Ironic fate of feminists — the harem (1.2 million views of this startling Black Pigeon video); Rabbi says Islam is God’s broom to sweep away Edom (the Christians)

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The flags of doomed, liberal Europe and the billowing green flag of Islam


My friend Hervé Ryssen over in France, a Sorbonne graduate, has produced one magnificent book after another on Jewry, and now also videos of superb quality. He shows especially how the Jews use muslims to destroy whites.

With France having by far the largest Jewish community in Europe, 600,000, the rabbis there feel very powerful or even over-confident, and state their goals of world domination very baldly. And Ryssen reveals what they are saying. I am proud that I and Margi have translated some of Ryssen’s key work.

The psychopathic, real mission of Jewry by Hervé Ryssen

Great video on what the Jews really want

Maybe the fact that the last two presidents of France were both Jews (Nicolas Sarkozy and Francois Hollande — see photo, and some suspect Emmanuel Macron of also being a crypto-Jew, has created this new willingness to drop all the pretenses and state exactly, clearly and openly what they want — world domination and white destruction by a Jewish messiah-king — and how they are getting it – via Islam.

Sarkozy and Hollande

Race-traitor Arnold Schwarzenegger (who bred with an ugly, no-neck Mexican woman) and the hook-nosed Emmanuel Macron, a “former” employee of the Rothschild Bank of France.

That smug, knowing wink

The widely separated teeth, diastema, are a non-nordic trait, long associated with lustfulness. Margi saw this a lot in Bulgarians and modern Greeks.   

Amy Winehouse

The jewsmedia went ape with how handsome, smart, bold and visionary Macron was…. Now the new président has an absolute majority in parliament as well.

In this video by Ryssen, all in French, I have transcribed the opening for you now:


Judaism: world unification, world domination

(A rabbi, at 0:27-45)

At the end of times, accounts will be settled for everyone. “Great hecatombs [mass death] are being prepared for Edom. [an ancient people that opposed the Jews, and long ago disappeared — Edom is a code word for white Gentiles].

It is a Day of Vengeance for the Eternal, a year of reprisals for the cause of Zion.” All this is written in the prophet Isaiah.

Rav Raphael Pinto [0:49-, before an image of a hydrogen bomb going off]

[1:07-12] (in French) “Ce sera le monde juif qui va grandir et grandir, et […] ce sera cette nation qui va gérer le monde.”

[English: “It will be the Jewish world that will grow and grow, and […] it will be this nation that will run the world.”]

1:39- Rav Touitou

“Vous allez le payer très cher, les Européens, [inaudible], et vous n’aurez pas à vous enfuir… parce que tout le mal que vous avez fait à Israël. Quand il va disparaitre, cet Édom, la Chrétienté se trouvera là-bas, quand cet endroit disparaitra, pour l’Islam… L’Islam, c’est le balai d’Israël [….]”  

“You will pay heavily, you Europeans, and you will have nowhere to flee because of all the harm you have done to Israel [ = the Jewish people over the centuries]. When it disappears, this Edom, this Christendom, when this area disappears in favor of Islam…. ISLAM IS THE BROOM OF ISRAEL.”



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If a mighty wizard were to use his magic wand and say: “jews be gone!” what would you hear next?

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  1. “Islam is God’s broom…”
    This good Rabbi is giving himself away, because rabbis teach that jews are collectively G_d.
    That means that islam and muslims are tools of the jews…

  2. Wow – that profile photo of Macron with Schwarzenegger. It’s the first photo I’ve seen of Macron in profile, and now I know why. Look at that hooked nose – he’s clearly a crypto-Jew. In profile, Macron looks more Jewish than Sarkozy! Why do the French people keep voting for Jews as their leaders? Are they complete idiots, or are their elections completely rigged? Either way, France is doomed. Don’t forget Sarkozy’s 2008 message to white French college students to race-mix with blacks and Arabs “or else”:

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