Interesting comment on Rabbi Laitman and his claim that Jews are aliens sent to conquer earth

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Once again, Russia releases way more truth than America — “Men in Black” à la russe

Comment by Tom Mysiewicz:

Laitman makes a good point about the Kabbalastic nature of world conquest.  Everything has to be done on a specific (alien?) timetable.  Such as the invasion of Iraq during Purim 2003.

Jews claim to be made in the “image and likeness” of THEIR god.  And what nature of “god” might that be?  A look at the mass murder of Germany in WWII and the post-war murder and rape of he population–followed by more than half a century of vile fabrications justifying this behavior–gives support to the words of Jesus: “Ye are of your father, the devil.  He was a liar from the beginning and the father of it.”  THAT is the nature of  their god.  (Medieval Jewish woodcuts show their “Mosiach” doing the works of his father: both arms are full of dead goyim.”)

It’s understandable that simple people of Jesus’ day would not have understood the concept of an alien.  Grays and reptilians would certainly have been considered “devils.”  I believe there’s even a description of a “wise old serpent” living among men.  Fenton translation best in this regard.

Alien creatures were clearly described in the Bible with references to other worlds, so I can’t see why knowing the truth would upset the religious apple cart unless it could expose what is going on.  For instance, reading about all the child torture and world suffering makes one wonder if alien creatures might feed on such energies.  American Indians believed in a being like this called “Oki” who fed on the suffering of tortured captives.  Stoicism by captured braves in the face of torture was a means of shortening their suffering because such a sacrifice was not “pleasing” to Oki.


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