Intriguing — you decide … the electronic Tarot; fab WN guitar music video “Hey there, Europa!”

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…….Ba-Bamail is a fun and useful info website, and has a “tarot feature” ;-) 

It asks

“What Hidden Emotion Requires Your Attention?”

I believe you need to sign up to get their emails and access the stories, as I have done.



The question “What Hidden Emotion Requires Your Attention?” does in fact reflect the purpose of the Tarot, which is to reveal to you what your unconscious mind is really thinking, and in the best-case scenario, what your intuition is saying.


Anyway, the result of my tarot picks was very accurate, because I am indeed about to embark on a huge, different new way to serve our race:


It was “Wanderlust!”



Your subconscious is hiding wanderlust! The Tarot reveal that you have a deep impulse to travel, explore, experience new things and meet new people. You may be going on a trip soon, moving, or starting a new job, relationship or adventure. Put simply, the Tarot reveal a lot of movement and change in your life.

If you don’t see it yet, hold on because it’s on its way! If you can afford it, take a trip as soon as possible! If money’s tight, try a new bar, hobby, or style. Also, don’t hesitate to make friends with someone completely new. You’re subconsciously craving new and exciting experiences; trust yourself and enjoy the crazy characters you meet along the way!


…. “Pale White Skin” sings “Hey There, Europa!”


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