universe, PHOTRONS (or “Partons” — Feynmann) are BINARY. They are positive and negative and first form the so-called LEPTONS: electrons, positrons and neutrinos (“quarks”, too) in simple tricomplexes or pairs of Urteilchen. RIngs-of-six comprise the larger protons. Neutrons are composed of “smeared” electrons on their surface, perhaps held together by “gluons”, and go back to becoming protons and electrons when they leave the atomic nucleii.

They form under extreme pressure in the cores of stars. Anyway, if “Gott” is a “webmaster in the sky,” perhaps he likes to reincarnate those characters who “put on the best show”! Wonder if there ever is a “GAME OVER”?? Zhids seem incapable of comprehending the concept of eternity.



My response:

Many thanks for the informative email.

As this book by Dr. James Tucker, MD, shows, reincarnation is very real. The University of Virginia has 2,500 cases of young kids with detailed previous-life memories, who had mostly died young from war, accident or murder. Several hundred of these have been studied in exhaustive, scientific reports.


The founder of the Xerox Corporation left millions (in today’s dollars)  in his will for a scientific study of the possibility that at least some people may reincarnate.  The answer is clearly yes: some do, and about 5% have detailed memories, usually because they died traumatically, which recollections usually fade away by around age five. Many of these kids even have birth marks where there had been a scar on their body from whatever killed them.

US Navy lieutenant James Huston, a onetime Corsair fighter plane test pilot, killed in air combat against the Japanese in 1945, and Louisiana boy James Leininger — an extremely documented and proven case.


 The boy even knew about a vacation his parents took in Hawaii months before he was conceived, and told his father he selected them as his parents as he watched them ‘from the other side’ as they enjoyed a romantic dinner at the Royal Hawaiian Hotel, a large pink building in Honolulu, and they came across to him as a very loving couple. (Relatively good people often get choices from “angels” as to who they will reincarnate as, and what parents they will get.)
Royal Hawaiian Hotel on Waikiki Beach, which I saw myself in 1972.

What is scary (this comes more from the next book, and others)



… that we are judged by how we treat others, and MUST watch a life-review video that cannot be argued with – it is just actual scenes in 3-D from our  lives. It rubs our nose in how others were affected by what we did and failed to do. (All the good stuff we did is in there too. 😉 )


The duck you help today may be a neighborhood child (and a “young soul” just up from the animal stage) ten years from now — who remembers human kindness!

How we react to this warts-and-all video determines what happens next.

This is because the angels can read our thoughts as we watch.

If we are not appalled by our own selfishness or cowardice, and its terrible effect on others, then the angels (former humans who have graduated) simply decide, as God’s employees and our “case workers,” that we just need more lessons, sometimes painful ones, such as being on the receiving end of selfish and cowardly acts.

Hitler never let on in public his mystical side, but he did pray in public.


In a 600-page book, however, which few actually read 😉 , and in private it came out:


-Adolf Hitler (Mein Kampf) “Due to his own original, special nature, the Jew cannot possess a religious institution, if for no other reason because he lacks idealism in any form, and hence belief in a hereafter is absolutely foreign to him. And a religion in the Aryan sense cannot be imagined which lacks the conviction of survival after death in some form. Indeed, the Talmud is not a book to prepare a man for the hereafter, but only for a practical and profitable life in this world.

AH on reincarnation (from Table Talk, p38,, spoken on the 23rd of September, 1941, in the evening:

“The elements of which our body is made belong to the cycle of nature; and as for our soul, it’s possible that it might return to limbo, until it gets an opportunity to REINCARNATE itself.”


He only said “it is possible” because it was during a light, relaxed conversation, not a religious and serious setting, and he was not about to become a priest or guru and start lecturing his Wehrmacht generals and the pretty ladies present in an unwelcome manner on his personal metaphysical views.


Hitler at tea at the Berghof with one of his favorite lady friends, who always made him laugh and forget his worries as head of state. She is the one he came closest to marrying.


But Hitler’s chief philosopher, Arthur Schopenhauer, based all his ideas on reincarnation, and Hitler read Schopenhauer in the trenches when off-duty in WWI. Death was all about Hitler during his four years of wartime service, where he earned two Iron Crosses for bravery, and his own life was almost miraculously spared by British Private Henry Tandy.

Hitler was eternally grateful for his life being spared by a British soldier in 1918 in Marcoing, France. Private Henry Tandy, who went on that same day to win the highest British medal, the Victoria Cross.

The only thing wrong with this video, below  — very wrong — is at the end, showing Hitler as feeling no gratitude at being spared. Hitler did and in fact, this magnificent act of chivalry was a secret, personal factor in him letting 300,000 British troops go at Dunkirk in 1940. (He also used this chivalrous gesture to offer peace to Britain.)


Most of us resemble who we were earlier — if we come back in the same race and stock —  but we also resemble, of course, our current parents, which bonds them to us as their children. There would be little bonding and much suspicion if we looked like someone else’s kid! 😉

A railroad track of vertical lines of uneven length between the eyebrows.




A v-shaped crease on the forehead


Two bulges over the brow


Soon, I will write more. We ALL reincarnate if we have unfinished business. 1945 was just the end of one chapter. The struggle goes on.

It is:

Hitler or HELL.


…..Contact and support


It is your financial sacrifice that enables me to continue my radically unique work. No one else in national socialism dares talk about these things – they just rag on and on about the Jews and other non-whites and the glories of the past.

As if  there were not heroes today!

When the Huns, or Moors, or Turks, or Mongols, attacked Europe, every woman — mother or wife —  kissed her soldier in appreciation a goodbye as he went off to battle.

Today we are spit upon by the people we are trying to save! Fired and thrust into poverty for loving and defending our race and nation!

The world today is thus full of the ultimate in heroes! They do it all with no expectation of applause!

Contact/Supporting VIRTUS


You have an opportunity now to help me change the game.


…..Live and learn — to win this time!


Two videos:

Damals und jetzt — Then and Now — Learning from Mistakes:

Adolf Hitler — No Need to Say Goodbye

…Two-hour radio show on all this




    777 Frater Stickman Etherian 1562 \m/(>_<)\m/


  2. Hello, who are you and what exactly are you writing about? I like Patton and World War II, but I’m still confused by your article.

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