Is 50% of the population now insane? YUP

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A comrade (AC henceforth) was ragging on the treacherous Jews. 🙂 I replied.

JdN: I agree, but half the whites are now rats also, honorary second-rate jews, just as dishonest and treacherous, but not united or having any greater goal.
AC (he is a bigtime vegetarian, btw):
The whole society has gone ROTTEN, John! I have seen it deteriorate in my lifetime, but it has never been where it should be bc of the MASS SATANIC RITUAL SLAUGHTER of TRILLIONS of animals every year! It is ‘normal’ to support that, and has been for a very long time.
It’s EXACTLY like people are REPTILES in mass trances and they have to have their BLOOD FIX every day or they will freak out. Thank God I elevated myself from that 30 years ago! You won’t know what I mean unless you elevate yourself. It’s MASS BLOOD-JUNKIES everywhere. Most ‘Christians’ and other religions ALL support it too.
At 63 I feel better than in my 20s, b/c of my vegan, and mostly raw diet. I could probably live to 100 in good shape, but I don’t have the desire to share oxygen with SATANIC BACTERIA called ‘humans’ for another 37 years. My beautiful cat is what keeps me going now. She has never been sick either b/c I feed her pure foods, mostly tuna and fresh veggies, no LIPS n ARSEHOLES from slaughterhouses.

      The ‘liberated’ bitches today are ALL MENTAL CASES, even the vegan ones. Most of them are DYKES! The vegan ‘men’ are PUSSIES, who don’t know right from wrong! EVERYBODY has been sexually abused, including me, and it’s a fucking circus out there! INSANITY is the new normal.
Have you tried to find anyone who actually wants to elevate themselves to a higher LIFEstyle. Be the change? Most don’t even KNOW what that is FFS!
The best books I ever read are the Ringing Cedars books b/c they talk about a civilization who lived at that HIGHER place. I haven’t seen anything close to that anywhere else.
Most people are afraid of living/being alone, when my biggest fear is being surrounded by BRAIN DEAD FLESH-EATING ZOMBIES, and having to interact with them.
“It’s lonely at the top” isn’t just an expression. If it wasn’t for my strong connection to the Creator, I couldn’t take my solitude. As it is now, reflecting back to 30+ years of sharing my living spaces with toxic PSYCHOTICS scares the shit outta me, and I don’t scare easy.
The WORST ones by far were Jews. Some, I didn’t know were jews at the time, but I am getting much better at recognizing them now. The last roomie I had was named Morgan. She had wiry negroid hair like a JEWess.
The only time the bitch lied was when her lips were moving.:-)  
She was bringing druggies, drunks, and FREAKS over to the property at all hours! She had a pet SNAKE and a REPTILE…of course! 😉
I was evicting these POS almost every month for close to 40 years. I still have a scarred right hand from busting a knuckle on some POS room mate’s head in 1986-ish.  At least 4 bitches I lived with were MPD [multiple-personality disorder] from sexual abuse as children.
I could write a book about my experiences with HUMAN GARBAGE over the years!!! If you don’t think we are living in a huge LUNATIC ASSylum, you are one of the inmates.
It’s not healthy for a man to be alone but the ALTERNATIVES are much more unhealthy! This HUGE MESS is the result of Man choosing “Free” will over Creator’s will for us!
On another topic, how is it for you up in Michigan now? Any PSY OP attacks lately? .
I was born not too far from there myself, and I have a little history in Mich., so I can relate a little.
Take care, and thanx for being a sounding board for me! Not many have a clue what I talk about.

JdN: Hi again, comrade.

I really like it up here, and almost the whole UP landslid for the Trumpster. Lotta good Swedes, Finns and Germans and French Canadians up here….


You cross the Mackinaw Bridge ad it is a different and whiter world


White Safety and Heritage Zones — UP of Michigan and western Pennsylvania


I am now about to release my new religion to rehumanize these nearly completely animalized people who are just about as you described them — psycho!


You might really want to read this….


I sure agree that most people today are insane, emotionally, fer sher, ”damaged goods,” and often psychologically and neurologically zombyed from the chemtrails, vaccines, etc.

Speaking of abuse, Wikijewdia deleted the entire paragraph from its article on ”narcissism” on how it is caused by abuse or extreme neglect. 




I hope we talk some day!


…..See also

Whistleblower Sibel Edmonds blows up — after all the risks, and full Internet exposition, is the public actually ”okay” with pedophiles running the government? Stop blaming the media and politicians, she says, when it is the PEOPLE that don’t care if KIDS are MOLESTED and KILLED by politicians, whom they even reelect!

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