In the UK you can be sentenced for merely writing “Britain first,” but JdN-defamer Carlos Porter in the UK and Ireland somehow can write n—–r or k—n five times and not be arrested

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Carlos Porter renounced his US citizenship, which means he has no rights at all in any country, and is utterly at the mercy of the police. The US government, btw, continues to prosecute people who have renounced their citizenship, seize their funds, arrest them, etc.


Sentenced for writing “Britain first”!





The wife of David Duke’s minion Jamie Kelso accuses me of pedophilia


Now as for Carlos Porter’s screed against me, it is always found on page one on Google under my name, though not updated in years.

So however does Carlito, living in the UK and Ireland, which both have strict hate-speech laws and rigorously enforce them, get away with writing “nigger” and “koon” right on his website?



Is attacking me Carlito’s slimy “get out of jail” card?





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