Incarnation of absolute evil strikes in Walmart; the lesson about young souls; Mike Delaney meets Trump

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Especially heart-rending 911 call….

Cops did nothing for six hours but eat more donuts…..


My two conclusions:

  1.  As I have said over and over, the only solution for child molesters is to kill them. The recidivism rate is about 90%, the highest for any crime category. They just cannot stop raping and killing children; it is totally addictive for them. They know it is wrong and take great precautions and measures, such as reassuring lies and pretend-friendliness, to get away with it. (The fact that this fiend dumped the body in front of a church is just beyond the pale.) They also look for vulnerable people such as kids who act emotionally neglected, or in this case a mother (separated) who had very little money, and then the guy offers to pay for a pretty dress for her daughter.

    A police report said Smith met Cherish’s mother at the Dollar General on Norwood Avenue and said he had a $100 Walmart gift card that he would use to by clothing for the woman and her three children.

  2.  The majority of people are young souls, which is why democracy is insane. They are just incredibly ruled by various emotions and delusions. It is so painful to hear this mother recriminating herself for letting her beautiful daughter go with a nearly perfect stranger and despite her inner voice saying no. This poor woman is going to hate herself every single day three times a day for the rest of her life. :-(

“It’s been 6 weeks and I keep thinking she’s going to walk in the door,” Perrywinkle told Channel 4’s Hailey Winslow Tuesday night. “It’s beyond any nightmare I could ever imagine. I don’t ever want any parent to feel like this.” Perrywinkle said every day is a struggle and she feels nauseous all the time. She said she can barely eat or sleep.”

We need a national socialist society where the best and wisest, who understand life , the world and reality, run things and not — I hate to say it — the majority, who are fools with little or no critical thinking skills. And they need protection; they are not bad people, but easy prey for psychopaths.

Reincarnation explains this…. young souls are literally recent animals.  For thousands of years reformers have tried to stir the people up to fight injustice and for their own rights — and they just get this cow stare. *;) winking

spirit-incarnates-as baby-inside-mother-reincarnation

(1/10th down)  …..on really homely people in all races


Pro-immigration leftist woman french-do-gooder-liberal-pro-immigrant-humanimal

Society must be ruled top-down because the majority are just clever animals. Yes, they can drive a car, send text messages, cook, talk and go online.  But their upper chakras are barely active. Truth, duty,  and reality are just tiny little dots on their mental map.

They believe what they want to believe. If a fact supports their belief system and their “wants” (not their needs), they accept it, and heartily resent any truth that interferes with their wants. 

The worst offenders of all on this planet are young-soul white women, who have simply huge levels of estrogen. This mom wanted her daughter to have that dress she could not afford to buy. So she threw caution to the wind and ignored her own nagging inner warnings, which is what she herself told the 911 operator.

This is just the kind of female that would vote for Barack Obama in 2008,


…..or for Hillary Clinton this year, or, if a Republican, she would be a born-again Christian Israel-lover and vote for Ted  Cruz, and of course be “afraid” of Donald Trump.




In other words, vote yet again for a psychopathic caste of politicos who are raping not just one little girl but the entire country. Over and over and over again. Every four years the lemmings go for a new monster.

And then the masses stare at US is if WE were the crazy ones. 😉


As the wise and strong Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius said….


The century of the good emperors in Rome was a time when the empire was at peace within, prosperous, and it expanded to its greatest extent and also crushed the Jews.

Each emperor groomed for decades a capable, respected, well-liked young man to be his successor, approved by the Roman Senate.

This is the system Hitler was going to put into place for after winning the war and then his retirement.

This is why he personally decorated the top war heroes. He was looking for his successor, an man of proven worth, wisdom, courage and charisma.

A very moved SS colonel Jochen Piper




…..the psychopaths among us

These are literally incarnated demons — born that way (unlike their siblings), utterly incorrigible and even totally untreatable. There is no therapy, drug or punishment that will deter them. 

Psychopaths in Power

….My hell as a child with molesters

My personal triumph of the will over the secret, federal MK-ULTRA and Manchurian Candidate programs for the kids of the “elite”



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Doing my part…. and I live right on the main drag — everyone sees this sign. 😉 And yes, that white stuff is snow falling on April 3rd here on Lake Superior 😉




My neighbor and friend Mike Delaney of Prothink (


…… (see screenshot)….


…..and the YUGE 911MissingLinks documentary (ten million views – the Jews did September 11!)



…… this same infamous Mike Delaney just got his picture taken yesterday down in Wisconsin with guess who?



“Mike, we’re gonna get those 9/11 Jews once I get in.”  



The Trumpster autographed Mike’s fire-engine red Trump hat “Make America great again”



Trump’s real signature is like that, but much more carefully written.


His friend and WN commentator Scott Roberts at the same rally, being interviewed by a reporter for Alex Jones’ InfoWars


…..and being interviewed by CNN


……Dr. Pierce on speaking out


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